Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hey all-!!
Been very busy da whole week and yeah everything was kinda messed up.
Lets see...
Monday I had marketing lesson AND marketing UT..THEN on Tuesday,it was marketing again.
For 2days I was like "shit my life man. What is this".
Also, marketing Ut was not really what I expected BUT weds paper was worse.

Another incident that occurred on Tuesday was that my night class got cancelled. I reached at like 7pm (my class starts at 7.15pm), after chatting with the Cher and my classmates the lesson started. However we smelt something like a gas leak or like oil. Then suddenly da stuff came into our class and said die to some renovation, the entire floor wif class that day is cancelled.
Only 3 words went through my life.
"Fck my life"
Eventually Sunday I have to for make up lesson =____=

Oh HoOO Wednesday was really a crap day. Not only did we need to edit an article we had our media and society UT.
I swear I didn't know what I was doing in the UT and it'll be a miracle if I passed.

now that's today. By far da best day.
Morning ker and I were like Smsing like how we wanted to go for SM TOWN and regretted not to buy before hand ( but seriously I couldn't afford the ticket) then I told her you know what this is once in a lifetime kinda thing. So lets go an watch frm MBS or esplanade. Then she suggested we go search on twitter like how I did for the 'miracle' JYJ fanmeet in Singapore.
But when I went to class, I forgot because I was too immersed in watching vampire prosecutor 2 (it's super awesome but I feel that their gonna have season 3. It didn't end properly man)
Then suddenly ker called me and went
Then I was like ok wait. Call mum And check first but she didnt answer.
So I was like heck it. Even if my parents say 'No' I'm going. So I told ker I will go.
Then when I got through my mum she was like "it's tohoshinki's one right? See! That time ask u who say dun wan go...GO LA-!! They will never cme Singapore after this one!"

So yeah. Of all kpop groups my mum supports my love for TVXQ. She say that "she can't follow the rest of the group an TvXQ's Japanese are really good. Their songs are nice too"
Yes I made my mum listen to them. She likes junsu's voice but like Jae Joong.

So anyways, So that is my story on ker and I's miracle ticket to sm town. I can't wait. I'm gonna take this chance to make myself happy cuz after this it's gonna e a rough week.

I got a class on Saturday for my JLPT then Sunday is my make up class for Tuesday. Gahhhhh

I think I dun need to think of resting rofl.

Ok then people.
Gonna try my best to do my homework ><

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hey whats up!
Yup another long week has come to an end (or rather a short week since tuesday was a holiday).
yeah im super tired now because i like just came back from my friend's house.
Yup i went to my friend's house to play rockband.

I kinda feel bad today cuz i was split between 2 cliques. My poly friends and my close secondary frens. But like cuz my sec frens like never confirm with me if their going so i was like okay then i go my poly friend's house to play rock band. Then suddenly when i was slacking in school, my friend call me and they were like " im done! lets go watch movie" i was so happy that i didnt realise that i would have a whole lot explaining to do to my poly friends.
But in the end, intead, i went to play rock band since you know, i said yes to them already.

I'm damn happy cuz like now i can play the 'medium' difficulty for the drums omg!!!
i really wish i could play the real drums..that would be so cool lolz.

So this week, what was fun was my media and society lesson.
we learnt about the use of blogs and i was introduced to the OB marker (out-of-bound marker it is apprarently only used in singapore..where bascially one must know what to write and were to stop writing especially if they write on sensitive issue regarding race or religiong especially)
i was kind of surprised how efficient singapore technology was to detect such problems. Its amazing.
so like though i think no one reads my blog, some people might just stumble upon it so it reminded me to be more careful of what to write.

okay then cuz i have a long day ahead tmrw (3hrs of crash class for JLPT N4..gahhhhh)
i shall go sleep. gonna wake up early to do my homework too! rofl.
Also, i really gotta start studying my UT...its like on monday, yet today i went out to play rockband.
How amazing.
Guess i'll chiong study on sunday and tuesday rofl.

well nights then!! ><

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mehhh Post

Hey!! HIII!!!!


No.. no i am not going to be an emo in this post.
i have decided that i should stop pondering about things and move on.
they have a life and i do too.


Anyways, SO what have i been up to?
Interesting question that would not have an interesting answer haha.
and hence is going to be replaced by this interesting GIF

Well I've been heading to school as usual being a poly student (still cant believe i made it into poly..and its like what 2nd semester now? haha)
Morning head to school,
 given the end target we need to complete, after that its discussion after discussion,then break where i spazz with my friends and gossip about random stuffs. after that its more discussion and some fooling around before we have to present and listen to our faci give us the lecture for the day....or rather 6P.


Yeah sounds boring but thats life.


My modules this sem are actually very related to my course except for 2 perhaps... i have New Media, Cognitive, Media Writing,Media and Society, Marketing.
Currently im dying in media writing. Long story short it is like a journalism class.


Last week we had to interview people, like really go out into the field, our of campus to go and interview people for our resources. Then today we had to type out an article with it.
One thing i was amazed about writing an article is how there are many segments there are and how its like 10x more worse then doing an average report writing in an essay.
But i like my faci actually. The way she carries the lesson is interesting like how she makes us cut the newspaper everytime and learn from it. How papers are written and what is their angle, lead, etc. etc.
yeah. those may seem like foreign words....that was to me 2 weeks ago.

For cognitive, i unfortunately only been for like 2 lesson because last week i was on MC (I COMPLETELY lost my voice. It was terrible) and the week before was a public holiday.

I like media and society for the fact that we change group every week..we get to work with everyone...though it does have its pros AND cons.

Overall i guess thats it for schoool wise?

OH OH OH  YESS. I after a long hiatus have returned to learn to play the guitar.


haha, well ok i know how to play the guitar but now im learning to play songs on it. I felt stupid for not focusing more on it over the holidays but hey, its a really good way to destress.
Im currently learning how to play 'wherever you are' and 'karasu (crows)' by one ok rock, That XX by g-dragon and more than words by extreme.

But im extremely happy cuz i can play the taste of ink now!! omg the chords were so friggin easy that i felt stupid for not learning to play earlier.

okay i shall end my post here today. Gotta get some sleep to prepare myself tmrw.
One of my friend is gonna go on a super excessive spazz mode cuz of this classmate of mine.
Meh, im actually getting used it.
I shall keep this story for another day.

Gonna go dream of minwoo,eric or tomoya..either one..OR MAYBE ALL THREE MUAHAHAHA