Friday, September 19, 2008

we cry lyrics

Together we cry...
Together we cry...

Jenny was poor girl living in a rich world
Named her baby hope when he was just fourteen
She was hoping for a better world for this little girl
But the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree
Well she gets that call hope's too far gone
Her baby's on the way but nothing left inside
Together we cry!

What about the junk head could have gone the whole way
Lighting up the stage trying to get a deal
Now he's lighting up the wrong way
"something for the pain!"
Man you wanna see this kid he was so fuckin' unreal
When he gets that call he's too far gone
To get it together to sing one song hey won't hear tonight
The words of a lullaby

Together we cry...
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Together we cry...
Whoah oh whoah oh whoah
Together we cry...
Oh we cry we cry we cry
Together we cry.
Oh oh...

Oh...Mary's ambitious she wanna to be a politician
She been dreaming about it since she was a girl
She thought that she'd be the one to change the world
Always trying to pave the way for a woman in a... man's world
Life happened, house, kids, 2 cars, husband hits tha jar,
Cheques that don't go very far now
Now she in it can't change it, she keeps her mind on her wages
The only rattling cages!

Together we cry
Together we cry

There's so much sad wanna flood the ocean
Were all in tears from the world exploding
Together we cry.
Oh we cry
Oh we cry...

There comes a time when every bird has to fly
At some point every rose has to die
It's hard to let your children go, leave home
Where they go?
Who knows!
Getting drunk
Getting stoned
All alone
Teach a man to fish
You'll feed him never lie
You show your kids the truth hope they never lie
Instead of reading in a letter that they've gone to something better
"Bet your sorry now! I won't be coming home tonight"
I'm sick of looking for those heroes in the sky
To teach us how to fly
Together we cry

Together we cry...
Together we cry...
So much sad wanna flood the ocean
Were all in tears from the world exploding
Together we cry...

Together we cry, cry...
Together we cry
hi hi!!
todays post got nothing to write
as this whole week so damn boring
but sitting at the back is quite entertaining
ming,yi hua and i played bingo on the table
we used pencil so its not called vandalism...
this whole week was a plain bore..
even IT was boring!
life is so boring
now i am writing like an emo
anyways! (tink ponies and rainbow)
anyways nia
i love the song we cry by the script
so meaningful and nice!
metro station the best too!!
chatting with chee keong and ming...can't post properly so....

shake shake shake shake shake i shake it!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

f1 coming down yea


sigh,2 more weeks to exams, so stressed!
anyways,today went out yay!!haha,
went to liang court and of course went to kinnokunia and bought mangas (^~^)
i bought the prince of tennis this time.. i like the musical and movie so i thought i would buy the bk..hehe
also, on our way back home,my dad decided to take a look at the route of the F1 racing
and man its awesome!! sigh ahh..
anyways,this blog is gona be short cuz i am tired frm doing maths..
my brain cells are dead..
and have u read the 2G blog?
the one abt how we shld behave in class..
i hope its possible.. our class seriuosly gotta change..we gotta 'return' to miss chang for most of the things she's done for ..yea..
anyways BYEZ and have a great night
gd luck in cramming for the days to come NIA!! (9~9)

[p.s im telling everyone first in case i dun have time to update, night race will be screened on channel 5 at 7:30 on 29th.. or was it 28th anyways its 7:30 YEA?!?!]

the now constructing F1 roads

the F1 roads (*_*) CAN'T WAIT!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

hey!!today another boring day..sigh,dun y now adays nth to write diao lehx
sigh,this morn,miss chang came to our class.
she bu shuang with us,don't come lah,
just quit being our form teacher.
i dun care anyways...2nd teacher already, also already got used to of changing teachers..
so damn ridiculous.
she don't want to teach us dun teach la.. dun noe wat she is like sia..
moves her life with mood..dman her..
anyways, today nothing fun. just that during recess damn retarded..the malay bois in our class like fight haa, ridiculous..then IT went to hall shoot here shoot there..sigh.
so damn wad lor!
anyways,can't wait till
oct 14th----team batistano eiko..IT STARES SHIROTA YUU..hehe
oct 12th----hana kimi SP
oct 2nd-----yume wo kanaeru..IT STARES OGURI SHUN
well,have to wait till aft exam then can start watchin,
ok then
BYEZ! (^,_,^)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

boring speeches

ah so sad that i can't listen to music! my speaker dun noe what happend canot use..sigh,so lame
anyways lemme fill you in about skool
first day back to skool, very boring nothing happened,and i noe will fail maths
went to try out fr a singing competition but of course nvr go in lah,...haha
worst day of the week or the month,miss chang threw the class out for not bringing animal farm,except for 4 people who leaved it under their me i just dun care..i dun like miss chang,i dun noe if she understands us or not.does she have mood-swings or just looks down on our class since the 2nd day..i just don't anyway,when she came,it just started to become boring.also,started the percussion thingy,thenext practice will be after exam. (^~^)
today, nothing much happend..PE nothing,just boring boring boring,also my legs hurt like hell..not used to standing so long,also learnt how to play bingo..haha
then nvr go cca,cuz dun need to,so yeah thats abt it. nothing much.just veri the boring. D&T also nvr see that sad...waited for 2 weeks..haha. sigh.then we just make the DV..tmrw got IT..LAME!

byez!! (p.s fixed the speakers..just found out,never plug in the wire..haha..wth am i doing!!)
Snare drum Pictures, Images and Photos the drum i played..snare drum..haha

CAMP ROCK Pictures, Images and Photos
this is real,this is me im exactly where im supposed to be now

Sunday, September 7, 2008

train man!! go!!

haha,hi again
ahh,blogger, the most used and usuable one..haha
anyways sry for always moving here and there
i noe for blogger it'll b easier for people to track me down but hu cares,so long no one noes,
its okay!
so urgh, u noe sumething,i totaly have lost all self-esteem. i am like just a stupid robot
i can't do my maths well,i actually cried during tuition pathetic..i mean i can't even do a p5 question!!jeez. i am such a loser am i not?
anyways,looking on the bright side,i found the book of 電車男 this book is one of the most wackeist love story one can read..and plus its based on true story! so if u have the chance go borrow the book or wtach the drama..damn nice
also todya at lot one,i saw the drama 'hotshott' the dvd was out in the cd store..i tink its called TSB..or TBS...haha,i dun noe can't remember..

ahhh,tmrw start skool again..someone save me!!(-_-)
sigh,so boring again...tmrw got mock exam somemore die nya!!

haha byez neh,tell myself there a bright side of everyday (^~^)

oguri shun...haha,so cool!!
ahh,nakastu i feel for you man!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

sorry for the trouble!

ok,so sorry,i've been moving around nya
but hey, i found blogger was easier to use,also can insert songs..haha
so yeah!!

so this is my welcome post..