Sunday, October 31, 2010

a post of useless thoughts :D

(i just found this really cute..haha it was too near)

(totally stoked for came in a box!!)

(been a long time since i last had it,my most fav drink)

been a while since i blogged
thats cuz i've been tired..
well lets see the whole week i went to NYP for some attachment course
it was not bad,fun, but cuz its not in my range of interest
well i didnt enjoy it as much as i should.
but still it was a good experience..

so moving on,yesterday i did nothing in the morning and afternoon.
i basically finished my house chores so that i'd be free today..haha
then at night,i was waiting for ker to call me
instead i got a phone call to go slack at starbucks
i was super scared to ask my parents.
but when i did,my mom was like
"sure,go ahead,we'll fetch you from the lrt station"
haha i was so shocked! and very glad they give me a bit of freedom.

so went starbucks slacked with a few people
i got to drink the green tea drink which i havent drank in a while.
it was really fun,i wish i can do it more often..but i dun think so la..
haha then after 9.30+ ker smsed me she reached
and she looked for me
and i got my album!!
i was so super stoked
and the packaging was so awesome!!
but me being stupid,i broke the red part of the CD cover box thingy :[
it was super awesome~~!!!
im now trying to figure out where to put my poster..
somewhere i can see and well dun get scolded by my parents.
they are already asking me when am i gonna stop pasting
posters on my wall
but i think they're starting to give up..
cuz the first set of posters i put up, filling my whole room wall
was when i was 12. haha~ its been so many years
and posters up and down often.i totally love my room.

gonna start work tmrw
then after that few days i think im gonna find another one..
but totally cutting off my work in December
so i can do my personal tat lazy.

well im gonna go..
i think iron my dad's pants cuz i have nothing to do~~


Thursday, October 28, 2010

still not enough sleep

im updating
seriously i feel so tired these days
and this is just waking up at 6.30 to go to yio chu kang
next week when i start work
i have to wake up WAY earlier just to reach my workplace.
oh sheesh
i just dont want to do anything during the weekends..just sleep.

well today went to that skool again for the attachment.
it was a abit no WAY awkward.
super awkward and it will still be awkward tmrw
i dun feel like going tmrw
i mean i was supposed to have tuition tmrw at 3pm but i cancelled it
cuz the course ends at like 3.30++
at least tmrw's the last day.
i've had no holiday lor.

sigh so tired..and wheres my class photo?
next to my study table there is still an empty space
and its for this year..but whr is it? >.<~~
well nothing to write

sad fren col me yesterday to say want to go east coast anot
but i cant cuz of the attachment thingy tmrw..
oh well,
i hope everything goes smoothly and well nothing bad happens and stuff
embarrassing or wudevar.cuz i just want to get it over and done with
no that im not interested or anything
it is just tiring to wake up early and take a train packed with humans.

well off to sleep i guess
exhausted to the max..
haha nites!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the day before yesterday is always the best

yea its late and yet im blogging
lolz, doing some preparations for tmrw.
i shall catch some sleep on the way there.

sheesh one smsed pissed me off.
so lucky.
i wish i had enough money too,to let my mom go.
i feel so sad for her.
tmrw is the day where i really felt lost.
so fast 1 year has went by.
im so scared.i feel so lost and sad again.
everytime i think about it i tear.
what makes things worse is she cant go tmrw.
life's like that..unfair till even till the last minute,corner.whatever.
maybe its just me,..i also wanted to go
but its okay if i dont,cuz life's been unfair
but she should go.and i feel terrible.
there's been no contact whatsoever.
i guess when one moves on,all they leave behind is misery
and broken pieces. not gonna write much anymore.
im gonna go finish up my stuff and sleep.
depressing post much? lolz.
its just to express what i feel now
if not i most likely would be spamming twitter so i dun care.
tmrw's a long day..a very very long day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

short post.

im writing
wow!!awesomeness~~ haha

well its 2.51am now...almost 3am in short
lolz~ i have no idea why i havent slept too.
i should sleep and then wake up at 5am go for a walk and stuff
but i waking time is like way later..
seems like later today im gonna go out..i think
i was thinking of trying to catch that movie first..
but then 11.40 at orchard? what time must i wake up!?!
then have to meet them at 1+ plus so cannot

wow i cant express how comfortable i am now..
haha at times like this
im really glad i actually have lived to see today..
yea i talk like an old person
but then sigh,
next week i might start work i think
awaiting for call of address then im going~~
haha well,
i guess im gonna sleep now
someone just told me to get my butt to the bed
and sleep if not i'll get more pimples..

that someone should know who

well good nite then!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

a day of fun and regrets

im back here writing
well what did i do today?
i read on a bus,decorated a so called underwater kingdom with my cousin
loving every minute of where i was.
i was at my grandma's house in short.
it's been so long since i last went to her house
but she never fails to make me smile.
she cooked today and omg, i cant believe how much i missed it
i almost cried eating it.
i tell myself i must visit her often but then
if i get a job in the holidays
i have no time to go to her house...
im just so devastated..i shouldnt have gone to look for a job

i should have just stay at my grandma;s house till next year.
well, no point in saying so much now and regretting. whats done is done.
im gonna miss alot of things in life now.

well recently i've gone back to writing again
and i am seriously thinking of saving for a keyboard.
just now i was hearing some piano version of my fav songs
and omg,i wish i could play like that.
im not talented, i cant play by ear, i practically suck at playing piano
but theres no harm trying...
anyways its for my own whats that called...entertainment.

im seriously still regretting gettin that job
i hope its not confirmed or something
but it already is...sigh

well imma go.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


(sigh~ i can never get bored living with it..haha
it was sad that my dad havent given him a treat)
(no it aint a fog,it aint rain..its haze..)
(this is the current book im reading :D)

haha well im writing again(WOW!)
lolz~ yea drama effect..

so lets see what have i been doing
well yesterday went to this recruitment place(which i kinda regret)
to find a job
so now im waiting for confirmation of a job
which is like from monday to friday 8.30 to 5pm for 2 months
really wish i dont get it...weird huh
look for a job and say dun wan.cuz u see its so well packed
and the holidays i also want to rest leh...
should have made my requirements clearer.
ahh well if get accepted then never mind lor
im just not gonna get anymore sleep.
so better sleep now haha~

today well went to skool before 10am already can go home
i heard the teacher say go home after 10.30
but we went out the gate at like 10.15 :P
heh heh
reached home made myself lunch..i seriously need to start cooking again
the taste went i kinda ate a miserable lunch...
when lunch was done, did housework so that i wont get scolded as a 'good for nothing'
i dun get my parents..i do everything from the dishes to the washing of clothes to the changing of bedsheets. and i just groaned a bit when i was watching tv yesterday to keep some things they bought and i got scolded like theres no tomorrow..
i seriously dun get least im not the kind of person who never does anything...
maybe one day i should try...not to do anything at all~~
see how much they need to do..

ok moving on.. after folding clothes, went to take a short nap,cuz im still tired
from yesterday..i think i didnt sleep till 1 or 2.30am cant remember..
after waking up drank coffee and started continuing in reading my book
dan brown's book are awesome
the first time i read was i think in 2007 or 2006? a year after the movie came out
it was nice and i guess after that i kept on reading..
i finally bought the recent book 'the lost symbol' and finally got the time to read yesterday
now im halfway through..its nice :D
after this book, i think im gonna go to beauty world to borrow some books..
i need to start reading again lolz~~ one book on my list of reading
is eat,pray,love.
i seriously want to read that book haha

well im gonna go
oh and everyone please take care
it seems ridiculously hazy these days
and im wondering why they havent issued a warning for it yet cuz
its as worse as in 2006(?) i mean the PSI index shot up to 86 0.0
and my nose is getting worse..
oh and good luck to all taking 'O' level subjects...maths or mother tongue or just everything..
well imma go continue reading..

Monday, October 18, 2010

end of a long post and hanging of ur coms :D

well here goes nothing! so why do i like dbsk?
cuz of the members own personality not only that..they have awesome voices as well
they cant be compared to any group...

(cuz he dances really well)
yunho Pictures, Images and Photos

yunho Pictures, Images and Photos
(he can be a dork/funny at times)
Yunho gif Pictures, Images and PhotosYunho gif Pictures, Images and Photos

(his love for food and hes scaryness beneath the innocence)
Changmin Pictures, Images and PhotosChangmin Pictures, Images and Photos

Changmin Sad Pictures, Images and Photos(but then again how can u say no to this? 0.0)

(his cuteness? lolz~ i have no idea how to describe jaejoong)
jaejoong Pictures, Images and Photosjaejoong Pictures, Images and Photos
(his sexiness? i can hear people screaming 0.0)
jaejoong Pictures, Images and Photosjaejoong Pictures, Images and Photos

ok next one this one i know very much cuz haha :D
(his laughters/dorkiness/smile/voice i can go on forever haha)
yoochun Pictures, Images and PhotosMicky Yoochun Pictures, Images and Photosyoochun Pictures, Images and Photosyoochun Pictures, Images and Photos
haha he looks even more awesome in real life
though i saw like from far away~ he looks really awesome :D

last but not least junsu :D
his cuteness i guess? charisma and of course his oyaji gyagus ;}
junsu Pictures, Images and Photosjunsu Pictures, Images and PhotosDBSK Pictures, Images and Photosjunsu Pictures, Images and Photos

all in all to summarize
dbsk their personality/dorkiness/music talents
is what makes me like them haha :D
TVXQ Pictures, Images and Photosdbsk Pictures, Images and Photosdbsk Pictures, Images and Photos
Always keep the faith!!

a continuous post.

today nothing happened
like really i was in my room from 11 till 5
then went for tution..kinda useless now that Ns are over
but nonetheless im seeing it as a time to practice chinese haha

sooo im gonna do a weird post...
now all the photos or rather gifs go to people who posted it somewhere
im just using it to express stuffs
and well make my post lk lively..haha~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long post about the first time the writer screamed like a girl

(alot of people right?!?)

(the miracle really a miracle)

(guess who?yea its the 2 happiest people haha)

hello people
im back here blogging after a few well days..haha
well many things happened since i last updated..

lets see i was whining of not able to going to the JYJ showcase
and i was even trying on wednesday to win it.
but alas, i couldnt
on thurs i saw twitter someone selling extra ticks and just went to 'try my luck'
but then the person didnt have like 2 seats side by side
so ker and i though we were out of luck
but then someone else asked me if i wanted..of course have to pay..
i practically grabbed my phone and called ker..haha we were both hyper

fast forward to sat
i went out the house at 4.30 plus after finishing stuffs at home to meet ker at suntec.
she was hanging out there with boon and Qf.
took a 47mins long ride to get there..
kinda pissed on the train cuz i seriously hate being around many people
alone. and these people dun say sorry or excuse me when they hit me or something.
jeez.learn some manners!
after the toturing ride, walked or rather fast-walked to suntec and the place they were eating..
then walked back to mrt with ker,took the train to bedok and got our tickets..

we were smiling like idiots...finally we reached expo...there were many fans there
many dressed in red,if not they were dressed to the max..quite pretty.
me and ker felt out of place. she wore shorts and a tee with shoes
i wore a shirt and a jeans and shoes..looking like going to a rock concert.
heck its the exact same outfit i wore to paramore.

went to expo,i havent ate dinner so i ate cup noodles there..kinda pathetic
after that ker and i looked up and down for a toilet cuz
there was so many people everywhr~
walked around cut across the VERY long queue for the JYJ concert just to get
to where we wanted...the toilet..lolz

after that we made our way back to pass Hall 6 to get in line and wait to get in.
the hall at concert was held at was Hall 3
yea it was THAT long. finally went in like omg
i couldnt believe i was actually there!
i just kinda regretted not getting a lightstick..
(cuz they were selling the poster and lightstick together at 10 bucks..
i didnt wan the poster cuz i already had one,yea the exact same one
i just wanted the lightstick but i was afraid to ask..sigh...)

we took our place
then a few minutes later the place went black
gosh it was so nice, the red sea in the center...
i just wished i really bought the lightstick cuz our side did not hav much red.

finally it started
the three came out on the top of the stairs..
the whole hall just burst into screams..louder then they already were.
i couldnt believe my eyes that i saw yoochun :D
gah~ he looked so awesome!! they sang 'empty' then 'be the one' and then 'be my girl'
the whole time i didnt now whr to look..the stage or the screen
i was just stunned that i was seeing them
cuz just 2 days ago,i would never have thought or even dreamed that i would see them
from far!!!

after that there was a short talk, yoochun spoke english
while they were speaking, ker told me that the screen in the middle
the speaker just nice blocked yoochun's head. like really..only the head.
i didnt even notice cuz i was so immersed in the talk..when i did
i was like wtf =.=

i was quite far so i couldnt hear properly but i did hear junsu's 'very good'
the rest i forgot..cuz i was too immersed at looking at yoochun.
i just wished they had bigger screens...totally loved yoochun's english
after that a video came out and one by one the members spoke
there was words/translation but from where i was, i couldnt read at all.
when yoochun spoke in the vid
ker suddenly laughed..i asked her wud.and she said YC in the vid lked like her mum
well she had to endure my multiple attacks during the show and after the show as well..
so if u saw 2 girls chasing each other in expo aft the show, it would be me and ker.

they sang chajatta haha, me and ker were singing to it
i think that was where i started to loose my voice haha...
i wish i could wave as well but then people around me was like dead.
nobody did anything 0.0 but hu cares

i just sang my heart out..and screamed when yoochun sang the first verse..
which not many people did...come on..its yoochun!!!
jaejoong got the loudest scream...lolz esp from the one beside me.
i wanted to scream oh my go-sun haha~~
but then there was this girl hu kept saying 'shut up' when people screamed.
jeez chill man. really anyway even if we screamed they wont see.
but gah it felt so awesome..

they ended off with 'empty' the remixed version and YC told us to stand and jump
i jumped but then people around me were once again dead
and hence i stopped as well
but that didnt stop me and ker from shouting "let it go" haha
we were having so much fun among the dead people lolz~~
yoochun also said "always keep da faith!" and that they would/might (cant hear properly)
be back in singapore next year for a concert..

if they are,,time to start saving money
i wanna see yoochun and next time im bringing my own light stick
but im still gonna wear the same thing haha shirt and jeans.

after the show ended,ker and i tried to take pics
but both of us were shaking still...quite badly haha
guess we were nervous,happy,stunned and shocked all at the same time

guess thats it..kinda long huh~ haha

well im gonna go, the remixed version of empty is stuck in my head
and i have some stuffs to do..haha
i am really happy i did not give up in trying to find the tickets.
we were really happy...finally our hopes were true :D
first both of us wished JYJ came to singapore,it happened
next we wished they sold tickets even after 9..they did!
but then Cat D were sold out, we tried our luck in winning
bt we didnt however, we got our tickets online somehow :D
see believing aint that bad..always keep da faith!

well nites!!/Always keep the faith/

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a day....

hey! im here to blog haha

well these few days have been quite slack soo~~
monday: went to my grandma's house..i missed her so much!
gonna visit her tmrw morning again before i go to work.
tuesday: went to NYP for course...or a 'feel'
made ice cream and had some biology lesson haha~ then rode
home from yio chu kang. kinda long
after that slacked at lot 1..walking around
finally got 'the lost symbol' to read. cant wait to finish it hee~~
wednesday/today: went out to vivo :D
took a bus all the way to doby gauht but then on the way
the bus suddenly jam break
i almost flew lucky hold railing
but then crashed into the guy beside me =.=
and i kinda got a bruise...didnt know until i bathed though.
then when i reached the station i decided to hang out at plaza singapura.
so walked around like nobody's business haha,quite fun
bought earrings for mom too :]
then went to take north-east line
do you know how messy that place is!?!?! i can seriously get lost =.=
almost did anyways.took a train there to meet cheryl..
we hung out met jas then ate lunch heh heh
caught up with life which was kinda nice..
went to cotton on...i totally want that cardigan!! maybe i'll go lot 1 to get it..
after that caught the movie charlie st cloud..its okay i guess,
not my type..dun even like zac efron anyways
but people hu love zac efron would love it haha
then went home yea short but long day.

tmrw im working for my dad so im travelling around.
and coincidently tmrw they are selling the tickets for JYJ showcase at scape.
sadly i cant go and i have no money
cuz CAT D is sold out and CAT C is too expensive
for both me and ker. though we really want to see or hear them
we cant but we're gonna try our luck tonight,so see how.

well im gonna go..
im depressed cuz im not a lucky person
and most likrly 100% cant see JYJ
well nites :/

Sunday, October 10, 2010


hey! im here bloggin again~~
im just so i practically didnt get to rest at all until now..
morning went for my last A-maths tuition, my teacher gave me a present so thankful to her,i must really get good results to thank her back.
after that i came home..went down immediately to buy some last minute things
my mum forgot to buy...
after coming back up, immediately went down AGAIN
to bring my dog to the vet to get his vaccination.
after that i came home washed my clothes,changed the bed sheets....
i seriously didnt have a single break...until now.
im just so exahusted.sigh

however yesterday i had fun :D
went out with syah,ker and syah's sis.
it was really unplanned!
i just called ker say lets go out. then invited syah
who wanted to buy 'shiny' stickys.
so we travelled for 1 hour plus to city hall talking and stuff
haha it was quite a fun journey there..i even dropped my phone =.=
then went to the starbucks..
as we were walking,we walked passed HMV
and saw JYJ the beginning pre order
when it comes out, cant wait to get my hands on it :D
speaking of JYJ they are coming
unfortunately im not lucky enough to go...
same as with zuno..couldnt go...i wished so hard for them to come
they came...but i cant go... damn depressed.
i bet like everyone who supports them are going..
and im happy they are there to receive JYJ..
but im just jealous at those people who goes to practically
any korean star which comes to singapore
and are lucky enough to get VIP tickets..every.single.time.
im think im really unlucky..
im unlucky in everything!! in life,in studies,in my feelings...EVERYTHING!!
no matter how many people i help..this curse never melts..
i dun know why i even try. i just want something simple.
and i cant even have it.i just want a life i can enjoy..but i cant.

anyways away from the topic..everytime i think about tvxq i get depressed so...

well yesterday, we went to the supreme court too..went to visit there..
kinda awesome..we slacked walked around then finally got on a bus
to go to lot 1 to eat our dinner..
went to food culture and ate kimichi noodle..haha i felt like i was in 2days1night :F

well i guess thats all..
now im tired AND depressed..
thanks to the lucky people in life =.=
[p.s this vid always makes my day :D]

Friday, October 8, 2010


haha well seems like a long time i never wrote..
well as i said in the last blog...i was kinda preparing for stuffs..haha
FINALLY!!!ITS OVER!!! my Ns are over...
i feel kinda sad that i know im not gonna do well
but whats done is done...
i slacked too much and i deserve the punishment
but honestly speaking, i did study..
of course when i said our loud that im going to study it nvr happened
but then when i thought of slacking,i instead went to the books
so i hope that would help me get a pass in most subjects.. :D
judgement day is in december..till then i hope i can have fun?

i want to go out tmrw..but like no one is free and stuff..sigh
duno where to go also. i want to go sentosa beach haha
a bit impromptu rite??
i wanna go take alot of pictures...lolz and have a crazy time of fun...

im also going to get catch up my sleep
and solve the problems i have been having these days.
oh and not to forget, watchin SungKyunKwan Scandal hee
i still dun remember the new name.. is it SungKyunKwan and scandal?
duno..oh and im gonna go watch personal taste maybe since its on...

next week monday :D starting of SKS on KBS
totally cant wait!! i wish JYJ performed on music bank,..
i would be totally happy haha...
their coming you know...JYJ
but sadly i cant go...cuz cant get ticks or rather cant afford
then want to win also like 0% chance cuz im not always in luck =.=

well shall ciao now...dramas dramas dramas!!