Saturday, November 26, 2011

a nice break ^^

well hello~~
hehe that means a break
wow who knew working 4days in a office can really kill
and im gonna stick with this job till the end of the next month
but my colleagues are really funny and kind,so its okay i guess
but the ride there is really unbearable...but i got music to keep me company..

actually honestly speaking i wasnt planning to work at all
and focus on studying and clearing my japanese
but then somethings changed my mind.
1) Everyone around me was getting a job, so yeah i thought i would
be bored if i dont get a job.
2) my japanese classes were really messed up. cuz my conditions were kinda tuff
cuz i can speak and hear but not write, the person couldnt put me in pre-advance
class and also definately not in i might need to have taken a private class
3) i wanted to go overseas. one time i was out wif ker,minq and lyd, they were
talking about going to hong kong. i suddenly blurted this out to my mom and she ask me
why i dont wanna go japan. so then i was like really? i can go there alone?
so i decided to work,get a job that can allow me to go to japan.

so yeah i did it. so unless i screw my job ( which im very scared i will,cuz its kinda
confusing and my head supervisor is a bit scary) i can actually go.
well HOPEFULLY my mom keeps her word and my dad dosent protest.
i'm already on da look out for tickets and also making myself a itinerary.
but i just wish i can bring a friend along so i dont have to be alone and
my mom would be acceptable abt it if i went with my friend.

so about this job of mine. its not tiring physically, but its tiring mentally
i hope this is my first and last time to do seriously...
but hey its good experience but dang i made a lot of mistakes..
i hope i will do better next week,if not i'll be really killing alot of trees.
and not to mention be on the bad side of my head supervisor...

well i shall update till here today..
oh yah i cant wait till da 29th!!
party at my seriously..4 people are coming over to my house
keke...sounds fun right? i know haha!! super excited
i heard people are already starting to arrive to singapore
dang i wish i can really meet them :/
like how i almost met KHJ...which i dont really like...cuz his fans almost
pushed me down an escalator...yes.i still rmbr and hate that fact.
sigh~~ but i bet i cant cuz i wont be going anywhr near town.
and i dont work in a shop so yeah...sigh...unless they decide to have lunch
at the hawker next to my workplace which is TOTALLY impossible
i cant get to see any of them even though they are in SINGAPORE
which is a SMALL island =.=" pathetic.
i know they are humans just like us, but i dont know...seeing them
would be nice..

ok ok i shall end it here
hopefully i'll be able to update and my blog wont die
even though i know no one reads it,
this is fun and i have been doing this for years so yeah...
cant just quit ah ha!!
ok shall watch vampire prosecutor
(isnt the guy handsome? ohh hottie alert..i nvr really liked any korean actors
before..but he totally caught my eye..mayb cuz he lks like yoochunie~~)
(FYI da left is the actor frm VP and the right is yoochunie..a like rite!?)
totally into it now...whoot!!
buh bye :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yes im biased.infintie-ly.lolz.

yes yes hi~~
haha here to blabber abt my day
well lets say it was normal but super tiring with the SUPER.
i woke up at 6am,got ready and stuff
by 6.55 i was out the door.
when i reached the bus stop, da bus passed in front of me and i thought
"wah sibei suay sia!"
then i just wait and hoped i wont be late...
thankfully another bus came 10mins later..
got on it,sat for like an hour or more i dont know
got off the bus with wobbly legs lolz!
went down stared at my map like a tourist and walked arnd little india
like no one's business and yes i totally got lost..
well i went down the right street but just didnt walk down enough
after getting directions from a kind soul, managed to reach my workplace lolz.
got to the lift and i realised something groundbreaking.
i thought i start work at 8.15am...but in da end it was 8.30am =.=
i was like early by 15mins lolz!
so reached waited,,got briefed,introduced and started work
it was fine i dont mind at all,i made new friends alls good.
the bad thing was the bus ride HOME =.=
da bus stop is SUPER near my workplace but the bus ride is
im not tired cuz of my tired cuz of da bus ride =.=
jam here jam there wah lau eh!
ahh well at least music kept me company lolz!
yeahh OH YA!!
this guy is my bias wrecker hehe....
such a cutie haha~~~
once he laughs thats it.he moves up to being ur bias..
ahh~~ hehe
ok thn i shall go and sleep
super tired.i blame the bus =.=

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another day.Another....nothing.

ahh~~ hello~~ ^^
well yup bloggin on a almost daily basis now eh haha
SOOooo today nothing much happened,
i went over to my grandmother's house and slacked with her
i kind of feel guilty,cuz once i get a job, i know i wont be able to visit her anymore :/
sigh...i feel super guilty about that...and theres so many things i want to do with my grandma.

well while at my grandma's house,i have been waiting for a phone call
for a job, but i have yet to receive one..sigh. not much luck eh~~
not that im complaining..i dont really want to spend when i get a job..thats if
i ever get one.
i kinda decided to like save and maybe go for a free&easy trip to japan next year.
alone,yeah i wouldnt mind. at the age of 18? yes of course!
it has always been my dream to go japan alone...
it might be lonely but its better then not going and honestly speaking
its better to go alone then with my parents..
sigh im kinda jealous now and wish i can go there now
cuz pabo boy's debut promotions are HUGE!! like huge HUGE!!
(credit: wbljy@twitter shared by:
see!their promotions are huge!!!
ahh well other then this reason,i really wanna go to don quixote and yokohama!!!
gahhhhh!!!and of course harajuku!!!i just want to walk everywhere...
sigh sometimes i find it kind of sad tat i can only live half my life.
some things are so near yet absurdly far.

On a brighter note, im going to sign up for my japanese course tmrw!!
ah ha~~
yeahh like after how many years i can start to learn to read and write

well i shall go off now~~
i think i have to wait like 1 more week before i get a job...not that im complaining
i actually dont want to work but i need to save money for my trip to japan
and yes im serious about that. for once.
still, the feeling of having to retain is in my heart -,-"

ahh okay so cuz im not really myself tonight..yeah im rather emo
it took like 10 chipmunk songs and 5 videos that made me feel a bit better.
so i shall go off now ^^
buh bye~~
Hi there. ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Looking back at my 5years in WSSS

HEY!!! sooo guess what!?
ahh haa well da stressful/suicidal moments is over!!
now is just to worry about the results.
overall im not felt like i did less then i did for N
maybe because there was a big gap between papers..
except during the 2nd week...damn that week was my nightmare!!
sigh yesterday marked my last day of skool.
no more seeing of someone.....

actually im really really gonna miss skool days.
the days whr we would just gossip,days i wait for the bell to ring
the super fatigue from staying up late at night to finish homewrk (humanes especially)
then there were memories from 2G i think that class will forever stay in my heart.
i mean the ruckus and chaos we made, we made our teachers cry
we were so called "the worse class"
but then mr chen, our then form teacher believed in us, saw us in a different light
and then that year a teacher came into our lives somehow changing us.
though we whine and complain and glare at her, u gotta admit she helped us alot.
and truthfully speaking i have never seen a teacher so determined yet sarcastic to change us.
but ah ha the best memory was her throwing half the class out the class cuz we didnt
bring out literature book when actually it was history lesson.
but none of us dare to talk back to her and we just set there at the corridor
hoping da principal wont walk pass.
but then i think it was because of her that we got 98% passes for Ns
im serious. yes it was our hardwork,but at da back of our heads her speeches did
affect us somehow. her sudden yelling and stuff.
so really im grateful to have met a teacher like her,though she is scary and i still
cant look her in the eye and i will forever keep bowing to my phone whn she calls me.
oh not to mention she was my class's form teacher for 4 years...thats long.
then there are other memories this year that includes
studying at mac wif friends and craking up at da end of the session
for me well...i might also miss running arnd chasing people for forms and stuff
if i wasnt appointed to be class chairperson i bet i wont talk to anyone
or even interact wif half the yeah...
and really honestly speaking though its irritating i enjoyed being a chairperson
but i think i did anything being one ah ha!!
though we may have our differences at the end of the day u are gonna miss skool.
5years we've been together almost as long as primary skool
and it was filled with tears frm teachers,fights among students,but i totally enjoyed it.
some memories might make me cringe but i treasure them none the less
i wish all my classmates all da best and my friends to stay in contact.
maybe we can have a renunion 5years down the road haha~~
=====1G/'07 2G/'08 3F/'09 4G/'10 5A/'11======

well now that im done with my post i shall try to sleep again
i slept only at like 4.30am cuz i was battling wif stupid technology =.=

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Haha that kinda rhymes lolz.
Well I finished my humanities today and I'm totally NOT satisfied.
Though I might've said I give up an stuff,I did study and I did spot.
However,being da fool I was I didn't trust my own feelings.
For SS I manged to spot da SBQ and 2 SEQ
fr history I managed to spot da SBQ and 2 SEQ as well,
just tag for history, I screwed my SEQ
but luckily last minute I decided to study war in Asia pacific
if not i wouldve been dead
both humanities SBQ killed me an let's just say
I was very pissed at myself. I gave myself time to reflect.
I do well in skool so what? In exams those people
hu nvr do well in the end gets da marks.
It's da 'last run' that counts.ha! How terrific
I bet u my marks are gonna go over 30 with this
and all I despise will be there celebrating while I'm da corner mourning
I don't want to take my results anymore
I think I should just retake my exam,but that would mean running
the long race all over again.I don't think i can take it.
Next paper is Chinese.I'm totaly demoralized abt it
everyone on Twitter is like happy and stuff and I'm here sobbing.
I'm so disappointed of myself. I should stop looking at Twitter
all it does is hurt me...I need to stop thinking =.="

well I'm gonna go watch TV.I'm sick of this

Saturday, November 5, 2011

a minorly better day...

yo sup
im being bored and hence im here haha!
nothing to do and i think i'll get killed if i keep spamming twitter..
i realised i have nothing to do on da coms now
i dun wanna watch shows cuzi wanna wait till my Os are officially over
and they are officially over....AFTER 3 MORE PAPERS!! YAY!!
i'll soon be like

haha!! totally man.
well the stressful papers are over and by stressful papers i mean killer papers
i seriously am not shitting whn i say 90% of my brain cells died after
my amaths paper...and i mean after EACH amaths paper
seriously wonder why i went for it even though i know i will fail.
i guess it was because i cant run away from things even though they are hard.
this is something i learnt from those boybands. perseverance
yeah i whined and went into a small amount of depression but still
this life aint all rainbows and unicorns. we need stress i guess.
So overall, im not satisfied with my english...seriously i think that im gonna
get a B3 or a B4 or WORSE! C5 :[ im super worried for my english
it is like my only hope in all my subjects....but i made one mistake and i really
think im an idiot to make that mistake.
then there was SS today. i totally screwed it. especially my SBQ.
i saw it and went wtf? know why? thats cuz i nvr practiced SBQ for over a month.
but i spotted at least half da paper lolz. detterance,globalisation and ageing population.
i should have stuck to globalisation guts feelings are not bad eh~~
but this morning i went to self-study and everything was fine until someone came.
yes that...person..although i was all
in my head...i still smiled and talked to her....only 2 more wks left
why harbor hatred anyways.
so im left wif history,chinese and science MCQ~~ sigh cant wait freedom baby!!
ahh well okays i shall go sleep,its already a saturday.... haha!
i might go out today...slack a bit before diving back into history
haha speaking of history, 2days1night was epic....
jiwon-shi....gorbachev was a guy who made the policies of perestroika and glasnost
he aint no novelist..haha~~

ok thn i shall leave here as it is :D
wak it up