Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey Monday - How you Love Me Now (w/ lyrics)


so i just fel inlurve with tis song whn i first heard it on the radio..
the song is homecoming by hey monday,
this group is like paramore..a female lead singer,the other 4 are guys..
but their not bad..simple lyrics..understandable..they sound all rite
i lurve their sonq how you love me now...its awesomenulation.
well but comparing with paramore..i still prefer paramore,cuz hayley's voice is hard to find..her voice is realli special.
i actually read abt them in 1 mag..i duno which cuz i gt too many,
but i keep forgeting on listening..finally heard 'em,their not bad.
current music i like and just discoverd..are probably
-never shout never
-never say never
oh and tis girl called emily harder...she sounds liek demi lovato and is realli awesome.
check it many people are liek goinq into the music scene..
i wish i could be one of them too,...haha go touring with cheryl..
we can go europe too!!yay haha
well i gtg
wrote tooo much..
i dun wana write abt skool cuz its been really suay so..haha
im gona leave with tat vid of my fave song frm hey monday.. (^~^)
ja ne!! 再见!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


so there is goes..
chinese new year..has gone
renunion dinners are done
and i am very happy but yet unhappy..

im happy cuz i got to eat nice food
i got to hang out with the WHOLE family
and did i mention nice food?
oh and also money $~$

the unhappy part
i seriously need to friggin EXCERCISE..
i ate so much!!
u noe the week b4 cny i didnt eat any snacks or titbits
due to the fact tat i was too busy to even eat
thanks to homework..
but thn those 4 days..i ate ALOT..
and people hu noes me veri well noes,i HATE excercising..
so i slacked and i gained like 1kg. im gona get it on thursday... 0.0]

haha but hey, renunion dinner comes once a year and u got the other 11 mths
to cut down on food anf excercise more haha

well i gtg..
p.s leave ya guys with a pic frm my fave artist alex paradee
the great guy hu did the used's cd covers

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


well its finally new years eve
and well it like 1 sumeting ya
im bored
got all the food ready and stuff and im bored

yesterday cleared the hse..while having diarherra (sp?)
trying to find a nice blogskin
well also im gona need some time to fix the art club blog
so many tings to do..haha
now im listening to cao ge and genie cho's romeo and juliet..
or at least tats the wud i col it lar..
but still i lurve tis song
cant get enough of it

haha well i gotta go..
need to bathe..i wonder wud i shld wear (>~<)
ja ne!!
我爱你,你是我的 romeo...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

chinese new year

you noe
it feels just like yesterday we celebrated the "ang moh" new year as i call it
and tmrw its gona be chinese new year eve..
fast aint it?
sigh,somemore i havent even started on my pile of homewrk!

just now i just started screaming cuz there were like how can i put tis..
reatardedly alot of ants below my covered the whole bottom of my keyboard..
i seriously hate ants now -.-

sigh so sad..1st month so many tings happen alrdy..
my skool life aint going well
i tink i got diaherra
and tmrw is the renunion dinner..
and shirota yuu gots a girlfren..
why are all the suai guys taken!!!
oh well

i'll try to update as much as i can haha


Monday, January 19, 2009

time passes too fast..

haha hi
got back frm skool,thn the post office..and im tired..
sumemore gt research to do 0.0
just now i was clearing my tings and saw some letters frm like the past years..
it was so remenassing..
i mean like so many letters!
even those i wrote in class in p6..when tash and pear were sitting nxt to me
and we wrote silly tings.

now i rarely get any letters and tats kinda sad.
the onli person hu writes to me is davita haha,
but hey we're all busy now so it can be qute hard to write a letter

well i gotta go
i go like stuffs to do.
like research and draw a dragon and snake.. >.<

haha ridiculous i noe..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

when i thought tings couldnt get worser

cant write much
cuz im busy
so lemme fill ya in
im scared to go to skool tmrw
due to friday i did sumeting real embarrasing
like calling the person i didnt noe whn i thought tat person was my fren
thn getting scolded by my teacher

on the lighter side
i have a nice feeling about tis year's renunion dinner
well ok i gtg,short i noe,but i have to go due to
me needing to do an art research for tmrw's lesson 0.O
haha well BYE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jonas Brothers Fall AMA's 07

this vid always makes up my day..haha

First question wrong on Who Wants to be a Millionaire


blog is dead 0.0

haha hey!
sry for leaving my blog dead for so long..
i've just been too lazy to update haha..
well its thursday of the 2nd week of skool..
aint it fast..soon it'll be feb thn may thn august..
wow..aint it too fast?
haha,well tmrw is cca recruitement day so yay!!
hope we get new members!
also sat need to take some kind of award...
and must go on stage and stuff..
im so friggin nervous i dun noe wud to do!!!
oh well..gosh i wish i can go jamming..
and also i wish i cld spend more time with cheryl and others..
i miss them so desperately..
the crazy retarded bunch in mg..haha
well, ive written enough,
hope u guys enjoy ur day
and its me signing off1!


Friday, January 9, 2009

1st week of skool the 1st week of skool.
i slept for veri long today and i tink i caught a flu..
sigh...PE hurt me and the pain came today so..sigh
im friggin overweight..(gotta cut down on those desserts)

thn today was CCA recruitment day..
i wonder how many people wld join..
we realli realli need juniors...realli.
gosh i hope theres a bunch of them
if not art club wld close(touch wood)

well im friggin tired..
tution being pushed together..
i wana go home RIGHT after skool everyday frm next week onwards..
no more basketball,no more shopping,no more hanging out.
sigh..tats sad but worth enough to catch up with my sleep(^~^)

well im off to watch my beloved team batista no eiko..
haha BYE!

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Monday, January 5, 2009


all time fave vid

2nd of skool

so..back frm 2nd day at skool
nth special..nth fancy..
boring..math period made me bonkus.
i tink i'll need to stay back for extra class alrdy aha
oh well..

thn gt spelling for english
thn go for art..nth much just must do research and stuff.
gosh i still gt tution hmwrk havent finish lehx!!

oh well anyways,today i came home on tv
saaw mtv...guess wud they were doing?
if u gussed my chemical romance-im not okay YOU'RE RITE!!
OMG!!its been like SO long since i saw tat vid!
i love it so much..i cant believe i havent watched it for so long sigh
haha..i miss the old my chem
the 1 with gerard with long hair..i liked his hair..i hope mine can grow like his haha.
well time coems and goes for us literelly and we change alot too..
well gtg..i need to sleep.
gona try to finish all my homewrk and stuffs..haha


Sunday, January 4, 2009

MOVIE marathonxxx

okay..currently my brain seriously hurts..
hus wouldnt whn u have 2 maths tution in a row frm morning?
oh well anyways..
this week i watched ya..
i finally watched the dark knight..
heath ledger was awesome..i tink he is the greatest actor ever..
he was the best in brokeback mountain it was so awesome..
its really sad he had to leave this world so soon.

OKAY MOVING ON..i also watched dont mess with the zohan..
its friggin hilarious..
i watched get smart too..its okay..too much talking though
thn im gona watch indiana jones soon.
but currently watching star wars.. i like star wars..
i remember the 1st time i watched it whn i was very small..
i cried and my aunt had to bring me out of the cinema..
must be the stupid red faced guy..the guy hu helps darth vader.haha
once in a while me and my parents whn we're bored..
we try to hum the official soundtracks to star wars,indiana jones and superman..
really u can seriously get confused..try it out if u dun believe me!

well tmrwz skool..i cant believe its 2009 alrdy!!
all well i pray i wont die of serious boredomness tmrw..hmm..
i might just dream of cam gigandet ..harhar (*~*)
well goin to eat dinner..tonites yakiniku (&~&)

Friday, January 2, 2009

First day of skool...sigh

got back frm skool and tution..
i was like so friggin nervous yesterday tat i couldnt sleep..
and it sucked..cuz i slept once at 12 then woke up at 1 thn slept at 4 FINALLY!
but had to get up at 5:30..
Go skool okay,goinq home terrible..teacher let us out late..
i was like in a rush!
cuz i reached home @ 1:15++ thn need eat bathe and stuff go to tution
which was 2:30 mayb i need to chanqe time hmm..

skool was OKAY...principal talk for like 1 1/2 hr..siao rite?
after tat disiplaine stuffs.
ms chang our form teacher again...lolz..and i sit in the front of the class...
well i might change seats so...yupz.
anyways..GOT MY BKS BAC!
yay im so happy now i can read eclipse..haha.

anyways SO not lking forward to monday...
b4 monday is sunday and its the day whn i have double tution..oww..
anyways.i gtg...need to sleep..
i almost slept at tution just now..but i bought NESCAFE and i woke up..
drank like so much haha..


Thursday, January 1, 2009


and i did nothing..except for buying groceries at like 4 plus..
b4 tat was watching 90210..marathon..AWESOMENULATION!
gosh tmrw is like skool..urgh DREAD DREAD DREAD
anyways on the light side..i got another new yr resolution..
i have to learn it..its so friggin cool!1
anyways so on a lighter note..

haha anyways..BYE!