Sunday, February 20, 2011

living life like theres no tmrw? yea right. in ur dreams

havent been usual~~ lolz.
nothing much has been happening in life,
just that each passing day im getting more tired
im just surprised i havent gotten sick yet...
next week are the common tests, so not prepared la~~

people my age now have already graduated and are starting life
in a new place or school.
but im still in the same school,spending a year doing Os...
im so confused, did i really choose the right path?
im so tired that at times i really feel like quitting.
i dont know what is holding me to be there...
get 12 points?! 10 points!? dream on man.
i have never been a optimist and will never be.
if one is always positive, all u feel will be negativity
and u will only be lying to urself that everything is going to be okay.
when in reality everything is going downhill.

i really,as i said many times before,really
wanna get out of here, go on a journey far away.
why must i be stuck here at this age!?
im young! i should be exploring, but what am i doing?
im stuck here, with books piled up around me,
homework after homework,minutes,to hours everything passing by.
if i dun do well here, im destined for doom in the future.
why must one's life be so miserable?
working like theres no tmrw just for this filthy thing we call 'living'.
but then i guess, thats reality.

ok im gonna go, im being too depressed here and im tired.
life goes on no matter how much i nag.
i have class again tmrw.sigh. then after tmrw
its monday. life starts all over again.
well im gonna go.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

another post,another day

hey! wow i havent been blogging for so long~~
haha i havent had time to touch my com anyways..
well this whole week i've been doing "keep your head down"
to random people and haha~~ my dog much now
it runs away when it see my hand heading to him.
all thanks to that song haha~~
during JYJ's ayy girl i couldnt stop sharpening my pencils
(cuz of the move they made in that like rolling down a window, but i dun have
such windows... sharpeners are the closet things i had)

so this week havent been much fun, total boredom
and i was totally covered with humanities la..
like hit after hit by its words!!
come to think of it, someone still havent told us
what we are tested for dear history and SS CT1. =.=
if someone say got essay i think im gonna just fling it.
chinese more important to me.

just now was watching 2days1night, foreigners special..really couldnt stop tearing
one must watch that episode to understand why.
at times we have to watch things like these to understand
why we should appreciate everyone and everything we have now.

ahh well,skool tmrw, i think i have the energy to go through a week? lolz.
ok then off i go :D
bye bye

(daily yakult :D)

(which one is real? the one near the door or
the one next to the basket?
(im sorry but i HAD to do this..keep your head down~:~)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

random posting

hey hey~~
as school starts it seemed like i havent been bloggin at all 0.0
its chinese new year season!!whoot!!
been celebrating and have been busy for the past 3 days +
so lets see i didnt go to skool on tuesday haha kinda glad i skipped
then went to skool on weds to slack.
had 'reunion' lunch wif the normal people at pizza hut
then rushed home and breezed through last minute house chore (it was seriously tiring)
at night my aunt,uncle and my fav cousins came.
lolz..totally racial harmonious la my family. i cant stop saying that!
lolz...all the kids including me are half :P
so we kinda ate and talked till like 10pm then everyone left..
i was totally tempted to drink the beer in front of me
but then knowing my dad is strict and most likely wont let me drink it
until maybe im 20..i couldnt touch it :[

ok then on thursday i went to my grandma's house for lunch
evryone gathered there again and haha had a fun lunch
cuz i didnt eat breakfast i practically like ate half the things on the table..lolz..
my grandma''s sotong veggie is the best man.
after that brought my grandma and went to the temple
as we do every year to pray.

on friday or rather yesterday
i went to sentosa with the usual family people haha
then saw flowers walked to resort world
and almost fainted walking back. like seriously
SO MANY PEOPLE!!! oh gosh
after that came home to take a quick change
and then went to my uncle's house for gathering again.
seriously my dad's side, we only have 3 families
so during the new year, we gather as many times as possible.
i like the fact that this year we gathered so many times.
i missed my cousins especially..their too cute to resist.
they may be stubborn and well cry when things dun go their way
their still kids and i love kids :]

ok then its saturday..or rather today..
i practically slept till 12.30 =.="
i guess i was really tired frm the daily activites haha~~
afer that i tried doing my homework but failed epicly~~
sigh. skools starting on monday and im not ready
furthermore i have tuition on monday as well!! urgh!

ah well ok im gonna go
reading a book my aunt lent me :]

P.S my chatbox is totally spammed and has all kind of viruses =.=