Sunday, September 26, 2010

let me know when your gone

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this is gonna be my last post of this week :D
yes then it'll be on hiatus cuz i think i'll be busy
of course,tuesday and wednesday are another story,
but im not gonna say what im gonna do
cuz i realise whenever i type on twitter
"off to study now" i dont..
instead i do other stuffs or stone.

well i realise these days how sad i became.
i dont why either..sigh~
but i'll make sure the books fill my empty heart this week
then i'll drown myself in misery after that
or do things to forget everything.

aish well~
watching F1 now
supporting sebestian vettal :D
hes so young yet he can drive!
hes currently in 2nd place hope he over takes alonso~

well gonna go now~
its MIROTICday on twitter celebrating it everywhere now lolz..
its still no.1 its been on no. 1 since 6pm!!
well im gonna go
byez! good luck to all
its the last week of revision so put ur hearts into it!!

"i saw u holding hands
standing close to someone else
now i sit all alone
wishing all my feelings were gone
i gave my best to you
nothing for me to do
but i've one last cry one last cry
before i leave it all behind
i gotta put you out of my mind this time
stop livin a lie
i guess im down to my last cry"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

days of summer

finally uploading my blog
adhering to that comment hem lolz.
the reason why i havent been updating my blog is because i have twitter
and haha its way more active then this blog here.

well can you believe it? only 12 more days to after n levels :D
totally cant wait
next week 1 more week of cramming and catching up
then its the last week to go for exams
and then we're done!!
after that im gonna skip as many days of skools as i can!!
skool still wants us to go back after N is done.
a bit crazy... =.=
i mean come ask us go back
also nothing to do~ might as well declare for us holiday
and then we can find work or study other things..
thanks to no holiday thing
i might not even be able to study jap
and i was looking forward to it!! and was planning to sit for the test as well!
my mom said that 2 months is not enough maybe..
but im still gonna ask her to enroll me.cuz i need to learn.
then im gonna throw chinese aside eh heh,make jap my 'mother' tongue

guess what!!
super happy for them
all 3 songs from SKS made to mnet countdown top 20
with chajatta at no.7
then on music bank chajatta is no 6. :D
super happy
if only they would perform on music bank or something :D
and hope the cassies in korea would make the song no.1
the 2 hosts for music bank have been promoting SKS too >~<
i love all the songs its nice..mayb i'll go buy the OST
dont going on a CD spree after N
or maybe go east coast first :D
ride a bicycle..havent rode for years..dun noe if still can ride
but i'll make sure i can haha.

well im gonna go..gonna watch TV
or videos...then im gonna turn in early
cuz i got tuition again tmrw. amaths worse still
but then i need loads of help in it to pass so..
all for the sake of passing.haha.

well good night then!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

kitto itsuka yume ga negau

im here to blog once again
well 1 week has seems fast dosent it?aww~~
so nice to be in my room to use com
thats the luxary of sneaking a laptop in hee..

well school is starting again on monday
back to focusing and running the last round
sigh so tired now though~~
i wish we had 1 week of break.. tmrw i have to back
to sleeping in class
cuz there wont be much entertainment.
i wish school was more lively but then with such 'big' exams coming
super impossible.

i think im going to sleep soon
yes my blog is getting even more boring
cuz i have nothing to write like really.
these days even my music life is getting boring
the same songs are on replay haha~
now listening to yes93.3 doing AKB48's new song
no offence i dun like them.i find their voice a bit irritating.
of course no 1 is V6 :D yay!!
they were my fav group when i was young young as 7
haha, and yes i did understand okay.haha
but then they all kinda unexpectedly
but their songs are still nice thought their newest single
is like a ballad, its okay i still like it.haha

well im gonna go sleep :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

haha~ took these pics for fun want to send it to ker but took too long heh

da card~~with JYJ pic lolz.didnt noe they actually sold them

gah the wrapping paper..really want to know how they got it.

haha, i kinda have gotten lazy to update this page heh heh
like really but ah well i told myself to write when well im not studying
and this is a good way lolz.i dont like to keep diaries either anyways.
its always filled with misery....of oucrse until i found more awesome music.

so what have i been doing after 'N' level part 1?
yesterday i went out to orchard with MH and QF to get a present for someone
went to NUM bought the tanks for her. it was like having a 50% off?
heh heh. so got 2..syah said she wants one so im giving her one..
mayb i should've bought one for myself as well.lolz..
after that we walked around then went to chinatown to eat lunch...
after lunch rodea 1 hour trip back to BP went to ker's place cause i wanted to pass
her my gift.
haha hope she is happy with the present and the card:D
i liked the present as well..thank u!!

today i woke up at 11.30 then ate breakfast..after clearing everything
i thought of reading the newspaper at the sofa
but instead i just slept again till 2.30 plus
i never slept so much this its okay heh.
later im going to pasir ris park cuz rents say they want to go take pics again.
but the weather is not blasting hot today so not too sure
if they would get a nice pic.. after that probably have dinner outside.
sadly, i cant watch music bank today.its okay though.
theres no nice performances nowadays which make me go
'OMG' im just sad that im missing TVN.. who know dbsk may be played...

oh well im gonna go now..gonna watch videos
to scrap the oversleeping hangover.haha
nites,i mean bye!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

keeping the faith..

im here bloggin~
heh heh i went hyper right?
their playing itsudatte kimi ni
nice..cant wait to get my hands on their mini album and international album
when its released.if HoMin release one i'll get it too
haha i've never been this crazy before heh
the radio DJ is right. if da 5 ever (and they will) stand on the same stage
fans everywhr will probably cry.

anyways these 3 days took my N levels while everyone was having holidays
haha well i dun think i'll do very well...da PSLE crap is coming back to me again
sigh i hope i will do well..well enough to go up to sec 5
sigh so stressful
well i'll post more tmrw or something
cuz im tired to the max from being to hyper.heh

well nites!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


well wuds up
hmm since i need to go soon
i might as well make this post short..
where am i going wel for an extra class of chinese
in short..chinese tuition.but i keep telling myself its not tuition but
its an extra 'class'.
the teacher changed it to 3.30 jeez.

well since im here this week is horrible
intensive is really boring
and i can die from it soon
not only that i have a cruel flu attacking me.
jeez.luckily i finished oral..
i now sound like some kind of man cuz of my throat.jeez.

today i was wandering if anyone would call me out
but then nobody did..sigh when i wan go out nobody chio
when i cant go out,people chio.. i spent the day watching vids and updating my music files.
haha,.okay not really updating cuz only got like 1 or 2 more.

just now my door shut suddenly as usual on its own
but this took me 5 minutes to open it...5!!! gosh
something got stuck at the side of the door
at that point of time i wished i had a brother to help me open it.
i tried kicking and pushing all sorts of thing
in the end it was just a simple trick to open the door.
a ruler.yes..A RULER!!i felt totally stupid afterwards..and not to mention

well im gonna go..
need to walk to ten mile junction soon.
i heard the centre is moving soon to who knows where.
well i hope its another shopping mall :D and close to home.lolz.
(p.s leaving with a pic which made me smile :D i wonder if they still hav this dvd?)