Saturday, November 28, 2009

day after day after day we live,its a miracle

well nothing much happend today
spent the whole day slacking
oh and i brought my dog to the vet.
u noe its so nice to see that the dog clinic
can give love to everyone.
i mean people hold their pets and just sit next to each other
and they can just talk like they knew each other for like 5 years!
haha really if only this kind of love could be passed
to the rest of the world there may be not need for friendship treaties or sumething.

im watching nothing cuz this com sucks.
and cant play youtube
i think im going popular tmrw to buy my books hmm..haha
still considering.
ohhh cant stop hearing the CD!i think its awesome.
just yesterday i found this cool hairspray i think imma go buy.
i noe its not environmentally friendly but hey global warming has started alrdy
i have finally saved enough money and i wanna go shopping!
i wanna buy clothes!
cuz anyways i bought the CD i want and i just need to live abt $60
for 30 seconds to mars CD and my chemical romance CD so other then that
im so updating my closet.
anyways im off to cut my pants
cuz u noe i cant buy a pants i like in singapore
so im recycling my 3/4 well longer then 3/4 pants
to i can wear 'em out on monday
cya later punks!haha jk jk..
~SeXxY lUv ThA hAiR~ Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, November 27, 2009


well the coms lagging on me
anyways im bored so i decided to blog haha.
well theres nothing to do today went out to normal places today nothing special
and wondering if theres any f-ing open house tmrw cuz i noe nothing thank you very much.

ohkay so nothing around bored bored bored.
u noe i was totally pissed of by the comments people made on adam lambert
i think he was awesome and though i did like went urgh at some parts
hes a PERFORMER hes meant to ENTERTAIN people hello?
thats why hes called a MUSICIAN/PERFORMER!!!

ok with that i feel better now.
i cant wait for monday!
i pray hard its not gonna rain
i finally got an idea wud to do and whoot im happy.
anyways i am thinking of taking loads of pictures there!haha

oh by the way my dear friends oculd u please go to
and vote for arashi to come?
cuz i really want to see them!!!
haha actually just vote for fun,if ur bored cuz i was bored and checked the thing for big night out
then i saw the voting thing and screamed my head off.cuz arashi was there whoot!
and im SO not letting tohoshinki take the spot from arashi hu could come..
whee!!haha well so hyper now
must be that awesome coffee i drank and sugar..
helps me stay and be hyper WHOOT WHOOT!
well off i go!buh bye people!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the day we discover our laughter

today was a real fun day
went for the art exhibition.
omg it was fabulous.i love the fashion design the clothes were so inspiring.
i wonder if i can do a sketch of a dress for n level if can i wouldnt mind doing it.
so after the exhibition miss nisa wanted to bring us to bugis junction the national library
to see some art books so we headed there.
yiling,xi tong they all didnt want to go so we say bye then we went to eat first
since the others havent ate yet.
so me and syah just drank drink then there was this girl hu ok i can t say it here
cuz its so funnie my stomach hurts.
so after that people didnt feel like going so we just went our separate ways.
i of course didnt go without buying some CDs
i got kris allen's and adam lambert's cd.
i till now dun even noe why i bought kris allen's album.
stupid me ahh well.

then after hanging around,syah and i decided to go home
so we got to the mrt then saw nadia there,
we took the train together and then transfered to go to cck and yew tee,
then wah piang so damn funny la..
we started talking about harder protection stuffs haha
then the train jerked and i did some weird dance...
so embarrasing. 0.0

haha well im done!
telling the days story currently uploading stuffs. haha
buh bye!

Monday, November 23, 2009

slit my wrist and say goodbye

bored my mind off cuz its monday.and i have nothing to do..again.haha
tmrw have to go for the art exhibition thing again
ah well better then staying at home
though im still debating if i should go.haha
u noe mayb i'll sms someone see if free to go eat lunch hehe
it seems that im always going out nowadays.
i love my current freedom and i love being 15
if i was currently 11 i dun tink i can go out as much as i am going out now.haha
urgh i still havent started my revision and my emaths tution is restarting again next week
and i havent touched maths for like wud 1 month?haha
so im currently looking for new songs to listen.
cuz of course thats my fave past time so haha...

well im off to youtube so ciao!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Aloha people
wuds up?
well nothing much from my end.
went out with my parents today to plaza singapura
went to spotlight to get stuffs for my doll.
i feel like goin there again and get fabrics haha.
well guess wud,i'm hacking my jeans off to short pants!
haha yesh,thats why i bought buttons today ahh well.

mayb next time u oculd see me in new pair of jeans!haha
form plaza singapura we went to central to a 2nd hand japanese bookstore
whoo!!i was in heaven man.there are like 6 full shelves of mangas
i read till omg. then i went to some card section and see if i could buy
pokemon cards for my cousin(hes 7 and lives in japan and well hes crazy about pokemon haha)
i just called him and well lets just say lucky i didnt buy a card haha.
then i passed by this shop and saw this really nice dress
haha i liked it..for a moment i went girly..gawd.
haha i wish i could wear them haha.

well im off to find ways to cut jeans so...
an dress Pictures, Images and Photos
(the 1 i saw today was someting like this but the top is a shirt.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

days of boredom

ok hi hi hi and hi
i'm bored off my mind right now
haha just got back from yew tee.
spent lunch with fiona haha.
well so currently im browsing through the art blog..3 days sia omg.
sigh so tired.
anyho open house is coming up soon.dang.
next week man hope everything goes through smoothly with the cher
cuz she can be a bit ahem at times.but its okay
i know it takes one to know one or was it the other one?ok im totally not sure.
haha english FAIL!
so what have i been up to so far?
well nothing actually haha.
i learnt to use a sewing machine and been working with my dad. u see there aint much around.whoot!

well im off to youtube to c vids so..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

yo yo yo!!
haha SUPER DUPER hyper now
cuz guess what!ARASHI IS ON CHANNEL V!
i seriously couldn't believe it
i thought its only one video but their doing their video for 1 full hour!
oh my gosh i love this channel..
now their playing a vid of my fave song from them. 'love so sweet'
i love this song so much.everytime i hear it i feel like watching hana yori dango again,
or boys over flowers in english. matsumoto jun stars in it so ya...and hes cute..haha

currently obsessing over arashi and tokio hotel haha
i like tom kaulitz hes quite cool too.
haha,u know i found this band called vampire weekend and their song a-punk
the vid quite rad so haha,
and thanks cheryl,now im addicted to red car wire too haha..
well im gonna go
but of course i aint leaving without pics so haha hope u have a great day!
buh bye!

Friday, November 13, 2009

you know i have stopped comforting myself
and just faced the truth
each day even as i'm typing this someone dies
so it can't be that bad.or i hope it won't be that bad.
haha at least i will have turned 17 then whoo hoo.

and sorry for the really dark message cuz really i'm a dark person
and things just got even darker now i know some things.
you it sucks to be me.
why of all years must it be that year?
well we can all just pray that its all just a rumor
though i think its not.
people say don't think about the future and just think of what you can do now.
now i feel every minute i'm awake is a miracle.
every step i take is a miracle
even a chance to live is a miracle.
haha i sound like a philosopher don't i?
ah well i'm always writing stuffs anyways.
i just wrote a new song
but heck it dosen't sound right.

anyways i just hope i can fufil some stuff before i go haha.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"every new day is miracle"
well hey!
haha its been a long time since i wrote haha
well of couse i am back u have seen me
haha came back on wedss
i broke down seriously over there.
i cried like hell and i even dreamed of her
but now its all over and i'm glad shes somewhr better
now i keep her picture in my wallet everywhr i go so i will never forget.

ok so pass the sad news
i'm officially sick!
went to the doc last night was told i had nose and throat infection.
today can't talk much but i hope i will be fine tommorow
cuz got SS and i have no intention of skipping it.
so, i've been thinking alot these few days as usual haha
and sometimes i think i need to stop thinking!
its horrible!
well holidays been boring as usual
but i'm reading more books and doing exercises so i dun have to suffer next year
speaking of exercises,i seriously need to go run.

anyways i cut my hair too and it sucks as usual so nothing more to say haha
well i guess i'm gonna go haha bye!