Thursday, October 29, 2009

well im listening to adam lambert's time for miracles.
its really nice.
so i got the bad news 2 days ago.
and its the first time i feel so lost.
im just so confused.i duno what to feel.
now i know the pain.i dunno if i can bear it anymore.

so im leaving on tonights flight and am going soon
will be back on weds and well i hope i dun breakdown suddenly.
to those who came back from thailand WELCOME BACK!
haha have a nice sleep back in singapore!
and to those i confided in thank you
you guys have really helped me get through this
and help me to be able to put a smile on my face
when i read the messages.

well im gonna go.packed my bags and tears away.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

some pics!

<--our buried feets

the heart shaped sun

my sand castle lolz.
me and my feet!!
well im at home today haha
well yesterday was a really exhausting yet extremely fun day.
morning woke up at 10.30 then i rushed to get ready to go out
cuz i took a long time finding a toaster to toast the bread lols.ok im duno anything about the kitchen okay?!?!
so reached cck station at 11.30 met syah and jordan then waited for lydia and byran and taka.
so lydia and bryan reached then waited about 2 hs i think for taka.
we rode the mrt from cck to jurong east and back while waiting for him.
so when he came is was 1.30++ lolz.
then from there we rode to habourfront then went to sentosa! was my first time going to the beach and was a total fun!
starting was rather boring but then when taka accidentally hit bryan's head with a ball.
he started chasing then somehow someone fell into a deep hole.
then bryan came along with an idea of diggin a big hole like tat one to get revenge.
so after 5-10mins of digging someone got another crazy idea of putting their legs inside the hole
and bury it.well i was incharge of taking the pics so i didnt put my foot in.
well it was a real entertainment to see them try to pull their legs out.hee.i mean i noe.

after that we went to the deeper hole and stuck our feets in
it was really uncomfortable.really.
then we were bored so we brought our things nearer to the sea.
then we just played.splashing water liek a bunch of 5 year old kids.damn fun.
it was my first time stuffing my foot into the sea.
it was so relaxing!haha can sleep there sia.
then we kept on playing in the water..sea water went into my mouth about 4 times!
and i was soaked wet thanks to some people.
haha well then after that syah,lydia and i went to change
when we came back we found the guys still playing with water -.-
so we waited for them to change and well guess wat!it took them 36 mins.yea we counted.
hahambyt he time we reached vivo it was we thought why not go eat swensens.
but got too many people so in the end we ate at banquet.
about 8.45 we left the place for the train and went home.

well is was a really really fun day so haha..
somemore thanks to the stupid sun im black.
when i came mom was like siao arh!
haha damn funny.
well im gonna go get some ice cream cuz im hungary and craving for them.hee


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 41]: Shopping Madness with Bill!

i seriously didnt know there were automated cashier machines! well enjoy its realli funny

im home all day today cuz i got tution 5.30
well soon,and i have not gotten ready or even bathe yet
but hu cares.
its a really cool day cuz i woke up at 12 and just watched tv,use the com and nothing else.
well im pretty worried about the test aint.
i have lost all confidence so im not realli asking for mich but i just hope to pass most of the subjects.

anyways now im just so into tokio hotel.i duno why
i first got to know about them over youtube where i heard ready set go
and im like oh my gosh its like the coolest song evar
then just 2 days back i heard their new single automatic and wow..its such a nice song!
haha oh and i love bill's hair its just like BOOM!
i wish i had hair like his its so cool.
anyways ive been reading the lyrics in german and its awesome!
now instead of french i wanna learn german haha well both would be nice.haha

well im gonna watch more vids cuz after tat its...tution chinese somemore..haha


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wuz up peeps?
i find tat my blogs friggin dead and im so sad.
today nothing much happend
just that i played basketball at yew tee for 3hrs straight and my legs are hurting
well their ok now i guess..
im wearing my fave nightmare before christmas pjs!!!
NOBODY HAS THEM MUA HAHAHA well not in singapore at least.

well just been browsing around the com and been cam-whoring
cuz im so friggin bored.
gonna meet cheryl tmrw!haha mayb crash her house to play guitar hero
u noe i found bukit timah plaza the sports shop,they sell skateboard!
mayb im gonna buy it from there.
anyways so today bball,u may ask how fun can it be
well it was fun.played with a couple of guys.
im so happy the other group kana burn haha!
but they all damn tall so scary but still can attack haha.
well anyways i dun tink im playing bball for awhile again Soooo....
well im gonna go,,listening to 91.3 fm haha..playing some weird song.
anyways nites peeps!!
wish u a awesome day ahead.
peace out!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paramore, Brick By Boring Brick, KROQ 106 7


well sup yo!
nothing much today just tution and tution and tution.
well yesterday was fun went out with yiling kerencia and minq
cuz was friggin bored and the rest went out on friday.

so cuz on fri the day b4 yiling was at my house
and we both were liek uh...LETS GO OUT!go geylang.
haha of course tat was our initial plan but then tell kerencia they all liek no too into
so we ended up going around.
haha it was fun though and i actually stayed out till 9pm.

Soooo.i bought paramore's new album and IT ROCKS!
the song brick by boring brick is just stuck in my head and i cant get it out.
it kinda inspired me to write out a song too haha.

and to dear friend.
you should know im always there for you okay?
so call me when you need me kay?
i'll be there..well until before sec 4 cuz life will be shit.
but for 2 months i will be at ur service and for all our lives on the phone
and if possible be there on the spot.

well ok im gonna go
have to play bball tmrw to loose some weight
i hope pei qi dun bring her friends
cuz if she does,im running away.


Friday, October 16, 2009

well writing this post as yiling sleeps next to me on the sofa..haha
well todays art exam was really well stressful.
so after skool,fiona and syah went to orchard with the others
so i went to eat lunch with xitong and yiling at senja grand..
boring so yiling came over to my house watch movie..
lucky got yiling wheni watch friday the 13th.
it was so scary ok its not scary but it was well really heart stopping.
haha i was too focused on jared padelecki.'
well im gonna go bye~!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ok well its not in the morning but haha
todays paper was horrible.
stupid e-maths.
i tink fail la.
no hope haha.
well anyways so..nothing much today
just exam after exam after exam.
my mother tongue paper also die.
i dun even understand what the person is talking about! sad right?
ahhh well.
tmrw is e-maths paper 2,hoping for the better!
then friday is our last paper...ART!
wheee...i tmrw can concentrate on drawing le.
but today im gonna cram for e-maths.haha.
well i gotta go!
cya bleeps!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


well HELLO!!!
taking some time off from studyin and im here to blog again
well since im realli bored and theres nothing to do
not that blogging is the last resort.
the last resort would be facebook and im not THAT bored soo..
well just finished watching a show called 'ふたつのスピカ'
or rather twin spica when translated.
its about space and its really cool!
haha makes me wanna go to space.
anyways well 3 MORE DAYS TO END OF EOY..
u noe tat sounds reatrded...realli. 3 more days to the end of end of year exams..haha.
ok dun mind me im going crazy.must be all the sums i did just now or that lunch..hmm.
well im off to download more songs haha
have a great day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

500 Days of Summer Pictures, Images and Photos
ola people!
well skool was a bore today,
well isnt it always the same?
ok lar quite fun la yet so stress.
i keep telling myself must practice maths..but i cant get myself to do it!!!

anyways today damn embarrassing again!
stupid LRT gantry!i tap my card it flashed' top up card'
i thought nvr mind can go through
then it wont let me through!!!
somemore i no money to top up..
in the end fiona lend me...whee!must thank her alot for saving my legs from a tiring walk!

anyways listening to hi-fi camp
i just listen to a preview of 30 SECONDS TO MARS-KINGS AND QUEENS
damn nice la!
cant wait for their album!
after exam i need to go shoppin...SHOPPING FOR CDs! confirm cost like 100 bucks...
well take from my this year hong bao (^~^)
i still hav..been saving for CDs haha...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer


hey!long time no blog man!
well now adays muggin for class
and mostly im tweeting so..haha,my blogs like pomf!
ok so,im back to listening to old skool rock.
haha oh gosh im going mad.haha.
time goes by so fast.
i remember being realli small and listening to paradise city and welcome to the jungle
and actually though axel rose was hot. 0.0
ahh well he was hot haha.

tat was so last time and man u also kana
now its MAN-U V.S LIVERPOOL!!liverpool is gonna rock tat game.
man u can go hit a wall.
haha.well im gonna go on looking for songs so

p.s check out kris allen's version of living like you were dying!