Saturday, February 28, 2009


today was raining neh,
so cooling but now close all the windows..
become stuffy (>.<)

you noe
i was just spacing out whn a thought came to me...
dont ask me the reason..but i just want socks..
especially those with and white(@~@)

ANYWAYS as addictive dramas can be
i am watching 'voice' and getting irritated at it
im just found some pics of 'voice' heh heh (?~?)
as the internet onli shown to ep 6..DAMN IT!
ahh well anyways i just found out they were doing naruto on cartoon network..
its in english so its a bit weird..but still same concept haha.
ah well tis is me i am random..

urgh i cant believe i missed the autograph session for all american rejects sigh
and im gona miss the red jumpsuit apparatus concert too..
URGH! all the bands come and go..AND I CANT SEE THEM!!
JEEZ! sad..haha
well i gtg gona watch more dramas since im bored and
gotta do my tution homework..tmrw must go for 2 classes again (-.-)

ja neh (&~&)

Friday, February 27, 2009

rain rain..
finally today nvr rain so sad..
i tink yesterday was probably the worst..
but i kinda liked it..
well i lent my umbrella to lydia and fiona so i rain with shun hui to the nearest shun uhi..
whn she stepped into a puddle and wet my whole skirt in front (0.0)

as cold wind blew in between us..i shivered due to being soaked to skin haha
thn i share the tiny umbrella with lydia and fiona..
wearing my pe shirt over my sweat was probably washed away in the rain!
ahh well,come home bathe thn eat maggie mee..

well TODAY nothing much happend.
just boring boring boring..oh ya and i tink im gona fail my e-maths (>.<)
ahh well blah blah blah
anyways gtg,..gona rest..


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009 so lonely,i have no body..on my own,..ohhh

how lonely can 1 be?
well lemme tell you..
i just came back from tution
hoping my rents were at home rushing arnd..
but no i onli found an empty hse with a pitiful lking
cup noddle on the dinning table which says"eat tis b4 ur're hungary"
how kind i thought..
todays a sunday!!its not even a MONDAY!!
i hate eating alone on the weekends..heck i hate BEING alone
in the weekends cuz i always am in the weekdays..

sigh..oh u noe someting,since exams are coming
and prob my life is gona be hard, and days wil be boring..
im tinking of writing a story here..hmm..but im not sure yet..
my plot sucsk..somemore the onlki ting i
have written so far in my life
is fan-fictions...
so if anyone has brillant idea..tell me..

haha well gtg..need to bathe i just ran home in the rain.. >.<


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paramore - For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Fuse

paramore-live..wish they would come to s'pore!!


books..those are my faverite tings..
but the only problem is..there aint much books tat fascinate me

just yesterday i rented the book confessions of a shopaholic.
it aint as interesting as i thought it was.
i finished tat book in 1 thin..

thn today i got bored of studying for common test.
so i read mangas and this book called 'if you could see me now'
i bought it like a yr ago..but bored by its first part..
BUT, the story is realli interesting and touching.
especially the last part..i cried eventually.
the last bk which amde me cry was probably marley and me..
which was like..a year ago?!?!

ahh well,anyways i cant believe it!ROOKIES THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT
i was like watching the interview for it..and omg..its so fascinating!!
sigh tats like 3 mths..somemore its release on 30/5 is in japan..
comes to singapore abt 2-3weeks the end its in june..
ah well,if its during the hols i can go watch alone again..
sigh..till thn im gona go watch
the drama series over and over again..i love those fight scenes..
it the guys in the drama wear their shirt..its so cool!!
but ah well..i live in singapore whr life is liek the same as it was yesterday.

u noe i still cant believe i slept till 11 todae..crazy aint it?anyways
i am blabbering too much so..

JA NE (^~^)

Friday, February 20, 2009

swing swing swing

sigh another week has come and gone
fast aint it?
somemore next week common test sia..
so brain wasnt made to 'install' much infomation haha

well anyways just finished my art so im just popping over to like write.
so todae was boring..even chemistry..i finally got a hang on it.
but its hard to memorize those elemnts ting..haha
anyways so had like chinese remedial todae after tat ate with lydia..
cuz the other whole bunch left us.jk jk..

thn whn the lesson almost end,we all stand up thn duno suddenly
lydia was like dancing arnd..
i was like "wth is wrond with her?"
thn she was falling backwards.. my reaction was tis (as i was still laughing at her dancing)" haha lydia ia falling.. OMG LYDIA IS FALLING"
to tell u the truth i duno how she fell. from her table to the place she fell,
there was a gd 1meter of distance weir rite haha..

ah well thn i cam ehome slept..over slept actually and ran towards ten mile..
sigh so listening to swing swing swing by all american rejects..
cuz its nice haha..

ok ive written alot so..

JA NE (>~<)

"Swing, Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again."

Death Note Cosplay Pictures, Images and Photos
lks fake rite..i tinks its real lor..i like the L haha

Thursday, February 19, 2009

long but fun in the end type a day

emo hairstyle Pictures, Images and Photos

skool was terribly boring..
its was excruciaitng..
except whn during english class..
i went high and started laughing like siao..

my frens just stared in disbelief..haha

thn okay so after skool,
yiling came over to my hse to do art lor...
she go home first thn come..
we talked and looked arnd...
wah the class tee veri plain sia.
hope they improve a bit..
if the wings in between the 3F sign got a star..might lk nicer..

sigh..thn lk here lk thr, thn almost 8+
she go home haha..
sigh thn nw im bored..updating..
sigh..need to control my mood swings also.
i am sick and tired of having to act arnd people..
it sucks..
sometimes i wish to be ...myself..

heh heh depressing rite? ah well..

JA NE!! (^~^)

p.s hope tmrw can come home b4 2..cuz got hanazakari no kimitachi e again..
shirota ..YUUUUU!!hehe he is sooo cute..ok ok..haha sry sry

Sunday, February 15, 2009


My Chemical Romance Pictures, Images and Photos

after the depressing day yesterday
i went all punk after listening

haha ahh mcr gd memories..
da 1st concert i went to although
gerard,mikey,ray,frank and bob lked like ants
and the sound system was crappy i had fun heh heh
ahh i love tis song its so awesome..
the old mcr is BACK!
hope their next album
would sound like tis..
oh and gerard has his long hair back hehe..awesomenulation!!

ANYWAYS just can back frm tution
and i i was wondering wud movie shall i watch
numbr 2: the watchmen
for now tis 2..heh heh whoo hoo!im going mad dun mind me..
sigh i love mcr gosh hw i wish i can music like them.
well im done saying tis stuff so
ja ne!!

p.s btw lk out for desolation row this week on 98.7fm..yes its new tis weeK!!

dragonball evolution Pictures, Images and Photos
Watchmen Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Chemical Romance Desolation Row (HQ) OFFICIAL VIDEO

yeah mcr rawks forevar!!

heyheyhey oh such a bad day it is

its been a bad day for me..
i just realised so many tings i nvr noticed
hmph i guess one should not keep waiting

i believe tat sentence..
i tink i watch too many dramas
i believe too much in fairy tales and i nve grow up
i believe in happy endings
whn in real life it aint
i trust in people's words too much

why cant there be someone i can trust
someone i can talk to..
i have, but she aint in my skool
i am currently hurt mentally and physically..
lasted for 2 goin on 3 yrs alrdy

cant find the horses and pretty white castles
lost in shadows lost in darkness
no light to guide me through
no life in my heart...

wuds a story with no life
no story
no beating heart no air to breathe
we're not even frens
yet i wish we were hope no nothing
and now i lay hopeless..

hows my v'day poem?
dark rite?ah well

Friday, February 13, 2009

...dramas..dramas..and more DRAMAS...

just thought off hopping by to write sumeting up..
yesterday i was watching the korean,chinese and japanese verson of
boys over flower/liu xin hua yuan
its quite cool but i tink i still like the jap version haha.
oh well now im gona go watch hana kimi special again..

cuz juz now was having lunch and i the tv did hana kimi jap version again
so i was like..hmm mayb shld watch it again..

sigh today was a bore,
2 MT period..absolute rubbish rite?
thn SS okay lar but i am sick so i felt like sleepin the whole day.
thn chemistry was fun..we did crystalization.
onli get to c the crystal next lesson.. (>~<) CANT WAIT!

well currently listening to saosin's your not alone and pratice makes perfect by cute is what we aim for..
i love thses 2 songs..
ah well i better go..hehe

JA NE!(^~^)

boys over flower Pictures, Images and Photos
pic of the korean version
Meteor Garden!! Pictures, Images and Photos

hana yori dango final Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Konna ni Chikaku De - Full Metal Panic Version + Subs

with eng subs nice

sigh another hard day...

haha back frm skool and heck im just usin the com cuz i feel like it
aha jk jk i was just lking for tis song 'konna chikaku de' or nicknamed so in lurve with u..i like tis song not bad..

other thn tat im watchin the korean version of hana yori dango..boys over flower..
or in chinese liu xing hua yuan..
lolz.might not understand but hu cares i find their language entertaining.

im currently tinking if i shld change my friendster background..
hmm mayb i change to full watchign the mn now and its awesome..

well today skool was okay but i preferes tues,cuz tat day i played bball and it was awesome!
today didnt push myself to the limit red face haha
ah well chemistry was fun today..did paper chromotagrophy(sp?)
sigh 1 more day to weekend!!yeah!!

haha well i gtg..
ja ne!

Monday, February 9, 2009


well hi
welcome to my boring life....
today was dead boring and i have absolutely nothing to write abt ..

but yesterday was awesome..
ok so it kinda sucked in the morning and during the trip to tution
but after tat on the bus meet bryan so we started talkin..
thn saw this person i always wanted to see it was so cool!
it drove me crazy..go home mother ask me why i smile like siao haha

anyways today i thought i would have a nice meal but my meal EXPLODED in the microwave so in the end only ate
maggie mee..with some kind of sauce..lame realli
and i am currently still starving heheh

why shoots tmrw got pe..diao lehx
anyways will do my best and strive for the best.
oh my gosh im not tinking right haha
well i gtg..
ja ne!
i need to go hunt for friggin food...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - You Better Pray

new song/vid frm rja!!!

fun day....

after all those stupid stress
had a funnish day today

i realli realli hope can go..haha
heard their new song 'you better pray'
and its total awesomeness

anyways todae went to eat at mcdonalds
cuz its 4.50 from 12 onwards to like 2+ so we just go there eat
after tat went popular thn shun,sya, bryan and i found tis awesome mag so we juz bought it..haha
while waiting for others,i was watching jay chou's music video..okay more like mesmerized..
after lydia left for her cca we went to outside mac and started screaming at the magazine..with fiona staring with boredom
literelly..mostly screams came frm syah and the slapping of table bryan...haha
it was nice ahaha...
people inside the mac must have thought we were mad cuz we lked like we were screaming at the table haha.

well hope to have more of these kind of days..
sometimes im glad i have tis kind of retarded frens...
cheryl,natasha b.,fiona,syah,bryan...and a fatal friend lydia..
she can pass people ILLD(infectious lydia laughing diease)
if u sit or stand nxt to her whn shes mad..u get passed with it haha..

well i gtg..leave u guys with some pics :)
JA NE!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

a long painful day.....
this morning was the worst..i woke up
and i couldnt see anyting!!i was like so scared..
thn i got vision back after a while thn during english
period today i started to get dizzy and therefore couldnt read properly..
but after a while it became normal and im glad..haha

oh today my skool had like some students over...hong kong tis time..
our skool always have tis kind of exchange programme..
out of most..i like tis current skool's uniform..its awesome!!
like its white and they wear ties ..aint tat cool!
but i pity them..its so friggin hot here and they have to wear such
long uniforms..haha..
but its real nice and i hope our skool uniform can be like tat..
or like japans..whoops watching too much dramas haha
i started re-watching koshonin cuz i was bored
and shirota yuu acts as a mad man...
hes a really good actor..he like my idol in the acting world haha..

well ive liek written one whole junk so..haha
ja ne (*~*)

p.s haha leaving pics of a japanese skool uniform and a cute pic of a tiger haha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chump- Green Day

heard it on 98.7fm and fell in lurve it is..
yeah its old..but hey its GREEN DAY!!

Pennywise - Perfect People

cool punk song..explains my life man

30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday, by

Drake Bell - I Found A Way, by

Utter randomness BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

so here is my randomness time
today i was walking home and i just suddenly stopped..
i was like...where shld i walk..up or straight..
in the end i walked up the stairs and was like shoots..
this aint the place i wana go..but heck i reached home safely anyways..

anyways tmmrw have tis presentation for art...for common test..
and im utterly HORRIFIED 0.0
oh well hu wont be whn ur're told to present in front of the VP.

u noe i just had like a thought..
i wish i could write an entry from my phone..
thn dun need to always randomly come online and post.
u noe mayb one day,everyone would be bloggin frm phones,
of computers the size of a photo paper and the slim-ness half of my a-maths book
seriously you wont noe wud wld happen 0.0

sigh today was realli a terrible day..
morning till after recess havent been feeling well.
my whole stomach abdomen hurted like hell.
then yesterday i my head felt liek as if i banged my head against the wall
12+ times..0.0
so i am sry if i sweared and scolded..i hate noise whni have a friggin headache.

oh oh oh another randomness!
i just watched the last episode of team batista no eiko..or english translation..or so i heard"the glory of team batista"
its so awesome!the onli proble..its abouit cutting heart..they actually show the process and i chose to watch it while eating lunch (^~^)
but i dun feel uncomfortable haha

anyways wow im writin alot aint i?oh well
so moving on..tmrw have to play b'ball..
basket..dun feel like playing...
i just wish i can just like runaway from all this tings in skool
and slack one whoel day without noise..
you noe how friggin noisey my class is?O-M-G!!
can tiao lou zi sha liao leh
im friggin stumped how class can be so noisey 0.0

oh well i gotta go..research and other bunch of homewrk
cant believe the pile of hmwrk we get everyday seriously
oh well im gona go hop to cheryl's blog..

ja ne..

i'll leave with a video..hehe..


Sunday, February 1, 2009


-my post pet momo with my new headphones-
just came back frm tution,finished my ironing
so im allowed to use the com.
im am SO stressed..i havent even finished my maths hmwrk..
cuz i was too focusced on my art which incidently have to
be passed up tmrw also haha..

so,i got hong baos..wud did i use it on?
haha MANGAS!!! oh and i gt a new headphone for my mp3..its senheiser haha..
im so happy..
the onli ting i wish i bought was the curious case of benjamin button.
i onli got it as a graphic novel haha

my new collection of mangas..

you noe currently im doing alot of researches.
and so i found my idoll..
well i have a music idols:simple plan,my chemical romance
i also have a acting idol:shirota yuu
now i have an art idol: alex paradee..oh and willabelle..
her art is too fascinating to be expressed haha..

well i've written enough so..