Monday, May 16, 2011

hi hi~~

hey hey
bloggin here again
shoo i have decided on trying my hands on tumblr..
hey i try my hands on everything so yea haha
i mean i used wordpress before etc.
so i decided why not try tumblr
i was thinking very hard if i shld make one
cuz i know of no one who has a tumblr.
so well i guess its gonna be another world
whr its silent haha
same as here anyways
here is shooo dead..

so the holidays so far was fun
thurs i had tution so didnt enjoy much
friday MQ came over we played wii and went crazy taking pics
after that an sms came and we teleported to BPP for mcflurrys..
on sat hung wif MQ and KR again, we went to bugis first
slack around
and i bought a cute mechanical pencil :D
super cute. i know i know im not the person who goes for cute stuffs but yea
then we squished to the crowd and bought ourselves hotdog to eat
someone managed to use her 2 dollar note.. *YAY*
after that we were thirsty so we went " ok lets go drink starbucks"
haha went there treated MQ as belated b'day prezzy,bought whole bean
coffee for myself to drink at home wif my rents
(it was sooo delicious coffee...ultimate taste)
after that we walked to clarke quay again
i always seem to end up at clarke quay when i go out
hey i love that place haha its nice.
then since my parents were there too
they fetched MQ and KR home as well

epic fun in the back of the van haha
after i dropped off everyone, my mom was like
"it sounded like you were having a party back there,
what was so thrilling about being at the back of the van"
oh i dont was like a roller coaster simulation without handles
we had an epic parody of ju-on and also the epic
scene of trying to open the door haha~~
i hate so much fun wif them
too bad we didnt take pictures..
next time we go out lets go for neo prints okay? haha

well im going out tmrw wif my rents again..
vivo yay~~
shall keep my eyes peeled for things haha

Monday, May 9, 2011

another post from moi mua haha

hey well i am blogging again
whoo hoo~~
currently am in the midst of my mid year examinations
so why am i not studying?
well i think i am gonna fail these two papers coming on tuesday.
i declare myself as a really weird person.
i tell myself i must do something abt it if not i will fail
but no. i just do some problems and go "ahh pfft thats it im failing this"
i am absolutely and very very sad and angry at myself for my humanities paper.
this time, for sure, i am going to fail it. and then my teacher would feel that
we're arrogant again. suits our class name 5A-Arrogant
i wan 'G'back again. at times i sit in class. look to my right and my left.
i suddenly wish i was in 2008, i and in 2G again. i miss all my classmates there.

anyways last night was the end of the really thrilling 2011 elections
my twitter page was flooded wif elections and guess what
we're not even eligible to vote :D
anyways im sad that Mr george yeo did not get voted
i mean i do wish that opposition could get seats in parliment
cuz they are the real voice of the people, however
george yeo from the pap was the voice for us, teenagers
he made an effort to connect to us
the next generation of singaporeans whom will shape the future
well lets see the next 5 years how will singapore become?
for the better or the worst?
i cant do anything abt it cuz i am not able to vote this time round
well i hope the newly selected cabinet ministers know
that singaporeans are watching your every move.
and ur every move,every word counts in the next election's votes.

okay i feel like 40 years old or something talking so much about politics
SOOOoooo lifes boring yeah. we all get that a lot.
amaths, e-maths, physics and mother tongue paper 3
omg talking mother tongue i am utterly shocked.
i seriously think my marks got mixed up.
ok ay lets rewind to last friday.
the 2nd day of my sickness
and it got worse by the end of the day
i rarely had enough energy to stay up during amaths
then during oral my voice was so hoarse.
people around me told me to tell da teacher that i had a sore throat
but i think it was pretty obvious
furthermore all i had in my mind was toilet,
so i was like "okay pass or fail get this over and done wif. i need the toilet"
so my turn came, read the passage and then the questions
she ask i said back and then it went on like that
i wanted to get it over and done wif cuz i was damn urgent!
so on tues when someone msn me my marks my jaw dropped
i couldnt believe it..
i really do not deserve my marks.

hmmm tmrw is a skool holiday
i think im gonna spend my time slacking..
just now, had a call frm my relatives in japan
got a shock when i saw my phone put thr "out of reach"
i have an epic phobia of receving calls frm them at night
luckily it wasnt anything serious
however, my mum say mayb can never go to japan. :[
i was so sad! how can she say that!
i want to go! i only went there like less then 10 times in my life!
i only go to see my grandparents there less then 10 times as well!
so next time people say in my face
im so lucky, being half etc. think abt it first then say
though at times i think its fun being half, but reality does sink in
and it sucks.
oh and also never say that being the only child is lucky
its painful okay.

ok its getting depressing and friggin hot here!!
shall go sleep now haha nites :D

(i am officially addicted to this show)

(uhm taewoong :D)

(his really handsome when he laughs)

(see his smile so cute~~oh i rmbr this ep
his first time on 1N2D :D)
(last but not least IL-BON NEEE~~~)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a well.lame and boring post.

well havent been updating my blog at all~~
lolz.thats maybe cuz well no one really reads my blog so yea.
but since i'm bored and waiting for 2day1night vid to upload
i decided to blog :D

well MYEs are here..yes and i am so dead cuz im not studying.
im so gonna fling everything like for CT1.
heck worse then CT1..
always like that.
i had 2 whole days to study
but i kept slipping into dreamland
due to the double times of drowsy medicines
yes.i am having the flu again.
however just when i want to sleep
the elections lorry comes around and disturbs me =.=
as i am unable to vote at my current age
and whatever or whoever is voted will affect me
but i have no say~~ im just gonna say this.
like please stop bothering me!!
i managed to sleep at 3am this morning and
i am woken up at 10.14am by
"if are not satisfied with the government, vote for SDP"
"i am gan kim yong,vote for PAP"
aish! then when the 2 lorry kana back to back, they try to outblare each other.
=.= please can u think for the people who are sick and suffering at home?

today was very sad for me :[
i was super lonely and depressed at home.
i couldnt study cuz my sickness made me feel so dull.
cant read a book cuz the medicine made me dizzy.
all i could do was lie on the sofa and lk at the ceiling.
everybody go out have fun i stay at home like this.
plus my voice has not returned to me yet D:
tuesday skool already leh! sigh
i must have looked utterly terrible on friday
cuz when i came home, i felt so dizzy..
luckily though i think there was no tuition today.lolz.

my parents bought me clothes today.,.yay~~
all 'one piece' anime tees though.
i dun mind though, haha its nice.
purple, blue and white shirts.

haha ok, seems like my 2days1night vids have loaded.
i totally am addicted to this show!!!
im so gonna store it in my itouch haha
watch it when i feel depressed
even with the new member
it adds more to the show haha

ok then buh-bye~~