Friday, October 31, 2008

Simple Plan - Save You [Edit 2]

"take a breathe
i pull myself together
just another step
until i reach the door
you'll nvr know the way
it tears me up inside to see you
oh oh/i wish tat i could tell you someting
oh oh/ to take it all away

sometimes i wish i could save you
and there so many things tat i want you to noe
i won't give up till its over
and if it takes eu forever
i want you to know

whn i hear ur voice
is drowning in the whispers
your just skin and bones
theres nothing left to take
and no matter wad i do
i can't make you feel better
oh oh/if only i can find the answer
oh oh/ to thelp me understand


i want u to know tat
if you fall,stumble down
i'll pick you up off the ground
if you lose
faith in u
i'll give eu strength to pull through
tell me you won't give up
cuz i'll be waiting
if you fall you know
i'll be there for you

oh oh/if only i can find the answer
oh oh/ to take it all away

sometimes i wish i could save you
and there so many things tat i want you to noe
i won't give up till its over
and if it takes eu forever
i want you to know

i wish i could save you
i want you to know
i wish i could save you"

tis song is dedicated to my good,best friend cheryl
im sry i can't always b there for you
but call me when u need a perosn to talk to (^~^)

Skeletons Pictures, Images and Photos
its currently 9:30pm and i just came home
went to help my dad with his work today
DAMN FUN!but tiring, but is awesome anyways.
yesterday went to the management wrkshop..
went late ..sigh.. i gotta learn to b on time.. (-.-)
thn take bus to NUS a CCA board listen
to a guy named "mr siva"
well mostly were sec 2 people, and the onli people i knew
were hayati and the 3 2F girls..
2 of them were in the same group as me for the disscusion..
after the whole ting,we had to present our answer to the whole co-hort
and i kana together with another girl
during the presentation by other skools
there was tis guy..i tink frm nan hua sec then 1 of the 3 2F girl ask me
"eh tat guy lk like jarrod rite?"
i was like "huh?"
"lk like rite frm far?"
i was then liek double"huh?huh?"
thn i replied"y shld i noe...i dun realli care"
the the girls was like just talking among themself..
actually he did lk liek jarrod frm far but.. taller and i tink older..
oh and his english was GREAT
yesterday was damn sway
u noe wads my worst nightmare?
skool and teachers calling my parents
but my worse WORST nigtmare is..
parents calling me (+O+)
i am realli afraid of tat
sigh and it happened to me yesterday,but i dun mind at all...
so long i didn't get anyone in trouble (o.o)
its in the past and lets lk forward to the future(^~^)
well,im glad i didn't need to help with animal farm today
cuz working with my dad was the funnest ting but tiring ting ever
well byez!!1

Thursday, October 30, 2008

the view of victoris theatre

wow..i nvr blog for so long siax anyways
actually supposed to have art club 1st it was 12pm meet thn change to 2pm,so pei qi,diyanah,fiona and i went to west mall.
then aft tat miss narima call me say no art club..i was like wtf?
but nvr mind,aft tat we went back skool get booklist then i went home
aft tat,i had to go back to yew tee to lk for my tuition teacher
then aft meet up with him,saw pei qi they all so go play bball with them a while.
then we play match with some bukit panjang secondary people...quite fun sia.
woke up damn early and made my way down to skool to take a bus to
victoia theatre
damn nice sia inside!we were like starring at the stuffs then went up to a room
to settle down
after tat wait for spray to come and started
redoing stones and boulders
it was realli reatarded+hot
then we gt chased by the security guard and we continued our work at the loading bay.
aft tat abt 6pm we were realesed
we went around takin pics and lk for the underground pass
thn at marina square we went our seperate ways becuz i was goin home,they were eatin dinner
then i was on the train,whn my mum tell me i can stay and eat with them
but ialrdy on train no choice just stand and stare..
i almost fainted sia!! damn air..hungary...sigh,... i was lucky enough to make it cck station!
then today thurs gt a management course...
currently eating maggie mee(^~^)
with yesterday's dinner..hehe
anyways tats all im writin for today

our lunch

the evening pic

they all takin a pic by some weird staue

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i am dying tis morn
backache,hand ache everywhr ache like hell
l8tr still need to go play bball...siao rite?
i dun wan play lor...but jia lat...need to play or else
i won't b alive to write the nxt post on tis blog
sigh....i wan to sleepppp....or at least till 10 ok!
anyways still have to go back to skool
got to touch up anima farm props...gona be a damn tiring week
thn from nxt week onwards,gona start working again
YAY!!i like working with my dad damn fun plus
cool glasses to lk at...hehe sumemore can go alot of places (^~^)
well, i tink tats it...
URGH!!!I STARTING TO HATE BBALL!!! not fun liao... gona go lk to watch team batista and also yume o kaneru zo
if not watch hana kimi again ..i love tat show to death...cuz shirota yuu lks the cutest there ok i am a retard...(*~*)
haha byez@!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

sry i nvr write for so many days
if sume of u guys tink i died
ok ok,
so nothing happened,i re-read the whole harry potter series again
tis weekend
and well lets just say it was fun
today went to clarke quay again go kinnokunia
damn nice,bought a bk
nxt time we go there again
my rents said they can buy me tat anime drawing and graphic design bk (*~*)
tis week gona be a busy day for me
and so today i had 10hrs of rest(^~^)
tmrw got art club must chiong arh!
then weds need to go to wrk
thurs got management wrkshop
friday-BIG DAY!!
hehe im damn tired
last week friday was the best had much fun...
oh well,
im gona go read my idols blog
and eat my favourite desert almond jelly with longan (-~^)
sigh i can't get tat song out my head!! the smell of wheat..sigh..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

oh u noe just now i was like lking for piano versions
of the song dao xiang by jay chou cuz i wana play
tis guy damn gd lor
i tink tis year was a gd year
i did try to forget sometings but in the end still can't
my studies sucked like hell but i still got a so-so grade in the end
i beat my worst enemy(bryan)
thxs to him joining band
and the thought of how we are going to be seperated
its a heartache
i just started to have fun in the class and now its all gone away
i duno how we're gona we seperated but i hope its not against science
if not...i might even just cry
tis skool hols gona buck up on my science and maths also try harder english
sigh...i can't believe it...
its alrdy end of sec 2!
how ridiculous can it be?!?!
sigh,those retarded memories, trip to malacca,the 'basketball freak' class,
stupid gossips,retarded classmates hu just loves to irritate eu.
even though how much i hate it,it can nvr be removed as a happy memory
sigh,hope we won't totally seperate nxt year neh! (>.<)


[tat time on carpark roof]

[malacca trip..morning!haha]

[ppl restin..]

[bryan...duno hu take tis wan]

[taka vira...haha]

[retarded taka]


[drama time!]

[recycle CIP tingy..haha whn we brought back a sofa..]

[hard at work during cl project]

[mr chen farewell party]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just finished lunch and abt to sleep soon
very the tired(-O-)
i guess home is always the best...
so quiet,peaceful.windy
the onli bad ting is tat i got a bad fever..trying to cool it down with cold water though
haha today was a great day but tiring(/o-)
100m race finals, gt 2nd
8x200, becuz kerencia canot run i help her, also i start first
i didn't noe wad the hell is cut, but syaa did a great jocb at 'cutting' and soon we were 1st(^A^)
4x100,we got first also,quite fast everybody...
ahhh veri happi neh!(^~^)
can't wait till friday nah!
well, i gtg...
the wind blowing through my hse
is knocking stuffs down..yes its tat strong
bye neh! (@~@)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

another tiring day
nvr rain
friggin hot
empty wallet
all because of sports day
the 1st event was 100m which fiona and i were participating
so happy we went through the finals (^~^)
then today lydia like not realli ok so i help her run the 200m
i got 3rd in the end,
but the medal shld b lydia's cause i help her run onli...
tmrw still got 4x100 and 100m finals
sigh im tired,i suntanned, my caromel lotion ispass expired date
i duno how to cool down (-.-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

hi hi
sigh today ok la
morning wake up 8 am here my mum scold my dog thn sleep agian
9am wake up again thn went to iron uniform for the next 3 days
which i just found out tues and weds dun need uniform (-.-)
thn 11pm log off computer prepare go to syaa 's hse
after tat abt 12+ reach mrt station thn c one weirdo waving franctically
i look behind me like c hu got such a siao fren
to onli notice it was
idiot thn he was like "i knew u were on tat train..i knew it"
thn lydia came down to bring us to syaa's hse
reach there nothing to do play with syaa's sister
then 2+ people started to come

thn it became more boring for me
thn they decided to play bball
i wanted to play too but lost interest soon aftertat
thn went home first
wow wad a fun day!
morning was fun though
anyways tmrw is sports day
haha, damn im running 100m...all

Sunday, October 19, 2008

heheh! hi
sry for not posting so long ive been busy since friday hehe
lets see friday came home see my cabinet being made,but i sleepy
went to sleep on the sofa after i wake up,my cabinet was smiling at me.
damn nice sia!!

then saturday,
went morning went downstairs with mum and dad eat breakfast..
saturday damn special day sia
i ate prawn mee, sumething i haven't eaten for a year..
but got chili damn hot! (>_<)
then after tat put back the rest of my tings into my cabinet.. damn tiring
but tat night went to eat ba ku teh at clarke quay
damn nice!! also nvr eat for a year (~.~)
aft tat went to daimaru but tings
finally got koizora part5 so i bought it also bought hachimitsu clover
the dvd series YAY!

then today went IMM shopping!
morning so hot coming back tat time rain like hell
when we went home gt people park at shelter..
one guy ark his car under the shelter SLEEPING!! i felt like going down the car and kick tat guys car!
sigh,then got wet lor
next challenge was crossing a flooded area to get to my hse
there are 3 ways to do it
1# like me be stupid wear ur shoe walk into the water to the end
2# be smarter like my mum,remove shoes then walk
3# or be a smartest(like tig guy hus girlfren was on the other side of the water)
climb over like maonkey bar via the roof...
3# is the best solution and tat guy did get reunited with his girlfren (*.*)

oh well so tats my few days
tmrw maybe going to syaa's hse

Thursday, October 16, 2008

got back my geog results
yay!!i pass wheee!!!
aftertat miss xie come in... ask us c overall mark
i pass everything the range of marks also quite ok,
but lousier then last year...

i passes everything, except chinese-FAIL! sigh (,-_-)
sigh,i dun tink tis year can go express anyways...
anyways i dun wan to go... am i stupid?
well i'll noe on monday i guess
phone call means go up or down... no phone call means normal
today PE tiring..thxs to tat my leg PAIN!!(/~\)
tried running 100m ...
1st try 10 seconds plus
2nd try 9 seconds plus...
slow rite? sigh...i need to run faster!ahhh(>_<)
aft tat play basketball damn fun(o.0)
sigh,now dead tired after clearing my whole closet...
well,now staring at option form...dunno wad to write
cuz i dun noe how to fil (-.-)
oh well i noe wad im taking in 2009 so
GAMBATE!!! (^~^)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

exam results

got bac my results today
hist,lit,chinese,science,english abd maths all gt bac
i guess i did well
i put quite alot of effort in it siax
i am happy xia(my student) improved
fiona...she better buck-up
and lydia,jia you
nxt year taking history duh!
so any problem can come to me again haha
but not the first 2 mths... i need to stable first
today went to lot 1 aft skool cuz no cca
thn eat fishball mian
thn dman suay...accidentaly push one guy almost fall down at escalator
tat guy was a gangster DAMN SUAY LAH1!!
we all quickly run here run there
i run to the bus stop take any bus chiong home...
jin suay
i pray tmrw nothing happen
well tat'll be it today

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

listening to ....

listening to:P!nk Pictures, Images and Photos
-don't let me get me

hi hi!!!
ahh,so tired even though nvr do anything
mayb because monday slack dao siao
yesterday went to watch painted skin with yiling
if u are like me not realli a 'softie'
dun watch damn boring
but the speacial effects ok la (>.-)
also not really scary
but if like yiling like 'love' stuffs u might like it
no offense to love stuffs but i am SO over it.
so mayb tats why tat movie no effect on boring
ANYWAYS quite satisfied with my science and chinese marks
i did quite well *pat on da head*(^~^)
sigh...well wads done is done.. so i just hope for the better things in life
like butterflys and ponies (^ ^)
i tink my life can nvr get worse then it is right now
hah...wad am i saying its the worse it is at right now(`~`)
well,lets put on a fake face and carry on da day (>~<)

byez!stay free and stay cool! (@~@)

*i regret not working hard during my sprimary days..if i did i dun tink i would b in tis state right now* (&~&)
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

sigh...boring days boring days
tmrw not going to percussion ...too lazy
instead..I WANA GO OUT!!
sigh i am so addicted to going out
i am freaking out and nervous right now
from tues it'll be realse of results..ECK!
i realli realli want to get top for history but i might not
litreture too
english too
AHHHH!!!OMG!!!why oh why?!?!
next year must not play too much...
later kana beaten again... omg!! i wan tio cry...
later tat person beat me!! omg!!nightmare nightmare.
but no one to watch with...
i am so lonelyyyyyyyy
anyways,tues is forever and well just gona keep on sleeping
so people!
stay free and cool!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


haha, wheee!!today was fun
ok maybe not in the morning..went to buy stuff...which i hate to buy
anyways... i can't believe it appx 2 more weeks to HSM3!!
i love the song now or never!!
"this is the last time to get it right
this is the last chance to make it all right!!"
sigh,oh also im gona get a new cabinet soon!!yay!!
ok thn i got to ..WAIT!!
i have confirmed that the letter given to me by ___ is fake as i knew it
i met shao yesterday on my way home and asked him alrdy.
he say he nvr give any letter..
pls i hate people like you all like to joke but can't joke right
thxs hopes were high thxs to your STUPID letter
and now i am HURT again
thxs alot
i may not confirm hu you all are,
but i alrdy noe

anyways,getting off on the light note


Friday, October 10, 2008

ahhhh!! am bac!
morning was a dread had to go to skool.haha
sigh,kerencia,yiling they all go watch house bunny SO LUCKY!
i want to watch to but i ended up in my grandma's hse
haha,met my two cute niece..haha
irritating but still cute..haha
sigh, so bored and i friggin tired.
almost fainted in the bus on the way to my granny's hse..
so many friggin people!
oh also,this morning i found out wat teachers do when students aren't around..
haha,damn funnie! even mr siva played!he wasn't tat bad though...
dman funnie
then at one point.we all shout "GOAL!!"
ahh so funnie...
oh well, i gtg want to have some rest..
architects shirt Pictures, Images and Photos
i want a shirt like this!!
did i tell eu how much i hate retro tees? especially those mr smiley ones?!?!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


hey hahah!! morning sianx,go art club,but fun lah
tmrw must go,
i pray gt people come lah
if not..DIE!!!
tiling,shunhui and i were there then after that we went to lot 1 eat
then aft tat,wanted to go ZONE but we wearing skool clothes
so yiling came my hse borrow clothes,shun hui we say bye bye to her at lot 1
then we started calling people come join us
but SO many people CANNOT!!!!
then finally kerencia,ming hui and bryan came
yiling and i then started walking around.they came we bought the card started playing games
wah play racing, then yiling kerencia play tat cooking game
ming and i got bored played guilty gear..
at 1st i didn't noe it was guilty gear
thought it was just a normal fighting game i used to play at games centre when i was young
then i see eh? wah guilty gear..then i accidentaly press manual..
ming choose auto...
i sucked like hell
the charecter died like hell
i cried like hell
so...IT WAS HELL!!haha
thn ming win i play her charecter vs the com..whee win siax!!
next time must go play again kay!!
haha today so fun!! sigh...oh i also played tat similar game to guitar hero one..
wuite fun siax
anyways,got to go..unfortunately today nvr get anything
from the crane machine..sigh

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

exams are SO over!

wheee!!!finally its friggin ovr
the next thing to worry about its da RESULTS
but till thn
let ur hair down and PAR-TY!@
tmrw got art club sianx
but hey..its all for the HAY
anyways so today played basketball with the some people
they were not bad lah...i can't say anything bad becuz i not pro anyways
at least one guy knew how to play.
well everything was fine and smooth nobody disturbed
until the 2G basket 'pro' came...
they wanted to play i didn't mind,but the others did...
actually play with da basket 'pro' fun lah
aiya thn pissed here pissed there i leave lor..nth mah
thn go home..on the lrt,pq col me go eat at lot1 with yin zhi and damien
i say ok thn go lor. aft tat play basketball at the cck court
yin zhi and me VS damien,pq and diyanah...
yin zhi and i were winnning,
thn damien 'basket pro' score until even at 10 thn finally game set 11 balls
aft say bye bye go home..
and now i feel so lor shuo
so bye!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd last day of exams whee!!

hi hi!!
ahh,ok so i'm not supposed to use com but i still am..haha
tmrw after skool,i so wana eat long john silvers!!
with friends or just myself..i duno.,.
i just want to savour the joy of freedom..haha
but this EOY quite enjoyable..
managed to group study(^~^)
it was very joyful repeating history like 5 times to different people
my faveroute was when kerenxia,fione and i were like learning and well,just studying together was very fun hehe.
well,exams went by so fast
and our lives are shortened again
so until the results are out
my wishlist for this hols:
-go suntec,crash the game center like last time with syaa,fione,kerencia,lydia,jordon, bryan,yiling..haha
-renunion with my primary friends
-spend time with cheryl .MAKE A WEVLOG!
-have some peace..want to forget some things by tis year...
-watch high skool musical 3(senoir year)
sigh well,
i gtg hehe byez!


Friday, October 3, 2008

hey!sigh,been a long time since i wrote in here.
thxs to stupid exams,i can't update much.
sigh. today was my lit test and well,its quite ok i guess.
but today,my mind was not entirely on the lit..
ok my mind was really set on the lit test..but my heart was flying somewhere else..
i am so happy tat not even the fact tat i wrote my words wrongly bothered me
and today could be counted as a lucky day..
sigh,i saw tat'persona' todays and sigh..haha.
no you won't noe who this 'persona' is ..its a it..hehe
sigh and it took my heart away...
omg..i dun even noe wad I am writing..stupid makes my heart fly..
...sigh stupid feelings...
anyways still got three more tests with 3 days to go till FREEDOM!!
by then mayb i can see 'it' more often.sigh
oh u noe i was tinking of making an online webshow whr we could do crazy stuffs
yea im an addict to Icarly..haha
well thns,i have to start to read my geog..BYEZ!!