Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year and A new chapter.

well hi
this will probably be my last post of 2009.
come to think of it,
it could be about 3/4 years for me to blog.
i cant remember already.
i think i had a blog since 11.
time passes too fast.
sigh so many music i liked again.
well my new year resolution?
is to find more bands!
be into different music from different languages.
the most biggest change i have ever made this year
is i guess liking korean drama and music.
if you asked me if i liked any korean stuffs
anything from food to music
i might have said no,i hate korean stuffs very much
but well my view have changed well a bit
i respect DBSK because they can speak japanese and sing acapella.
like my fave group the gospellers.
but for other korean bands..
i guess 2010 is the year they will grow on me.
so not many resolution for next year
cuz studys yea maybe
love ahh hu cares,im waiting till im 20 .
sports im giving up on my health
soo u see nothing much to make a resolution about
hmm my last resolution is i guess able to go to japan.
cuz i dun want to attend another funeral.
2009 has passed really fast.
its like the stress was gone before you know it
and your 16.the year of 'n' levels.
and just a year ago i was 14..
i mean how fast can it go?!?!
though its 31st today i dont feel a thing
maybe cuz i was working from 10-7.30pm today.
so i didnt think of it as anything
but i really dun feel a change.
its like im numb to everything.
haha well im not going to go emo
on a well day before 'new year'
im sorry i canot wish you all a ----- new year
but i can just say have a great year ahead
and strive for the best
im going to go listen to more songs..
good night and bye!
DBSK break up?
mum read this news.
they are on the rocks..NOOOOO
so sad i need names!!
off to yahoo japan!>

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

skools starting..Are u ready?

ok im doing a quick update.
cuz i need to print my pics and i have not enough USB plug-ins so...
well ok let me think what i did today.
ahh yes i went to my aunts house.
it was my first time there since she shifted there
i liked it.her house looks like it just came out of some interior design mag.
plus its just opposite east coast park.
but the view is not nice today cuz it was hazy but im still posting pics.
along with pics from monday :]
haha if i feel like putting.
anyways so,my aunt got me a wallet for xmas!
a myuk wallet sia i shock la!
i mean im those type of people hu carry money without a wallet
so i dun intend to use it but damn shock la!
haha.duno should use leh haha.
but i got to see my niece so that was fun haha.
well im going to go.
going to try to put vids into my mp4,print my pics for art and then download more songs.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

-Fill In Yourself-

tiring day again..morning seriously couldnt wake up
so during lunch drank coffee,still not working
during work i went down to buy another cup of coffee
worked somehow..
weather was crappy cuz my dear friend kerencia
cleaned my table yesterday.
btw kerencia I LIKE UR BLOG!the yunho pic so cute!
you see la because of u,i like u-know...stupid woman.
yesterday watch autumn concerto till 11 then went to bed..
I LOVE THAT SHOW! vanness wu so hot!
and yes he so looks like yunho..dun go against it kerencia
my influence is big too.
maybe later after watching avatar i'll come back and watch another episode. crazy me.well tmrw i have a family gathering.
so suay, well at least working before and after the gathering so.
can excuse to go early :]
sigh..i really dun like another one on 9/1/10.sigh.
well skool starting soon
am i prepared..NO duh.but well since homes getting boring
okay la go skool.just every monday canot have fun anymore:]
i really enjoy my mondays thanks to those 2 fellas.
thinking if i should pierce my ear.
if i do i can only pierce one side sia..i not sure if look nice leh
should i?hmm..
well before i go
Keren-crazy-cia i will not like SJM.>.<
vanness wu is like yunho,they can dance and sing.:]

vanness wu Pictures, Images and PhotosDBSK Yunho [ai_love_sarang] 01 Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day of craziness...DBSK,SJM,MINQ,KERENCIA<---she likes igui sian.

Henry Lau - Super Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

dbsk break Pictures, Images and Photos
^i love this song!their newest single!
minq is here next to me eating
kerencia on the other side playing cooking mama.
singing to SJM song..
crazy hor.-.-
but not bad la the song..
so fun la today...
just now we went online to video chat.
haha damn retarded la..first person was this guy
wah we scared until run away haha
i ended up laughing on the floor retarded.
after many disgusting and well weird people
finally chat with this guy from argentina..not bad la.
haha,next time should ask our friend"ehem" go try.
so they both came at 12+ made lunch for them :]
see i soo good,must thank me hor :]
i become their mother la nicer :] both of them see my screen
play here play there..i type type
very lame la hor
but very fun haha
minq arh..ur mouth very funny...=.= disturb my screen.
okay back to topic.tmrw go work weds,family gathering,thurs go work
sigh fri duno what, mayb going watch avatar tmrw >.<
haha..well MINQ!UR MOUTH!
jk la hor
kerencia!u dun go crazy over SJM la!play ur cooking mama!
hutchy!dun tickle my foot!
sigh.very busy..
what OBS people!crazy!I WLL NOT BE INFLUENCED!
I WILL NOT LIKE SJM..well maybe not now...
but henry is cute i have to admit.haha.
well im going
before minq or kerencia say or do something really..hmmm...
minq dun be my narrator.
do something...duno la!

[HD]Perfume - ワンルーム・ディスコ (Music Station Super Live 2009)

before there were SNSD or those girl hu sang nobody,there was perfume :] and im sorry no girls can beat them

091225 東方神起 Stand by U Mステ スーパーライブ Music Station Live

haha at the last part u could see this girl say kawaii..lolz.but great performance by them :]

Listening To:BIG BANG-ガラガラGO

wuds up?
haha as usual its late at night.
im posting again
im currently watching music station super live
man i wished i could see it on TV
why dosent singapore have any jap channel?
they have korean,but not jap?
come on that is so biased!
though im grateful to have a free korean channe;
cuz now when i bored i have more channels to watch
but nothing really interesting goes on it.
so u may ask what is this music station super live?
well its actually a concert in japan
which was on 25/12/09 where alot
of the most famous japanese,korean bands play
there was tohoshinki,big bang,arashi,hey say jump,fukuyama masaru,perfume,kat-tun,
superfly,L'ARC-EN-CIEL and many more.
its a really awesome concert! haha
next concert im looking out for is the red and white concert.
its the most anticipated concert as only really the most popular bands
of that year can perform.and well,guess what tohoshinki is performing.
haha i get so much news from my mum..hee.shes the one hu reads,im the one hu goes'really?!?!'
really awesome.well its called red and white concert for a reason. female singers wear red
while the male singers wear formal right?
haha arashi is also performing.hee.hope it can be seen on youtube >.<

haha oh and kerencia dongsaeng,i'll get u ur u-know stuffs one day haha.
minq i duno what u
loolz.well im going to back watching my vids
tmrws a busy monday..usual people coming over..
yes we have no life,we have fun :]
haha this morn me and syah had this really funny convo.
mr homework,mr lazy,mr slacker,mr fun,mr mental
its too funny to type out.yes its THAT cool hee,..
well im off.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Listening To:big bang-my heaven

whats up people?
im currently thinking alot.
but hey haha thats just me.
i always think.

cant believe its sunday tmrw
i dun want to go for tution :[
i hate tution!
sigh.ahh well
i did nothing today really,just went out then came home
then slack
watched interviews again,chat with random people
then slack
now im very sleepy..
cuz im writing this post at 1.30 am haha
ahh well
so sleepy.
listening to songs,writing my thoughts
seriously im doing nothing.haha
so i think im gonna call it a day.
nights!gotta wake up soon later.

"the day she met him
at the back of the class
just first day back
and her heartbeat so fast
so nervous around him
so shy around him
she asked
if she could get over it.
never would she have thought
it was just impossible
now her hearts lost
will it ever be was her thoughts
lost in her world
now she lost her voice
its just a twirl
and there she lays
on the cold white floor"----

Friday, December 25, 2009

all i want for christmas is (fill in ur own blank)

Micky Yoochun Pictures, Images and Photos
whats up people!
its christmas today
did you get anything?
well i got nothing but i did get myself a gift as always.
well today was boring
my dad went out to meet his friend hus here for christmas.
i was watching this programme where jiro from farenheit was in japan.
before that was arron in nagoya,also japan.
but then my mom wanted to go out so i followed her
went to lot 1 bought grocery and walked around.
then said hi to yiling haha
i pretended to be browsing at the shoes and she just walked past me
then look back then saw me haha.
im so good at disguising i should do it more often right?
well im thinking of hanging out on monday again haha
just relaxing
i have this gathering on the 30th sad.
family gathering well,someting to look forward to?
not sure haha.
well im practicing on writing raps now
haha,trying to improve my writing :]
why?cuz im really bored.

well im gonna go.
off to see stuffs,wel interviews and music video.
i cant get the stupid song out off my head!
haha have to listen it to sleep. >.<
not going to say what song though haha.for me to noe..not you.
well nights!
have a nice christmas!

"times change
pictures fade
we once laughed together
now you act like a stranger
the cup of coffee still in my hand
i sweared
crushed it against the wall
now its just a stain
just another pain
can't take this anymore
whats love
whats a kiss
whats made
whats --shh
dun go around like you know shitt
cuz you change like the
wind of time
just let me go
of this pain
just let me go
outta this den"-(M)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


this song is my fave song from his album well one of my fave haha i got alot of songs i like form his album. look at the his bass just really long or is it just me?

the time has come for me to disappear

well people
guess what!next week friday is already a new year!
its going to be 2010,and its going to be a busy year.
well 2009 went by really fast.i seems like it never happened.
maybe this is because i was just dreaming the entire time.
i wanted to believe that everything i was seeing is a dream.
and i still do.but hey guess what 2009 is not my bloody year.
and apart from hating the year.i officially hate being 15.
its the most unlucky age after 9.
i cant wait to graduate from being sucked like hell.

well,anyways next year is a new year.
though i'll still carry the same green bag and wear the same old uniform.
i hope next years a better year for me.
sigh well today i was really busy.tmrw is going to be worse.
so if ur walking in a mall and some weird woman knocks you down or something
that could be me.haha..stupid christmas...always causes human over population
in shopping dad's friend is coming to singapore for christmas.
and he say might want to meet him.or the whole family.
i met his family before but its like wud when i was 5? i cant even remember
i hope i dont have to go.cuz i really dun want to be an extra. sigh.

haha well,im going off!
next monday is the last day i could have fun,SOOoooo
im staying at home and mayb call people over?haha
duno ahh well...


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

listening to:SHELTER-JJ&YC frm DBSK

well today was a really tiring day
the weather just kept changing and changing so
it was just very tiring for me.
yesterday i was tired so i didnt go to my grandma's house.
instead i spent 3hours in the library
then kerencia,minq and boon came so ate lunch with them.we did homework.
well minq and boon did.
kerencia and i were laughing our head off watching the super junior interview.
henry is so cute!haha.kerencia went super high.
well before i met the 3 of them i was all alone at lot 1
at first i went to yew tee to meet syafiqah and weiqiang
then pass her money to buy the ticks.then we talked for a while
then i went back to lot 1.walked around
checked out comic connection for DS games and some posters.
i wanted to buy the posters but was a bit shy so when the 3 people came then went to buy
heng i still had money.but wasnt enough to buy i bought DBSK posters
instead :]

so you may ask how can a person spend such a long time in the library?
well i was actually over there doing research and then browsing through books.
i found cirque de freak the vampire's assistant so went to read the book.after that read another one then went research was fun but my ear hurt cuz i had my ear-piece on the whole time.then while i was reading go this west spring student sit next to me.luckily she dun noe me.HENG! i dun like to be recognized so lucky! :] i must really look like a boy.
maybe next monday im going lot 1 and spend time in the library again.its nice there.

well today was a good day:}
my grandpa seems okay hes walking and joking
as told from my mom so im really happy.
i really wish he wont go so fast.just 2 years.2 years is all i need.
im still in shock some the last one so..yeah.
well im going offz!
cuz im going to read stories!haha


Sunday, December 20, 2009


im back here on blogger cuz im really bored.
someones knocking on my main door and i dun care hu it is haha.
ahh well.
spent my day time in tution and housework
now spending my night time watching DBSK vids and chatting with kerencia and minq.
now im hearing christmas song coming from the kitchen.
how fast can it be?its christmas alrdy?
it feels like yesterday i was dreading and being bored in class.
dreaming of shirota yuu and some other random people haha.
then its alrdy christmas?man
this year has been a real bore but at the ending of the few months i had fun
and sadness.mainly traumas and nightmares though.

but hey!now ive got my DBSK vids to accompany
me throughout the day:]
tmrw im meeting syah and passing her the money for guess what
then im off to lot 1 library do some research and to NTUC buy stuffs for lunch
and go comic connection look for posters or popular look for CDs.
haha i basically have it all planned out:}

well im off to view more vids.
An-Nyo!! :]

"time never waits for man
but man waits on time
we waste the minutes
we waste the days
we laugh in time
we cry in time
it flies without us knowing
because time never stops
if time stops
we have no life.
when time stops
it means we're ready to go.
to move on.
so spend time wisely
cuz time waits for no one."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Micky Yoochun - My Girlfriend (Eng Sub) Premium Mini T Live

i just fainted on da spot.


well i've been waiting my whole life for it...
and their coming but now im kind of regretting.
should i go or not?
cuz i've been saving this money to buy CDs and currently
a DBSK poster.sigh...
but at least i get paid for buyin ticks.haha.

now im waiting for bryan to sms me bac.
so can go buy ticks on mon.
i wonder how much is the poster?
i really want it!where oh where can the poster be found?haha
i want one with micky yoochun on the front big big!
haha..hes cute :]

now their doing nacho libre on channel 5 heh.
but my rents are gonna watch buzzer beat.
i watched that drama alrdy.i love it.
cuz its about basketball and its half comedy haha.
AND yamapi is inside :]
i've watching masked fencer and first love a hundred times.
cuz yoochun looks so cute in it!! i want to watch the news bu tmy rents are changing the channel..
ahh well.

off i go!
buh byeZ!

DBSG-[CF] Lotte Seolleim [30s]

micky so cute!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


well since i ent to link a new blog.
i just along with it,came to write a new post haha
well been on the com since morning
watching tohoshinki's interview
haha im laughing my head off..
im damn jealous lar,wa lau their japanese so good!
if i can speak like that its like WOW!
haha cuz i don't speak so perfectly haha.

SOooo.i have no idea what to eat for lunch
and im bored cuz nobody here.haha me alone today!
hee.well i think im going to see if theres cup noodle
cuz i lazy to make myself a meal.haha.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


at home again!
well i was supposed to go with my dad to
send my grandma for checkup with my aunt.
then my moms not feeling well so im taking care of her today..haha
well now shes better so im using the com.

well ive said it in every place possible so...haha this is the last place
im gonna need to say out loud so haha yay!
i really wish i can go.
gonna start saving moi money!
then if tokio hotel come woo i'll be even happier
but i saw their tour dates and mainly their touring europe and america...i feel so sad.

well i gtg,.
haha bye bye!

Japanese Dog Doing Squats

cute vid!thxs to ellen show i found this vid!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tokio Hotel - World Behind My Wall OFFICIAL VIDEO

hilarious!hee.they all are so cute.


im back haha.
went to work juz now.well had fun i guess haha
currently checking out wud the ryan sheckler sunglasses look like.
cuz i was seeing the sheet and was like.omg!there ryan sheckler glasses?!?!
i laughed to myself and my dad asked me was i ok haha.i mean come on!!

oh and i saw this awesome looking audi car.
its like ferrari but even more awesome.

its awesome so funny.
theres currently an ongoing competition where can win merchandise
and top prize is an xbox signed from them.
but i duno if people outside america can get.though i checked the list
there was singapore.
but im thinking of trying my luck.
now te problem is what to do..what to make..
haha im thinking of making a vid of the pics i've taken so far..haha
mayb next time i go out with anyone and i take pictures.
it might go on utube!haha.ive got till like january soo..really thinking very hard.
haha.gosh i just realised i think for unvaild reasons haha,

i just made a call to my aunt in japan to ask about my grandpa.
sadly his condition is as worse as before,but he still can joke around
and still eat so..i guess thats great.cuz i don't want to loose 2 of the things closet to my heart.
just loosing one is hard enough.and she was very close with me.
i miss her still.i feel like a part of me was torn apart.
sigh.well cant be depressed i guess.ha.
well im gonna go 'think' again..

ciao ciao!

Monday, December 14, 2009

happy and a proud person hu finished well half her homewrk.

haha well im tired today haha.
spent 4hours finishing essay outlines today*proud look*
haha but it wouldnt have happened without keryencia and minq
hu decided to drop by and do their work here haha.
we spent the time watching tv-which kerencia really got sucked into
when they played those JK hits on MTV. super junior M then 2ne1 then SS501.
so while she got sucked to it,minq and i scribbled away.
well i have finished 3 before so i slacked then finished them.
i also finished finding the meanings to some weird words.
haha had a great time though all we did was well..finish up our 6 essay outline.
im so proud of myself.mayb i'll celebrate with a bottle of root bear.
if i can buy one.haha

well im gonna watch very funny videos on yea u guessed it right!
buh byez!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

[NEWS] 東方神起 Music Station Super Live 2009 Preview

oh man!i want to watch!!!!!

TVXQ- どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? [Eng Sub][HD]

yea this was how my feeling was and still is.

wow.i like korean bands.omg.omg.omg.

haha wuds up?
well nothing much from my end here.
im being bored..again.
i saw all those funny quotes pic of tokio hotel and have nothing else to do..
so i went around searching for music and ta-dah!
i found my most fav song from tohoshinki or TVXQ or even DBSK.whichever is right
haha i think i only like big bang and tohoshinki for korean music.
but i dun even listen to tohoshinki's korea songs.

well just watched twilight it was on free preview on starhub channel star movies haha
it so awesome!
well im off to find more vids while watching the pink panther 2.

well buh bye fella aliens
peace out!

TOHOSHINKI-Stand By U[090620 Music Fair21]

micky!so cute!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Travis Barker Remix "Forever" Drake Kanye Lil Wayne Eminem

travis barkers the best!


bored again thus resolving to blogging.
im finding awesome vids on tube.. :]
just saw some really cool vid on tom kaulitz's blog haha
mayb will try finding them on utube and share here.
cuz its really well hilarious.

omg guess behind my wall by tokio hotel's
official vid comes out on 14th dec..which is this monday!
im so excited!cant wait for it man
i love tat song and their performance of that song on EMAs were just awesome.
i think this is the reason why MTV has been doing alot of tokio hotels stuff
cuz man this is a total big deal!
i wonder how many fans they are in singapore..for tokio hotel.
hmm..well i just wish they came to singapore
i'll be the first to buy their ticks.exactly the same way i did for the my chemical romance concert.

ahh 98.7fm is doing 98.7 club sigh.
but its okay Ke$sha's song is on.i love that song anyways.
kinda stuck in my head.
man im in love with baggy clothes again.
just a few days ago i was thinking of getting a dress,
now im tinking of going to pennisula and get XL shirts haha.
heard an awesome song for lebron's new bio movie!
will try to post the vid up here haha.

well ciao!going back to video searchs haha!

Friday, December 11, 2009


howdy people haha
at home again
the only difference from yesterday is
i have stupid tuition later.sigh currently like the only student in that class!
kinda really freaks me out
i dun want to have tuition so sick of it
i just want to stay home and rot..haha

well tmrw its the weekend again
sigh..tmrw will come and its a day i dread.
not becuz im going out with my rents.
but cuz its the day i cant attend and see her for the last time.
i really feel so sad.though i have stopped crying in my sleep.
i have to be strong right?for my mom so thats who im gonna be.

well i've been listening to hip hop,rap music again haha
its really nice.german raps are friggin is japanese.
i didnt noe wang lee hom could rap haha but i was wrong!
but i noe jay chou can't rap.i used to like him but now
i think his songs are gettin ridiculous.he a wannabe rapper.
but on the other hand i like back on.their really good.
and i was also listening to greeeen's no more war..its awesome too.
ahhh its almost 4 my tuitions at 5.45pm.odd time yea?

ahh well.
i dun like the teacher too...haha...
a few more weeks to skool cant be stressed out again.
i havent even touched my friggin homework!
im going to get ready for tuition and then watch tv to fry my brains!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jumbie the airplane!!!

left my nail polish on my toes for too long and kinda like got stuck there...haha
thus the lesson of the day..never put the same nail polish as ur nail colour.seriously.

well i stayed home today cuz morning my stomach cramps were like hell.
thus didnt go to work.oh and dental hee.
i spent the day fixing my shoulder which i think is twisted or dislocated or someting
cuz it hurts like mad.and i hate doctors so i aint telling my parents..
im scared of x-rays it just really creeps me out.
anyho so apart from trying to rub my shoulder i spent the day
watching vids of tokio hotel.its so funny i kept watching it again and again and again haha
what can i say i really like their music and their funny

well it was a fun day alone at home..
my dad just came back so..oh well.
i did loads of stuff..i even danced through my whole house once my cramps were over haha!
stupid korean songs..haha.
its awesome to dance in a house with slippers on..heee
as u can c im super high of course.
well yesterday i went out with cheryl and a church friend of hers
and we just hang out around hereen and then 313!sommerset
this weekend my rents wanna go to vivo..sigh..damn sian.
ahh first rite?well not for me
musics first for moi!1heee
well i gtg..
good buhbye!!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

why must we all leave the world at the end of the day?

ok so im bored again as usual so i do the most boredest (nope theres no such word..only in my dictionary)thing alive

ahh juz found out yiling wan me return her book..ahh well
looks like i got to go out.
actually going out is the only form of exercise i have haha.
so thus i am not very fit.
ahh well. lets say im really bored.
i wan go vivo shop haha..
im in a shopping mood this christmas. ahh well what can i say.

just found out things to make my life worse. sad. this year is such an unlucky year,
especially the last 2 months.
i found out how sad death is.
i found out what sickness can do to people.
all these in 2 months.
im so fucked up.i have no idea what to do and im lost.
jeez..i need some pick me up man.
if not i have no idea how to get through next year. is horrible! i only hope for the better.until then
music is always with me in the dark room filled with death.
Tokio Hotel Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, December 4, 2009

Futari no kuchibiru <2 lips>

ok wuds up?
well today was boring, but i did manage to catch up on the all the drama.
especially tokyo i love that show.
anyho weds was fun,met up with me old buds
cheryl, davita and jaslyn. we spent like an hour at subway
pretending to throw stuffs behind us.and the people hu sit behind us
seemed disturbed and we got to do the same thing on like wud 3 people? haha
so fun.then went to look for clothes. davita and cheryl were trying stuffs
so me and jas were like ahh lets go to popular so we went there and i got my books. damn cheap la..cheaper then i tot.
after that hang around went to davita's house again talk and talk
seriously we could talk for hours but unfortunately my rents came to pick me up.
oh and did i mention that i fell at davita's staircase?
cuz of some incident.too long to explain.haha
im laughing still at the incident
man i need to meet them often. always been there for moi.haha.

gosh can u believe time flies so fast?
it feels like just yesterday i was 12 and happily not caring about PSLE
and then its like next year is the hell year of 'n' levels.and im 16.
u noe i could drive a car at that age in america and have a sweet 16 party~
ahh well. im 15 and nothing ever happened in my life.
well something did and im still crying over it. but i hope i dont anymore.
i got to be strong for her.9 more days i wish i could go over but ha as if.
moneys always the problem.i wish can strike toto or sweep then i can go visit
every year.and i wont feel so regretful.

well im off to a more happy thing so buh bye

Saturday, November 28, 2009

day after day after day we live,its a miracle

well nothing much happend today
spent the whole day slacking
oh and i brought my dog to the vet.
u noe its so nice to see that the dog clinic
can give love to everyone.
i mean people hold their pets and just sit next to each other
and they can just talk like they knew each other for like 5 years!
haha really if only this kind of love could be passed
to the rest of the world there may be not need for friendship treaties or sumething.

im watching nothing cuz this com sucks.
and cant play youtube
i think im going popular tmrw to buy my books hmm..haha
still considering.
ohhh cant stop hearing the CD!i think its awesome.
just yesterday i found this cool hairspray i think imma go buy.
i noe its not environmentally friendly but hey global warming has started alrdy
i have finally saved enough money and i wanna go shopping!
i wanna buy clothes!
cuz anyways i bought the CD i want and i just need to live abt $60
for 30 seconds to mars CD and my chemical romance CD so other then that
im so updating my closet.
anyways im off to cut my pants
cuz u noe i cant buy a pants i like in singapore
so im recycling my 3/4 well longer then 3/4 pants
to i can wear 'em out on monday
cya later punks!haha jk jk..
~SeXxY lUv ThA hAiR~ Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, November 27, 2009


well the coms lagging on me
anyways im bored so i decided to blog haha.
well theres nothing to do today went out to normal places today nothing special
and wondering if theres any f-ing open house tmrw cuz i noe nothing thank you very much.

ohkay so nothing around bored bored bored.
u noe i was totally pissed of by the comments people made on adam lambert
i think he was awesome and though i did like went urgh at some parts
hes a PERFORMER hes meant to ENTERTAIN people hello?
thats why hes called a MUSICIAN/PERFORMER!!!

ok with that i feel better now.
i cant wait for monday!
i pray hard its not gonna rain
i finally got an idea wud to do and whoot im happy.
anyways i am thinking of taking loads of pictures there!haha

oh by the way my dear friends oculd u please go to
and vote for arashi to come?
cuz i really want to see them!!!
haha actually just vote for fun,if ur bored cuz i was bored and checked the thing for big night out
then i saw the voting thing and screamed my head off.cuz arashi was there whoot!
and im SO not letting tohoshinki take the spot from arashi hu could come..
whee!!haha well so hyper now
must be that awesome coffee i drank and sugar..
helps me stay and be hyper WHOOT WHOOT!
well off i go!buh bye people!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the day we discover our laughter

today was a real fun day
went for the art exhibition.
omg it was fabulous.i love the fashion design the clothes were so inspiring.
i wonder if i can do a sketch of a dress for n level if can i wouldnt mind doing it.
so after the exhibition miss nisa wanted to bring us to bugis junction the national library
to see some art books so we headed there.
yiling,xi tong they all didnt want to go so we say bye then we went to eat first
since the others havent ate yet.
so me and syah just drank drink then there was this girl hu ok i can t say it here
cuz its so funnie my stomach hurts.
so after that people didnt feel like going so we just went our separate ways.
i of course didnt go without buying some CDs
i got kris allen's and adam lambert's cd.
i till now dun even noe why i bought kris allen's album.
stupid me ahh well.

then after hanging around,syah and i decided to go home
so we got to the mrt then saw nadia there,
we took the train together and then transfered to go to cck and yew tee,
then wah piang so damn funny la..
we started talking about harder protection stuffs haha
then the train jerked and i did some weird dance...
so embarrasing. 0.0

haha well im done!
telling the days story currently uploading stuffs. haha
buh bye!

Monday, November 23, 2009

slit my wrist and say goodbye

bored my mind off cuz its monday.and i have nothing to do..again.haha
tmrw have to go for the art exhibition thing again
ah well better then staying at home
though im still debating if i should go.haha
u noe mayb i'll sms someone see if free to go eat lunch hehe
it seems that im always going out nowadays.
i love my current freedom and i love being 15
if i was currently 11 i dun tink i can go out as much as i am going out now.haha
urgh i still havent started my revision and my emaths tution is restarting again next week
and i havent touched maths for like wud 1 month?haha
so im currently looking for new songs to listen.
cuz of course thats my fave past time so haha...

well im off to youtube so ciao!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Aloha people
wuds up?
well nothing much from my end.
went out with my parents today to plaza singapura
went to spotlight to get stuffs for my doll.
i feel like goin there again and get fabrics haha.
well guess wud,i'm hacking my jeans off to short pants!
haha yesh,thats why i bought buttons today ahh well.

mayb next time u oculd see me in new pair of jeans!haha
form plaza singapura we went to central to a 2nd hand japanese bookstore
whoo!!i was in heaven man.there are like 6 full shelves of mangas
i read till omg. then i went to some card section and see if i could buy
pokemon cards for my cousin(hes 7 and lives in japan and well hes crazy about pokemon haha)
i just called him and well lets just say lucky i didnt buy a card haha.
then i passed by this shop and saw this really nice dress
haha i liked it..for a moment i went girly..gawd.
haha i wish i could wear them haha.

well im off to find ways to cut jeans so...
an dress Pictures, Images and Photos
(the 1 i saw today was someting like this but the top is a shirt.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

days of boredom

ok hi hi hi and hi
i'm bored off my mind right now
haha just got back from yew tee.
spent lunch with fiona haha.
well so currently im browsing through the art blog..3 days sia omg.
sigh so tired.
anyho open house is coming up soon.dang.
next week man hope everything goes through smoothly with the cher
cuz she can be a bit ahem at times.but its okay
i know it takes one to know one or was it the other one?ok im totally not sure.
haha english FAIL!
so what have i been up to so far?
well nothing actually haha.
i learnt to use a sewing machine and been working with my dad. u see there aint much around.whoot!

well im off to youtube to c vids so..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

yo yo yo!!
haha SUPER DUPER hyper now
cuz guess what!ARASHI IS ON CHANNEL V!
i seriously couldn't believe it
i thought its only one video but their doing their video for 1 full hour!
oh my gosh i love this channel..
now their playing a vid of my fave song from them. 'love so sweet'
i love this song so much.everytime i hear it i feel like watching hana yori dango again,
or boys over flowers in english. matsumoto jun stars in it so ya...and hes cute..haha

currently obsessing over arashi and tokio hotel haha
i like tom kaulitz hes quite cool too.
haha,u know i found this band called vampire weekend and their song a-punk
the vid quite rad so haha,
and thanks cheryl,now im addicted to red car wire too haha..
well im gonna go
but of course i aint leaving without pics so haha hope u have a great day!
buh bye!

Friday, November 13, 2009

you know i have stopped comforting myself
and just faced the truth
each day even as i'm typing this someone dies
so it can't be that bad.or i hope it won't be that bad.
haha at least i will have turned 17 then whoo hoo.

and sorry for the really dark message cuz really i'm a dark person
and things just got even darker now i know some things.
you it sucks to be me.
why of all years must it be that year?
well we can all just pray that its all just a rumor
though i think its not.
people say don't think about the future and just think of what you can do now.
now i feel every minute i'm awake is a miracle.
every step i take is a miracle
even a chance to live is a miracle.
haha i sound like a philosopher don't i?
ah well i'm always writing stuffs anyways.
i just wrote a new song
but heck it dosen't sound right.

anyways i just hope i can fufil some stuff before i go haha.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"every new day is miracle"
well hey!
haha its been a long time since i wrote haha
well of couse i am back u have seen me
haha came back on wedss
i broke down seriously over there.
i cried like hell and i even dreamed of her
but now its all over and i'm glad shes somewhr better
now i keep her picture in my wallet everywhr i go so i will never forget.

ok so pass the sad news
i'm officially sick!
went to the doc last night was told i had nose and throat infection.
today can't talk much but i hope i will be fine tommorow
cuz got SS and i have no intention of skipping it.
so, i've been thinking alot these few days as usual haha
and sometimes i think i need to stop thinking!
its horrible!
well holidays been boring as usual
but i'm reading more books and doing exercises so i dun have to suffer next year
speaking of exercises,i seriously need to go run.

anyways i cut my hair too and it sucks as usual so nothing more to say haha
well i guess i'm gonna go haha bye!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

well im listening to adam lambert's time for miracles.
its really nice.
so i got the bad news 2 days ago.
and its the first time i feel so lost.
im just so confused.i duno what to feel.
now i know the pain.i dunno if i can bear it anymore.

so im leaving on tonights flight and am going soon
will be back on weds and well i hope i dun breakdown suddenly.
to those who came back from thailand WELCOME BACK!
haha have a nice sleep back in singapore!
and to those i confided in thank you
you guys have really helped me get through this
and help me to be able to put a smile on my face
when i read the messages.

well im gonna go.packed my bags and tears away.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

some pics!

<--our buried feets

the heart shaped sun

my sand castle lolz.
me and my feet!!
well im at home today haha
well yesterday was a really exhausting yet extremely fun day.
morning woke up at 10.30 then i rushed to get ready to go out
cuz i took a long time finding a toaster to toast the bread lols.ok im duno anything about the kitchen okay?!?!
so reached cck station at 11.30 met syah and jordan then waited for lydia and byran and taka.
so lydia and bryan reached then waited about 2 hs i think for taka.
we rode the mrt from cck to jurong east and back while waiting for him.
so when he came is was 1.30++ lolz.
then from there we rode to habourfront then went to sentosa! was my first time going to the beach and was a total fun!
starting was rather boring but then when taka accidentally hit bryan's head with a ball.
he started chasing then somehow someone fell into a deep hole.
then bryan came along with an idea of diggin a big hole like tat one to get revenge.
so after 5-10mins of digging someone got another crazy idea of putting their legs inside the hole
and bury it.well i was incharge of taking the pics so i didnt put my foot in.
well it was a real entertainment to see them try to pull their legs out.hee.i mean i noe.

after that we went to the deeper hole and stuck our feets in
it was really uncomfortable.really.
then we were bored so we brought our things nearer to the sea.
then we just played.splashing water liek a bunch of 5 year old kids.damn fun.
it was my first time stuffing my foot into the sea.
it was so relaxing!haha can sleep there sia.
then we kept on playing in the water..sea water went into my mouth about 4 times!
and i was soaked wet thanks to some people.
haha well then after that syah,lydia and i went to change
when we came back we found the guys still playing with water -.-
so we waited for them to change and well guess wat!it took them 36 mins.yea we counted.
hahambyt he time we reached vivo it was we thought why not go eat swensens.
but got too many people so in the end we ate at banquet.
about 8.45 we left the place for the train and went home.

well is was a really really fun day so haha..
somemore thanks to the stupid sun im black.
when i came mom was like siao arh!
haha damn funny.
well im gonna go get some ice cream cuz im hungary and craving for them.hee


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 41]: Shopping Madness with Bill!

i seriously didnt know there were automated cashier machines! well enjoy its realli funny

im home all day today cuz i got tution 5.30
well soon,and i have not gotten ready or even bathe yet
but hu cares.
its a really cool day cuz i woke up at 12 and just watched tv,use the com and nothing else.
well im pretty worried about the test aint.
i have lost all confidence so im not realli asking for mich but i just hope to pass most of the subjects.

anyways now im just so into tokio hotel.i duno why
i first got to know about them over youtube where i heard ready set go
and im like oh my gosh its like the coolest song evar
then just 2 days back i heard their new single automatic and wow..its such a nice song!
haha oh and i love bill's hair its just like BOOM!
i wish i had hair like his its so cool.
anyways ive been reading the lyrics in german and its awesome!
now instead of french i wanna learn german haha well both would be nice.haha

well im gonna watch more vids cuz after tat its...tution chinese somemore..haha


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wuz up peeps?
i find tat my blogs friggin dead and im so sad.
today nothing much happend
just that i played basketball at yew tee for 3hrs straight and my legs are hurting
well their ok now i guess..
im wearing my fave nightmare before christmas pjs!!!
NOBODY HAS THEM MUA HAHAHA well not in singapore at least.

well just been browsing around the com and been cam-whoring
cuz im so friggin bored.
gonna meet cheryl tmrw!haha mayb crash her house to play guitar hero
u noe i found bukit timah plaza the sports shop,they sell skateboard!
mayb im gonna buy it from there.
anyways so today bball,u may ask how fun can it be
well it was fun.played with a couple of guys.
im so happy the other group kana burn haha!
but they all damn tall so scary but still can attack haha.
well anyways i dun tink im playing bball for awhile again Soooo....
well im gonna go,,listening to 91.3 fm haha..playing some weird song.
anyways nites peeps!!
wish u a awesome day ahead.
peace out!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paramore, Brick By Boring Brick, KROQ 106 7


well sup yo!
nothing much today just tution and tution and tution.
well yesterday was fun went out with yiling kerencia and minq
cuz was friggin bored and the rest went out on friday.

so cuz on fri the day b4 yiling was at my house
and we both were liek uh...LETS GO OUT!go geylang.
haha of course tat was our initial plan but then tell kerencia they all liek no too into
so we ended up going around.
haha it was fun though and i actually stayed out till 9pm.

Soooo.i bought paramore's new album and IT ROCKS!
the song brick by boring brick is just stuck in my head and i cant get it out.
it kinda inspired me to write out a song too haha.

and to dear friend.
you should know im always there for you okay?
so call me when you need me kay?
i'll be there..well until before sec 4 cuz life will be shit.
but for 2 months i will be at ur service and for all our lives on the phone
and if possible be there on the spot.

well ok im gonna go
have to play bball tmrw to loose some weight
i hope pei qi dun bring her friends
cuz if she does,im running away.


Friday, October 16, 2009

well writing this post as yiling sleeps next to me on the sofa..haha
well todays art exam was really well stressful.
so after skool,fiona and syah went to orchard with the others
so i went to eat lunch with xitong and yiling at senja grand..
boring so yiling came over to my house watch movie..
lucky got yiling wheni watch friday the 13th.
it was so scary ok its not scary but it was well really heart stopping.
haha i was too focused on jared padelecki.'
well im gonna go bye~!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ok well its not in the morning but haha
todays paper was horrible.
stupid e-maths.
i tink fail la.
no hope haha.
well anyways so..nothing much today
just exam after exam after exam.
my mother tongue paper also die.
i dun even understand what the person is talking about! sad right?
ahhh well.
tmrw is e-maths paper 2,hoping for the better!
then friday is our last paper...ART!
wheee...i tmrw can concentrate on drawing le.
but today im gonna cram for e-maths.haha.
well i gotta go!
cya bleeps!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


well HELLO!!!
taking some time off from studyin and im here to blog again
well since im realli bored and theres nothing to do
not that blogging is the last resort.
the last resort would be facebook and im not THAT bored soo..
well just finished watching a show called 'ふたつのスピカ'
or rather twin spica when translated.
its about space and its really cool!
haha makes me wanna go to space.
anyways well 3 MORE DAYS TO END OF EOY..
u noe tat sounds reatrded...realli. 3 more days to the end of end of year exams..haha.
ok dun mind me im going crazy.must be all the sums i did just now or that lunch..hmm.
well im off to download more songs haha
have a great day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

500 Days of Summer Pictures, Images and Photos
ola people!
well skool was a bore today,
well isnt it always the same?
ok lar quite fun la yet so stress.
i keep telling myself must practice maths..but i cant get myself to do it!!!

anyways today damn embarrassing again!
stupid LRT gantry!i tap my card it flashed' top up card'
i thought nvr mind can go through
then it wont let me through!!!
somemore i no money to top up..
in the end fiona lend me...whee!must thank her alot for saving my legs from a tiring walk!

anyways listening to hi-fi camp
i just listen to a preview of 30 SECONDS TO MARS-KINGS AND QUEENS
damn nice la!
cant wait for their album!
after exam i need to go shoppin...SHOPPING FOR CDs! confirm cost like 100 bucks...
well take from my this year hong bao (^~^)
i still hav..been saving for CDs haha...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer


hey!long time no blog man!
well now adays muggin for class
and mostly im tweeting so..haha,my blogs like pomf!
ok so,im back to listening to old skool rock.
haha oh gosh im going mad.haha.
time goes by so fast.
i remember being realli small and listening to paradise city and welcome to the jungle
and actually though axel rose was hot. 0.0
ahh well he was hot haha.

tat was so last time and man u also kana
now its MAN-U V.S LIVERPOOL!!liverpool is gonna rock tat game.
man u can go hit a wall.
haha.well im gonna go on looking for songs so

p.s check out kris allen's version of living like you were dying!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

pics of my fav dramas...well some

SUPERNATURAL Pictures, Images and Photossupernatural Pictures, Images and Photos
Project Runway Pictures, Images and PhotosMiddleman Pictures, Images and Photos
Fringe Banner Pictures, Images and Photos
Kyle XY Pictures, Images and PhotosKyle XY Pictures, Images and Photos


soooo im really sorry i havent been blogging but
i am mugging for the exams which is 1 week away?
and 2 more weeks for tat one week of mind boggling exams

after that week's friday's saturday,
i intend to go out as much as i can during the weekends
before the exam results cuz i itnk after that i cant go out again anymore.

so how was my weekend?apart from sunday
ive been watching alot of dramas.
let me list all the things ive watched over the weekend
-supernatural(watched it 3 times!same episode might i add.)
-criss angel(2 times same episode on friday,1 episode 1 time on sat)
-the middleman
-kyle xy(the lead guy is realli cute!)
-phantom of the opera (its realli kewl)
-VMAs 2009(kanye west<--BOOOO!!!)
-project runway
well ok i have watched too much and i cant remeber
all i remember is watching supernatural alot of times
and dreamt of sam winchester..
(oh dear wuds happening to me?am i not watching enough of 30 seconds to mars)
well and ive been watching criss angel alot too.
haha,well went out on sat bought LOADS of stuff.
well not loads but well magazines.
rocksound and 2 mangas. 1 is about cats i tink minq will like its realli funny.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

wuds the point of living so long when theres nothing to live for?

hey ya'll
well im so pissed that i could break this com into half but if
i did, i'd get scolded so moving on

why am i pissed?
by my rents of course wud else?
dun let me out is cruel enough to me.
cannot use com and read a book?
oh now thats going too far.
oh and limiting my tv
i seriously at days just want to scream"f*** you"
and jump of the f****** building.

i cant take it u noe.
i just want to grab my wallet and phone and just budge out the door
then never go home.that would be SO cool.
unfortunately,i would be caught at least in one day
as singapore is not as huge as america where u can hitchhike and go through borders
to another place.
and i dun tink i can hitch hike a ride to thailand so...ya.

hope u like the vid of jesse mccartney!
nxt time i go poly ,if im still alive.
im SO buying a apple.

Body Language - Jesse McCartney

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jesse McCartney feat. T-Pain - Body Language [official music video lyrics]

jesse mccartney is sooo cute and i almost fainted when he said konichiwa and parlez vous francais

Friday, September 11, 2009


Criss Angel Pictures, Images and Photos

gonna be a short post though as im watching supernatural far over at the living room haha.
anyways today and wednesday were 2 days which were boring yet fun and stressful.
went to the umpire thing which was very suay one of the sport i cant play.
and that would be volleyball,
but after i went for this ting i feel like playing volley ball hehe.
hope i pass the dang thing man!

anyways,i've been watching criss angel for the pass few days
love him since the first time i saw him on tv like wud 2 years ago?
so friggin kudos!!
haha,lurve the tricks he does.
like levitatin and stuff so awesome!
makes me want to learn magic and freak peoples mind off too.

so,skool is gonna start next week *cough*shit*cough*
sigh so sad.and i wanted to keep watching criss angel,
well maybe i can only on fridays but..sigh.
im going mad over his shows haha...

well,gotta go,
gonna download some pics into my phone.
my wallpapers getting rusty..


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Ugly Truth - Official Trailer 2

I Only Slept With The One That Could Read

hi whassup!
well ive got nothing to blog about thses days,cuz im always on twitter
its so cool!cannot get enough of it
and also i have nothing to blog about.
my life now officially sucks to the core.
im so desperate to go out tat i just wanna grab my shirt and barge out he door
the ting it.i lost my keys.
i noe its somewhere in my room but i dun bother finding it.

mayb im going to do a movie marathon again.
i wazs thinking of watching the nightmare before christmas again.
in singapore its NC16. so sad rite
it stares gerard butler,his voice is so dreamy..hes the guy hu starred in PS I LOVE YOU.
which i DO intend to watch this holiday...need to BORROW IT!
its someintg similar to hes just not tat into you,
but is realli realli funny
another movie i realli want to watch is 9. yes the movie is called 9
and its by my fave director tim burton, hes like the best director next to JJ abrams
hes the guy hu directed star trek...HE!

well im gonna go start watchin movies cuz when my dad comes back at 3
i have to start studying again.
i hate ERP and VQS gave me a BIG headache!!!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Is This World Filled With Unpleasant Lies And Untruthfulness

awesome Pictures, Images and Photos
^this made my day..poor penguin.

pissed today,cuz of jerks.

heck im not going to waste my breath typing cuz its wasting my time.
anyways not supposed to use com
have to chiong for EOY, i need to bring back up my rank and beat alot of people.
oh and i need to pass my combine science too,its too important to fail.

sigh well next week,im stuck at home
but its okay, i can just sleep, then study for EOY which is in 4 weeks time,
so..JIA YOU!haha

well im gonna go sleep.
tonight gonna study till 2 again.must chiong maths la,die alrdy.
and im pissed tat my teacher of my fave subject is in danger.bye!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

wish to change my life now.

u noe to add more tings to the list of 'why i hate this place'
is becuz anywhr i go,they dun sell AP anymore
last time it used to be sold at popular,kinnokuniya,some indian money exhanger shops
urgh what do i do when im bored
buy some magazines i hate and tats wat i did today
i actually bought seventeen,.
to make tings worse,the cover is selena gomez
u noe i tot seventeen looked cool,
now ive changed my mind
everyting here is abt love.
gosh give me a damn break

why is my life SO BORING!
i wish to go overseas but no i cant
i wish to go skateboarding
no i cant
i wish to just go somewhr
gosh i seriously hate this place
but u noe come to tink of it,other then these asian places
apart frm thailand,india and indonesia
we are not actually quite accepted in other places
probably but u noe not fully
if we did accepted everyone,there would be no war or all.

sigh i am so bored off my mind every single day
tat i can just bungee jump off my house
and never come back up.
JEEZ! sigh
why why why must this place be so boring,hot and most tings so expensive?why?
ahh well,i guess this is what we all call life
where everyting is not wuds its supposed to be.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

ItS a SmOoTh CrImInAl......

im usin the com cuz firstly my parents are out,

my mom needed to see a doctor cuz she has a realli bad stomach ache

2ndly i wanna watch the k.o三国 or someting like tat.

haha so im fine i guess

this whole week was very depressing

and i could have any moment tried to jump of the 7th floor frm the skool.

now im depressed tat i have to get e-maths tution again.

i hate tution,

tution=no freedom=go mad

anyways putting tat aside now talking to minq and fione

yesterday kerencia,boon and fiona came over to my house.

cuz we were rather sianx and say want go lot 1 but then i no money so i didnt wanna go

then tlak talk talk until duno where go my house.

so they came and kerencia got stuck with my dog.

haha so weird.

if i had my hp with me i would upload them but its with my mom so i cant.haha

well this week i was also lking for new songs

so heres my choice,

i'll type half of them here and another half tmrw..

ciaos guys!

-further seems forever-snowbirds&townies

-ivoryline-days ned

-ruth-back to the five

-capital lights-outrage

-run kid run-one in a million

Sunday, August 23, 2009

life is dull within these four walls,but i duno wana leave at all

wow its alrdy 11.32pm!
time goes so fast dosent it?
its like zoom
sigh,i havent done my art homewrk yet.duno wud to draw
draw so lame
i wish we didnt have to plan and stuff
so much better lor,like tat i can draw anyting which comes to mind (>.<)

today went out with my rents to ION
ok la,nothing much,of course bought shirts at uniqlo
u noe,i just lurve tat place,uniqlo,haha the clothes are nice
bought checkered shirts again
i seriously love checkered stuffs.cant get enough of em
i juz realised how my fashion sense suxs!cuz i was lking through lookbook
just now,this place with people with fashion sense
and wow,their good
can learn frm them the bad part is
im not daring haha so i cant do half the tings they do.

so back to square one,
here i am bored my ass off
i use the com last night till rite?
i kept on tweeting and play game on facebook
too bad fiona not coming to skool tmrw
its gonna be another sucky day
wish i can also not go,fake sick hee.
i wanna go out,and keep going out,i dun like to stay at home sigh
well i better go sleep
tmrw is going back to jail! noisy,crappy classes.
and whr life suxs
oh and im taking my ID pic tmrw..damn suay,duno how to take lor.
canot smile..i tink.haha


Saturday, August 22, 2009


black eyed peas Pictures, Images and Photos
weekends are so sweet
able to use the com for so lng.
tmrw ive got amaths and i havent even done the homewrk given!
eeck!stress -.-
after common test still must study for end of year exam.

im so relaxed today
so long i nvr relax.woke up at 12+ etc etc.
so happy.
i feel like going out on saturdays lo
so boring at home.
but no one to go out wit haha
then tmrw got tution sigh
i tink im going out tmrw.duno to where
sigh got nothing to write sia
hmm,i finished watching tat episode i wanted to watch on heroes
so nice!
haha i went high after tat.couldnt stop smiling
im so so so sooooohyper now
well imma go,cuz im bored and gonna go do other stuff
and one mroe ting.
bruno rocks!
haha well byez!

"days have gone so fast
a day goes by without us known
so yet we work day by day
missing the fun we have
minutes by minutes
our destinys reached
stars we aim
but cant be reached
we can see our future
onli time can tell
who we are
who we will be
who we can be
for others to see
will they be proud?
will they look down?
i dun want to be neither
but i have no choice
one route leads to another
i have not yet chosen
what soon will become
so days will pass as i grow old
and time wont wait
as decisions are made"

Friday, August 21, 2009

baby if my heart stops beating,it wont hurt this way

ZQ is uh...okay...yeah...what? Pictures, Images and Photos

paramore Pictures, Images and Photos
paramore Pictures, Images and Photos
p.s cant wait for their new album brand new eyes >.<
i just realised how long i havent posted !
well heck ive been tweeting half my days so ya haha
well this week's been exam week thus never use much of the com.

well im dead tired and this weeks been rather a bad week so
i hope next week would be better
i cant believe i failed english again
i tink im destined to fail lor.
im so tired of life at times
i was hurt by wud my parents said lor 2 days ago
now we are ok,
i hate it whn there a world war 3 in my hse urgh
so bad can die one

ahhh i missed heroes yesterday!im so sad.
today was boring.
chem watch JAWS haha then the bois all so pervertic
my mind is now more dirtier..ew.,

aft skool syah.,bryan and i were walking when lydia called us
say she dun go cca.1st time leh she do this.
then go lot 1 meet fiona then lydia go home,then we chose to eat the food court
so wait for lydia to come,then go eat lor.
lydia and i ate yong tau foo,syah and fiona ate ban mian ha.
sigh then hang arnd in the library
i was lking for easy cooking bks,cuz i canot keep eating outside everyday 0.0
then father called me fetch me home. sigh haha

haha anyways imma write until here,cuz dun wud to write..
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Paramore - Ignorance (Music Video)


i can totally have died mid week..
urgh next week whole week exam...
die die die die!!!
ahhh i cant believe i became a twitter
haha im so so so ooooooo hyper now!

listening to ignorance by paramoreeeee
watched the vid and it is totally spanking!!
well i just wanted to type tat..haha

i realli realli realli wan go
though it may not be as awesome as the one in san fransico
still i wanted to go since last year...sooo...
then after or before tat go study e-maths tee hee..

well,imma go
follow me on twitter yea if any of you got?!?!
haha bye!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

30 Seconds To Mars-Battle of one live at Rock Am Ring

shannon leto the awesomest drummer

so im like slacking on updating my blog
cuz im always tweeting rather then blogging.
you can see by the side liek 1 minute ago and stuff haha
i noe im damnnnn lame.

so tiring today,
had to paint banners for teachers day
got a big headache when i came home must be the sun
tats why i dun like the mean.
i wish dun have to go skool tmrw haha
bloody hell trying to upload photos 5 mins still uploading.
hehe eh if anybody has twitter please update often too..
my boards like getting filled up by celebrities and not normal people!
speaking of celebrities,so sad.syah should noe why i am so devastated..
reason?all the good guys are so old!!!sigh.
no hope la no hope haha.
but those are just idols.

well so im blaj blah blah blah
ok i tink im done.blahing today.
haha tty people soon!
rmbr to chck my twitter updates and not my posts..
cuz i feel tweets are faster then this haha.

byecha cha cha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


justin biber up-coming singer
check him out yo!