Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

pics of my fav dramas...well some

SUPERNATURAL Pictures, Images and Photossupernatural Pictures, Images and Photos
Project Runway Pictures, Images and PhotosMiddleman Pictures, Images and Photos
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Kyle XY Pictures, Images and PhotosKyle XY Pictures, Images and Photos


soooo im really sorry i havent been blogging but
i am mugging for the exams which is 1 week away?
and 2 more weeks for tat one week of mind boggling exams

after that week's friday's saturday,
i intend to go out as much as i can during the weekends
before the exam results cuz i itnk after that i cant go out again anymore.

so how was my weekend?apart from sunday
ive been watching alot of dramas.
let me list all the things ive watched over the weekend
-supernatural(watched it 3 times!same episode might i add.)
-criss angel(2 times same episode on friday,1 episode 1 time on sat)
-the middleman
-kyle xy(the lead guy is realli cute!)
-phantom of the opera (its realli kewl)
-VMAs 2009(kanye west<--BOOOO!!!)
-project runway
well ok i have watched too much and i cant remeber
all i remember is watching supernatural alot of times
and dreamt of sam winchester..
(oh dear wuds happening to me?am i not watching enough of 30 seconds to mars)
well and ive been watching criss angel alot too.
haha,well went out on sat bought LOADS of stuff.
well not loads but well magazines.
rocksound and 2 mangas. 1 is about cats i tink minq will like its realli funny.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

wuds the point of living so long when theres nothing to live for?

hey ya'll
well im so pissed that i could break this com into half but if
i did, i'd get scolded so moving on

why am i pissed?
by my rents of course wud else?
dun let me out is cruel enough to me.
cannot use com and read a book?
oh now thats going too far.
oh and limiting my tv
i seriously at days just want to scream"f*** you"
and jump of the f****** building.

i cant take it u noe.
i just want to grab my wallet and phone and just budge out the door
then never go home.that would be SO cool.
unfortunately,i would be caught at least in one day
as singapore is not as huge as america where u can hitchhike and go through borders
to another place.
and i dun tink i can hitch hike a ride to thailand so...ya.

hope u like the vid of jesse mccartney!
nxt time i go poly ,if im still alive.
im SO buying a apple.

Body Language - Jesse McCartney

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jesse McCartney feat. T-Pain - Body Language [official music video lyrics]

jesse mccartney is sooo cute and i almost fainted when he said konichiwa and parlez vous francais

Friday, September 11, 2009


Criss Angel Pictures, Images and Photos

gonna be a short post though as im watching supernatural far over at the living room haha.
anyways today and wednesday were 2 days which were boring yet fun and stressful.
went to the umpire thing which was very suay one of the sport i cant play.
and that would be volleyball,
but after i went for this ting i feel like playing volley ball hehe.
hope i pass the dang thing man!

anyways,i've been watching criss angel for the pass few days
love him since the first time i saw him on tv like wud 2 years ago?
so friggin kudos!!
haha,lurve the tricks he does.
like levitatin and stuff so awesome!
makes me want to learn magic and freak peoples mind off too.

so,skool is gonna start next week *cough*shit*cough*
sigh so sad.and i wanted to keep watching criss angel,
well maybe i can only on fridays but..sigh.
im going mad over his shows haha...

well,gotta go,
gonna download some pics into my phone.
my wallpapers getting rusty..


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Ugly Truth - Official Trailer 2

I Only Slept With The One That Could Read

hi whassup!
well ive got nothing to blog about thses days,cuz im always on twitter
its so cool!cannot get enough of it
and also i have nothing to blog about.
my life now officially sucks to the core.
im so desperate to go out tat i just wanna grab my shirt and barge out he door
the ting it.i lost my keys.
i noe its somewhere in my room but i dun bother finding it.

mayb im going to do a movie marathon again.
i wazs thinking of watching the nightmare before christmas again.
in singapore its NC16. so sad rite
it stares gerard butler,his voice is so dreamy..hes the guy hu starred in PS I LOVE YOU.
which i DO intend to watch this holiday...need to BORROW IT!
its someintg similar to hes just not tat into you,
but is realli realli funny
another movie i realli want to watch is 9. yes the movie is called 9
and its by my fave director tim burton, hes like the best director next to JJ abrams
hes the guy hu directed star trek...HE!

well im gonna go start watchin movies cuz when my dad comes back at 3
i have to start studying again.
i hate ERP and VQS gave me a BIG headache!!!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Is This World Filled With Unpleasant Lies And Untruthfulness

awesome Pictures, Images and Photos
^this made my day..poor penguin.

pissed today,cuz of jerks.

heck im not going to waste my breath typing cuz its wasting my time.
anyways not supposed to use com
have to chiong for EOY, i need to bring back up my rank and beat alot of people.
oh and i need to pass my combine science too,its too important to fail.

sigh well next week,im stuck at home
but its okay, i can just sleep, then study for EOY which is in 4 weeks time,
so..JIA YOU!haha

well im gonna go sleep.
tonight gonna study till 2 again.must chiong maths la,die alrdy.
and im pissed tat my teacher of my fave subject is in danger.bye!