Sunday, August 30, 2009

wish to change my life now.

u noe to add more tings to the list of 'why i hate this place'
is becuz anywhr i go,they dun sell AP anymore
last time it used to be sold at popular,kinnokuniya,some indian money exhanger shops
urgh what do i do when im bored
buy some magazines i hate and tats wat i did today
i actually bought seventeen,.
to make tings worse,the cover is selena gomez
u noe i tot seventeen looked cool,
now ive changed my mind
everyting here is abt love.
gosh give me a damn break

why is my life SO BORING!
i wish to go overseas but no i cant
i wish to go skateboarding
no i cant
i wish to just go somewhr
gosh i seriously hate this place
but u noe come to tink of it,other then these asian places
apart frm thailand,india and indonesia
we are not actually quite accepted in other places
probably but u noe not fully
if we did accepted everyone,there would be no war or all.

sigh i am so bored off my mind every single day
tat i can just bungee jump off my house
and never come back up.
JEEZ! sigh
why why why must this place be so boring,hot and most tings so expensive?why?
ahh well,i guess this is what we all call life
where everyting is not wuds its supposed to be.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

ItS a SmOoTh CrImInAl......

im usin the com cuz firstly my parents are out,

my mom needed to see a doctor cuz she has a realli bad stomach ache

2ndly i wanna watch the k.o三国 or someting like tat.

haha so im fine i guess

this whole week was very depressing

and i could have any moment tried to jump of the 7th floor frm the skool.

now im depressed tat i have to get e-maths tution again.

i hate tution,

tution=no freedom=go mad

anyways putting tat aside now talking to minq and fione

yesterday kerencia,boon and fiona came over to my house.

cuz we were rather sianx and say want go lot 1 but then i no money so i didnt wanna go

then tlak talk talk until duno where go my house.

so they came and kerencia got stuck with my dog.

haha so weird.

if i had my hp with me i would upload them but its with my mom so i cant.haha

well this week i was also lking for new songs

so heres my choice,

i'll type half of them here and another half tmrw..

ciaos guys!

-further seems forever-snowbirds&townies

-ivoryline-days ned

-ruth-back to the five

-capital lights-outrage

-run kid run-one in a million

Sunday, August 23, 2009

life is dull within these four walls,but i duno wana leave at all

wow its alrdy 11.32pm!
time goes so fast dosent it?
its like zoom
sigh,i havent done my art homewrk yet.duno wud to draw
draw so lame
i wish we didnt have to plan and stuff
so much better lor,like tat i can draw anyting which comes to mind (>.<)

today went out with my rents to ION
ok la,nothing much,of course bought shirts at uniqlo
u noe,i just lurve tat place,uniqlo,haha the clothes are nice
bought checkered shirts again
i seriously love checkered stuffs.cant get enough of em
i juz realised how my fashion sense suxs!cuz i was lking through lookbook
just now,this place with people with fashion sense
and wow,their good
can learn frm them the bad part is
im not daring haha so i cant do half the tings they do.

so back to square one,
here i am bored my ass off
i use the com last night till rite?
i kept on tweeting and play game on facebook
too bad fiona not coming to skool tmrw
its gonna be another sucky day
wish i can also not go,fake sick hee.
i wanna go out,and keep going out,i dun like to stay at home sigh
well i better go sleep
tmrw is going back to jail! noisy,crappy classes.
and whr life suxs
oh and im taking my ID pic tmrw..damn suay,duno how to take lor.
canot smile..i tink.haha


Saturday, August 22, 2009


black eyed peas Pictures, Images and Photos
weekends are so sweet
able to use the com for so lng.
tmrw ive got amaths and i havent even done the homewrk given!
eeck!stress -.-
after common test still must study for end of year exam.

im so relaxed today
so long i nvr relax.woke up at 12+ etc etc.
so happy.
i feel like going out on saturdays lo
so boring at home.
but no one to go out wit haha
then tmrw got tution sigh
i tink im going out tmrw.duno to where
sigh got nothing to write sia
hmm,i finished watching tat episode i wanted to watch on heroes
so nice!
haha i went high after tat.couldnt stop smiling
im so so so sooooohyper now
well imma go,cuz im bored and gonna go do other stuff
and one mroe ting.
bruno rocks!
haha well byez!

"days have gone so fast
a day goes by without us known
so yet we work day by day
missing the fun we have
minutes by minutes
our destinys reached
stars we aim
but cant be reached
we can see our future
onli time can tell
who we are
who we will be
who we can be
for others to see
will they be proud?
will they look down?
i dun want to be neither
but i have no choice
one route leads to another
i have not yet chosen
what soon will become
so days will pass as i grow old
and time wont wait
as decisions are made"

Friday, August 21, 2009

baby if my heart stops beating,it wont hurt this way

ZQ is uh...okay...yeah...what? Pictures, Images and Photos

paramore Pictures, Images and Photos
paramore Pictures, Images and Photos
p.s cant wait for their new album brand new eyes >.<
i just realised how long i havent posted !
well heck ive been tweeting half my days so ya haha
well this week's been exam week thus never use much of the com.

well im dead tired and this weeks been rather a bad week so
i hope next week would be better
i cant believe i failed english again
i tink im destined to fail lor.
im so tired of life at times
i was hurt by wud my parents said lor 2 days ago
now we are ok,
i hate it whn there a world war 3 in my hse urgh
so bad can die one

ahhh i missed heroes yesterday!im so sad.
today was boring.
chem watch JAWS haha then the bois all so pervertic
my mind is now more dirtier..ew.,

aft skool syah.,bryan and i were walking when lydia called us
say she dun go cca.1st time leh she do this.
then go lot 1 meet fiona then lydia go home,then we chose to eat the food court
so wait for lydia to come,then go eat lor.
lydia and i ate yong tau foo,syah and fiona ate ban mian ha.
sigh then hang arnd in the library
i was lking for easy cooking bks,cuz i canot keep eating outside everyday 0.0
then father called me fetch me home. sigh haha

haha anyways imma write until here,cuz dun wud to write..
star trek 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paramore - Ignorance (Music Video)


i can totally have died mid week..
urgh next week whole week exam...
die die die die!!!
ahhh i cant believe i became a twitter
haha im so so so ooooooo hyper now!

listening to ignorance by paramoreeeee
watched the vid and it is totally spanking!!
well i just wanted to type tat..haha

i realli realli realli wan go
though it may not be as awesome as the one in san fransico
still i wanted to go since last year...sooo...
then after or before tat go study e-maths tee hee..

well,imma go
follow me on twitter yea if any of you got?!?!
haha bye!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

30 Seconds To Mars-Battle of one live at Rock Am Ring

shannon leto the awesomest drummer

so im like slacking on updating my blog
cuz im always tweeting rather then blogging.
you can see by the side liek 1 minute ago and stuff haha
i noe im damnnnn lame.

so tiring today,
had to paint banners for teachers day
got a big headache when i came home must be the sun
tats why i dun like the mean.
i wish dun have to go skool tmrw haha
bloody hell trying to upload photos 5 mins still uploading.
hehe eh if anybody has twitter please update often too..
my boards like getting filled up by celebrities and not normal people!
speaking of celebrities,so sad.syah should noe why i am so devastated..
reason?all the good guys are so old!!!sigh.
no hope la no hope haha.
but those are just idols.

well so im blaj blah blah blah
ok i tink im done.blahing today.
haha tty people soon!
rmbr to chck my twitter updates and not my posts..
cuz i feel tweets are faster then this haha.

byecha cha cha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


justin biber up-coming singer
check him out yo!

Monday, August 10, 2009

when life knocks you down

im realli sry to cheryl i couldnt go out today.
actually i could after 1pm sry man
september hols lets go out yea?i'll make it up to ya.

so todya i slacked.i slept for a veri veri long time.
1-3pm i slept.
i had no idea why i slept tat long but yea i just slept.
then started to use com.
im so glad today my phone has stopped with the smses.
i bet my phones happy too.
my grandmaz flying for korea today.
good eh.calle dher this morning she seemed fine..
i worry for her alot.
no wonder i have white hair sprouting out thses days...sigh.

haha anyways gonna go now
gotta do my homewrk.i havent done any.
not even physics.

haha byecha!

"the day was blue
like a wolves eye
but now its grey
haunting our lives
do we ever get bored from these fights?
i dread to hear the answers they give
just send me to the asylum
and shut me from the world
u make me bleed
like a dagger pierced through romeo
tears i cry
like juliet when dead
nvr once have i stopped
tinking about those days of peace
but now i dun care
im just gonna live my life
and turn my eyes blue"
-inspired by blood on my hands-

Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy b'day singapore!

singapore just celebrated her 44th b'day
im so happy
this shows we have been one independent country for 44yrs!
with no one to rule us but our fellow citizens
we should be proud of our independence and thank our forefathers
hu fought for what we have today.
did u say the pledge at 8.22 today?
well i did quitely though.cuz my rents were at the dinning table.

haha well this shows how days go by dosent it?
it felt like just yesterday i was at the parade itselfwhen tat was 4years ago.
singapore has changed alot from when i was 2 yrs old
and now 15 yrs old.
there werent such ting as singapore flyer or even ion orchard.
heck there wasnt any vivocity!
well i gtg!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

whn one gets crazy abt someting..what happens?late night cravings of mango pudding

Zachary Quinto Pictures, Images and Photos whoo hoo!!!

haha it feels like its been a month of not bloggin
well its cuz im currently mainly on twitter then on blogger haha
anyways on thurs i watching episode 4 of heroes and ahhh it almost made me faint!
haha watch it to find out why..1 hint..sylar=gabriel.

ohhh i cant believe im actually crazy over someting haha.
i wanna goo out on monday!
but im not sure if cheryls going out on monday still
if canot go bras bersah opp popular and buy tat star trek comic i found last time.

sigh,i cant believe i cant find the other umbrella academy bk.
i forgot the tittle but oh well hu rmbers it anyway?
sigh i realli need to save money if i want a les paul
mayb the onli time i can get it is when im 25 then i'll be too old
to start a band.haha.

ahhhh i realli cant get tat scene outta my head!
why is he so hot?!?! especially in glasses,
if he came to singapore i tink i would rush thr haha,but not possible. so tired!next week amaths 2 hours shite.
i finally understand tat trigonometry chiiiiimmmmm!!!

haha well imma go..imma go tweet tweet >.<


Thursday, August 6, 2009

ive finally got time to write..well not time to write
but more like more privacy to write.
i have used the com but these days due to my parents using it near me
i cant blog..somemre
now these computer screens are bloody wide-screen version.

SOOoooo i was watching my fave movie
alexander again..the one with colin farrell and of course jared leto.
u noe i tink i watch alexander becuz of jared leto...oh well
anyways the plot is nice too and oh ya did i mention its got to do about greeks?
yea im crazy abt greece and their gods.
u noe like apollo,zeus,queen olympius,hercules etc.
its one of the reason of my art theme too....

i definately want to visit greece if i have a chance,
oh and romania..i want to noe if there are realli dragons in this world.
i noe its stupid but hey!i need some imaginary stuffs in my head to go through a busy day!

urgh i haven finish my bloody homewrk,
tmrw somemore is the battlefield tour,place ive gone during primary skool days,
last time i went there i rmbr i didnt liek the atmosphere
but i hope this time it could be better.

well,hmm im crazy over 30 seconds to mars again..
did i mention how cute shannon leto is?haha,
all the guys frm bands i liked in primary skool is making me nauseous.oh well.
haha,but 30 seconds of mars are cool,wonder if their gonna hav a new album out,

well i gtg!!