Saturday, November 29, 2008

so today is doin noting
so i was damn bored so i decided to read marley and me again
everytime i read it especially the end..i cry
its a very touching story...but today i cried more
just be more accurate last week
i finally understood,wad its like to lose sumeting close..
its not realli close to me physically but just emotionally
the last time i saw it was in 2006..tat time it was alrdy a bit weary
but i was happy i got to see it again before it left tis world
i didn't tink it would go so fast.. but i knew death would come to her anyday..
but so soon...
i just hope she died peacefully..
hearing how much she was suffering..canot see canot hear..can't smell much
dun eat at all, i was just glad she left..and end her suffering.
reading marley and me made me tink...
i thought tat she was the first dog i got to noe..
i was the first small child it allowed to sleep on her..
tat time whn i went to japan..she just laid next to me
putting her head on my leg..
little did i noe she would pass on 2 yrs later..
well, tis is my short little post..
to man's best fren
the first ting i ever had to close as fren

♥♥♥ NANA R.I.P ♥♥♥

Friday, November 28, 2008

( )
( ^~^)
see so cute..haha i did it yay!!
just writing in now before goin to cheryls hse..cuz WE'RE GOIN OUT
anyways,saw ur post cheryl and yeah i love you too
4yrs...tats like realli long...5.3 wasn't it whn we became close frens
tat was the year we said we wanted to form a band...
haha 4yrs and we haven done a single ting..
although at least i gt a guitar now thn a crappy keyboard
we grow up,we grow weirder every minute
(but i seem to grow more retarded)
and well,i guess you are the only one hu actually noes me well haha
cuz i dun have to pretend around you and im happy with tat
cheryl my fren, you are the greatest fren 1 can have
you've made tis holiday fun tooo....talking to eu these few days are just retarded..
anyways...c eu in a few my fren haha...although u are having tuition whn im writing tis but heck..
ahaha... weds,bakin day with blakely!!!harhar..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

so i am one of the 'unlucky' person to get a quiz..
but i dun mind...ya noe y?
har har anyways its frm cheryl
and it goes like tis.*ehm ehm*

#Honestly, do you parents approve of dating right now?
why is there always tis kind of ques?
#Honestly, what is the colour of the shirt you are wearing now?
i duno..haven washed it so its gettin grey..oh wait it IS a grey shirt
#Honestly, what is on your mind?
#Honestly, have you watched the Shot Of Love with tila tequila?
i hearddd of it...but i thought it was a drink so..
#Honestly, do you wanna see someone now? a loner
#Honestly, do you like someone?
#Honestly, are you normally a happy person?
eh...if im alone yes..
#Honestly, what makes you mad?
try poking me and you get a blue black eye worser thn eyeliners
#Honestly, are there people who don't like you?
of course...tis worlds full of hatred.. -.-
#Honestly, do you miss someone?
yea..i do
#Honestly, what is something you wished you could have understood better?
War,Riots,Civil wars,Terrorists..i dun understand why we can nvr be in peace
#Honestly, have you ever kissed someone whos name started with a letter M?
nope...oh i got one!..myself?EWWW!
#Honestly, have you ever dated someone for more than a year?
wads date?
#Honestly, do you think your a good/cute person? AM A MEANIE!!HARHAR..oh no..damn now i can't get presents..
#Honestly, do you ever believe in love at 1st sight?
i believe it as much as fate and tat is 0%
#Honestly, do you hate the last person you were talking to?
..N-O! i love my dog
#Honestly, who was the last person you were talking on the phone?
#Honestly, do you know what you want in life?
i duno...tour the world tats one and make the world be safe frm dieases
#Honestly, do you smoke weed regularly? no smoker yo!
#The last message you received on your mobile phone was?
cheryl-OK SOON
#Do you like your cell phone?
i lurvvvveeee it! it plaeeesss music and has nice pushy tingys!
#Do you believe in true love?
wads love?wads life?oh tis quiz is makin me depressed!
#Are you plaing hard to get right now?
#Do you miss your past?
no i prefer my present life...
#Are you proud of the person you've become?
heh...a retarded girl? of course i am and woodbrigde hospital would too..
#What are you doing except this survey?
listening to angels and airwaves..HUS FRIGGIN COMIN TO S'PORE!
#Who was the last person you had a serious talk with?
myself...told ya im retarded
#How do you feel when someone kissed your forehead
i duno...
#When was the last time you wanted to punch someone?
eh...just now whn the taxi blocked the car..
#Are you afraid of death?
no..its life..we live we die..its arranged
#How many people do you know with the same name?
i dun noe abt people but pets yes..especially dogs..momo..
#Would you rather watch football or baseball?
#Do you prefer a cold or hot weather?
cold cold cold!!!
#How's your heart lately?
#Did someone make you mad today?
no..oh wait..euuu
#What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
The 2 unlucky people to do this (:
1. Kerencia
2. Minq

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

im multi taskin,being bored..
i started off talking to cheryl,
but now im talking on the phone with cheryl while typing tis post...
i found tis pics so awesome
so ya im happy
well byez!
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay Pictures, Images and Photos

My Chemical Romance - Ghost Of you Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, November 24, 2008

"my joy whenever im down..hutchy ^~^"
you noe what i hate most about the end of november
and why i'd rather be stupid thn smart?
its becuz there are such tings as awards... -.-
first was the SEA ceremony....
next is the goverment one...the one where they give you monney..
well im a person hu is SO not interested in money and so
i just wish they could send it in a envelope and not make me go to chua chu kang cc
and make me go up on stage.. 0.0
gosh i hate awards..sigh no choice i guess..
sigh im bored and tmrw is another busy day for me..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

hey!!yay my wish came through being passed a nice quizzz!!!

Q. The person that tagged/passed me this is?
grape aka cheryl

Q. The relationship between him/her is?
ehh...frens...lovers..haha nah!

Q. Your five impressions of him/her is?
weird,funny,retarded,ADD,hyper(wait the last 2s the cares)

Q. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you was?
went to the my chemical romance concert with me

Q. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you was?
"homo momo...haha" SHE LAUGHED! *cries in a corner*

Q. If he/she becomes your lover, you would?
WHOA WAIT!I AM NO HOMO NOR LES!but i wouldn't mind (^~^)

Q. If he/she becomes your lover, things that he/she would need to improve on?
....wuds tis weird ques?!?

Q.If he/she becomes your enemy, you would?
i tink emo for tat time after

Q. If he/she becomes your enemy, what would be the reason?
ehh...maybe stealing her drum set if she ever got one?

Q. The most desired thing you would want to do for him/her?
go to concerts with her again AND AGAIN!!

Q. How do you think the people around you, feel about you?
hmm..i duno emo,weird...i dun tink im just WEIRD!!

Q. The characters that I love about myself, are?
EMO!!it realli helps me get away..ITS MY SUPER POWER!!

Q. On the contrary, what character do you hate about yourself?
hmmm...mood swings counted?!?!

Q. The most ideal person that I'd want to be?

Q. For people that love, care and show concern for you, what do you have to say to them?

Pass this quiz to ten people that you'd want to know, how they feel about you.
(1) cheryl
(3) syafiqah
(5) kerencia
(6) pearlyn
(7) minq
(8) wei qiang
(9) pei qi
(10) yiling

Q. Who is (3)syafiqah having a relationship with?
im not sure..but soon i'l noe hahaha

Q. Is (9)wei qiang a female or a male?
a male?

Q. If (5)kerencia and (8) wei qiang are together, will it be a good thing?
it'll b hilarious(no offence)

Q. What is (6)pearlyn studying about
hmm.. whoa wud?study..i wana noe too

Q. When is the last time you spoke to (1)cheryl?
hmm,now,on msn,is it counted?

Q. What kind of music does (1)cheryl like?
punk,hip hop..lurves chris brown..same as me likes simple plan(^~^)

Q. Does (3)syafiqah have any siblings?
yeah 3 if im not wrong

dude...i nvr woo anyone -.-

Q. How about ?

Q. Is (2)CHENG SIEW single?

Q. What's the surname of (7)minq?

Q. What's the hobby of (9)pei qi?
basketball i guess.if not maple

Q. Does yiling and wei qiang get along well?
nope they call each other pig and dog..har har

Q. Where is pearlyn studying at?
methodist girls' sec

Q. Tell something casual about cheryl
my greatest fren

Q. Have you ever tried developing feelings for ?
no more of those ques!

Q. Where does cheng siew live at?
sterling..i tink

Q. What colour does (4)graces like?
i have no

Q. Are cheryl and pearlyn good friends?
yupz...we were frm the same skool

Q. Is yiling the sexiest person in the world?
i have absolutely no comment...

Q. What is wei qiang doing now?
confirm listening to lee wang hom..hahaha

Saturday, November 22, 2008

just came over here for a lil online update..
yesterday was like a day of terror
my leg hurt like hell and today i was like a zombie..woke up at 12pm too
anyways,tmrw 9am gt the utube concert.haha
lks nice.. i was just watching tis guy
fred and he is damn retarded its realli funnie!
im not sure to some but to me its just stupidly reatrde..currently im seeing bo burnham
sigh,anyways,nothing to write so

Thursday, November 20, 2008

so im bac home,finished reading breaking dawn
and goin to lend the whole saga to kerenxia...
so therefore i am re-reading twilight again haha
anyways currenly on msn,being swarmed with chats
and wei qiangs sending me vids of lee hom -.-
ok so i agree hes not bad,and i do liek his song too haha
so i wouldn't mind,but my com is swarmed with it 0.0
anyways,tmrw is open hse
dreading yet its encouraging sigh
well till here im goin to sign off
BYEZ!off to c more vids haha

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a day my life was fun

went to cheryls hse todae,so fun!
i was late..sry guys! and we met at KAP outside cold storage thn walked over to bukit timah plaza..
so todae was me,cheryl,jaslyn,joan and cheng siew hangin out
well,the first 3 was hu i was hangin out 1st,chen siew came l8tr haha
SO we went to btp, and ate kfc thn went to buy some dvds sky high and accepted
accepted is so funnie,
the skool name tis guy forged, the name was south harmon instituion of technology
in short it spell shit..haha its dman retarded must watch whn eu get a chance!
anyways during the midst of watching tat show at cheryls cheng came and well,we watched it together.
after tat we went down feelin bored and went to play basketball and skateboarding
the courst is like so small.its like onli meant to be for shooting i guess, after tat we started to skate down slopes, i was damn scared cuz it was my 1st time but
BAM it was fun i must say...haha dreams DO come true
after tat started rainin so went bac to cheryls hse slack until whn i was abt to go home,we filmed ourselves lip-syncing.haha
it was so funnie...anyways had so MUCH FRIGGIN FUN! so yea..
haha well byez!(^~^)



lets take a pic of joan laughing a body off -.-

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just came home frm helpin my dad again
and tlaking with cheryl abt tmrw's plan..
so fast! i finished reading new moon(of course skippin the boring parts,since i alrdy read eclipse)
i and alrdy more thn half-way through breaking dawn..
my mom's scolding me for reading so fast..
come to tink of it if i can finish breaking dawn by tis week
i actually finished the whole twilight bk in just 2 weeks....
wow; so cool! but i tink out of the whole series twilight and breaking dawn is the 2 good nice bks
theres a new bk the authors currently writing its called midnight summer if im not wrong
and it sounds cool too..can't wait to buy it when it comes out (/~^)
oh well, sigh..2 more days til open hse
sucks man! i mean report at 7:45 and wear skool t-shirt
siao so early. sigh
oh well, anyways,can't wait for tmrw hope tat can stay somewhre near hehe
Breaking Dawn Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, November 16, 2008

sry for not bein able to write in lately,
but as if people would read my blog,heck,
anyways i've finished readin new moon and eclipse
gosh,i can't believe i spent so long to just finish eclipse..i almost died!!
four friggin days!!
and so i thought new moon would be at least 1 week long..
but i just finishe dit yesterday 0.0
2days..tat size? i was shock.. i finished readin it was 3am!
anyways,enough of the bk.. yesterday went out again haha
went to toy r us with my rents..bought my mum tis weird madagascar toy for her
she likes it very much..(^~^)
thn walked over to borders cuz i was bored and we parked our car there(@~@)
so my mum was like lking at shampoos tinking which to buy
so i went to sit at the nearby chair and almost slept..
finally went upstairs to lk @ bkss(yay)
unfortunately,there aren't much nice bks
and Alternative Press aren't sold in s'pore anymore sadly..i loved tat mag!
thn saw tis realli cute guy..ok not entirely saw but crashed to while walking..
he had blue! (*~*)
anyways thn i was lking at neil humphreys new bk be my baby
and just put it back since i read it at kinnokunia
thn i was lking for my mother whn i SAW the FRIGGIN author of the bk i just put away
he was on the phone..and he was like talking and swearing..
i thought it was not him, but thn before we were going home..i saw him
siging his latest bk..
i was in shock..i mean not a few minutes ago..i saw him friggin swearing HELLO?!?!
anyways..after tat went daimaru..then went to east coast for dinner
went to eat satay and chicken wings..we usually go there to eat
when im in holiday and well, it was SO nice.
cuz the last time i ate it was june i tink and during midnight too...
ARH!!canot forget the taste!
anyways,gtrg..wrote too much..jhaha
p.s the twilight bks are making me even more crazy about edward (&~&)
if u read breaking dawn u'll noe..gosh!anyways!byez!muahaha

5-hearts Pictures, Images and Photos
oh how sweet..i swear, tat robert pattison is SO wearin white make-up!

Friday, November 14, 2008

been boring as usual
finally finish eclipse...
i wander if bella will ever turn in a vampire or will she stay human?
come to tink of it,i haven't read new moon yet..haha
sigh,in stead i got eclipse..weird huh?
next gotta buy new moon and breaking dawn..haha
sigh,my holidays are almost over..SO NOT FAIR!
sunday going to start maths tuition and im waiting for my chinese teacher
to help me organize the time for my chinese tuition..
all starting frm next week... december...jia lat..sigh
currently im listening to classical music..
thxs to nodame cantible, i now like classical music..haha
im learning to play pathetique tooo!
so cool, anyways until here people!!
Paris Pictures, Images and Photos

i wan to c!!!i want to go paris..why?THEY SPEAK FRENCH!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i was supposed to go popular buy new moon and cl textbk
but no one to go with kinda boring so
can't wait till 21st of nov...when i hope would be fun
and yes i gotten ovr the shock off classes, and i pray it wuld be a gd year
anyways,i have absolutely nothing to write
so yeah,tis is all MUAHAHAH
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

im feeling depressed
feeling sick
feeling stranded
dun mind me
anyways got the results..its out
and it made me sick
i tink i puked once..and now im hungary so im eating potato chips...
at least i didn't have to c..hehe i ask my mum to help me
since i was working or helpin out my dad
SO..back to twlight! bleh!!(><)
im gona go hunting fo rthe 2nd bk tmrw..haha
eclipse is nice,but not as gd as twilight i tink..well, im onli
at a few chaps so yea! (@~@)
well, for now
im just gona say
BYE!...while i plan a way to fly off the cuilding muahaha

Monday, November 10, 2008

currently listening to decode by paramore and bella's lullaby!
the official soundtrack for twilight..
so the bk..hehe..
i finished it tis afternoon(@~@)
to count the hours spent..well it would be equivelent to 1 day i guess.
i stayed up to 12:45 tried to finish it off,
but to my dissapointment i couldn't
so i woke up while i was wating for my rents to get ready i read it..reach my grandme hse read it
then finally finished... i read it again,since the graveyard bk seemed to bore me out
its realli nice..but it seemed similar to the vampyre..

edward cullen Pictures, Images and Photos i read it..tried to imagine edward as Robert Pattinson ^on top above tis sentance^
no offence seriously..but it made me almost stop reading and jump of a buildding
i must say i liked him as cedric diggory of hufflepuff(if i remembered correctly) in harry potter...he dies in there..hope he dosen't die in tis can he anyways..he is a...vampire..heck..gotta get those bks
gerard way Pictures, Images and Photos
so anyways i imagained
^on top above tis sentance^edward cullen as tis guy...gerard way
Hayley Williams Pictures, Images and Photos
i just imagined the girl as hayley williams frm paramore..
^the girl on top the sentence of course^
this is bella from the movie twilight wich is out 12/12/08 Pictures, Images and Photos
instead of Kristen Stewart frm the movie^abv tis sentence^
it made it WAY interesting then u can ever imagine
tis bk is realli so beautifully wonder everyone is crazy abt it..
i am too now (*~*)
well,today tried to lk for the bk new moon at the 2nd hand bkstore..dun have
but have eclipse..the 3rd bk..oh well..i bought it and am reading it now..
not realli appealing to me might take me a week to actaulyl finish tis!
unless i get new moon by tis weds(so goin to popular)
well,hope its not sold out and the movie is as great as the bk haha
gosh im like talking abt twilight 2 post in a row!!
oh my gosh...i tink im not gona post anymore...
its worse then the time i loved mcr or shirota yuu...oh my gosh...
now i noe why everyone loves tis bk and is addicted to it (^~^)

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, November 9, 2008

just came back from..wad do eu tink..SHOPPING !of course...
the normal place,mei-jia
went to the normal kinnokunia(still can't get the hang of spelling it>
anyways,i finally got my lazy ass off to buy 2 new books
first would be twilight and second is the graveyard bk by neil gailman
i had my doubts on twilight..i knew tis bk since 2007
but its bk suimmary wasn't appealing to me..
now after more then a dozen people buys it($~$)
i finally took the boring curiousity to pick it up and read it
its not as thick as harry potter though..(>-<)
i was shocked..the one i picked up was actually thinner from
the version i saw people read..
i thought..damn it became so thin,but i hope the story is the same as the original..
i didn't bother to buy the movie version which had a free poster..
i bought the normal one with the apple in hand one..
it had a free tatto which i just threw in to the nearby box..
i decided to put myself a deadline (@~@)
i figured,2 to 3 days i could finish tis bk..i mean it took me 2 days to finish harry potter and the half blood prince.
unless tis bk is not up to my expectations thn i would just put it away
oh well, at least i was in time to buy tis bk b4 the movie comes out
so now, as i write tis,im lking for the song 'decode' by paramore(^~^)
1 of the official sountrack of twilight.. and i am in love with tat song
well, better get back to the bk!
just finished the 1st far so gd (>~<)
haha BYE!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"i dun care abt the presents underneath my christams tree" too bad its alive..
my dog under my christmas tree...shld have put a ribbon on it..

just came back home frm work...AGAIN
this weeks been crazy!
oh well, everydays weird in my life
well, i saw some weird tings at weird places
and lets just say i have at least some pics to keep as memoirs (^~^)
noting much to write
cuz theres like...noting interesting in life happening
im still the same emo-kia
im uninteresting as possible
im still the person hu spends more time sleeping then 1 shld
im still single and carefree
so no difference(>~<)
its gona be a long toturing 2mths
cuz im not goin anywhere for holiday..
so ..sigh... gona be bored off my friggin mind!

pluto @changi...yea i saw it at changi..along with mickey and others

car in pool@lagona golf course... SOME MORE MERCEDES!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

just came back frm work and im friggin tired
sigh...tmrw NO WORK!!haha
mayb i might go downstairs and stare at the basketball court
and wait 4 someone to call me play..haha
mayb...just mayb
oh well, or i might even do a DVD marathon
just sit on tv
take out all the DVDs i have and watch it from 10am till 5pm
its a 'healthy' rite?
haha,oh well,just being bored now
and a haywire (~*~)<-----lk so weird
oh well,
tats all im writing cuz my com will soon ask me to restart again
tmrw will update more..

Monday, November 3, 2008

im being bored here so spare me..ok?
haha,well took 2 days to decorate the christmas tree and house (^~^)
yes,weird but yes i do celebrate christmas (>_<)
my hse now lks more lively...but the chritmas tree lks messy..
but my rents say its nice so i didn't do anyting to it anymore ..haha
ahh,its very fast neh!
its alrdy november and soon christmas come and pass,new year parties
then start of a new year,new class mayb,new teachers,new memories and new enemies
sigh,its hard so fast time goes by(*_*)
well, but there are some tings which will also be there
like my fave music of all times,
tat would b my chemical romance's 2nd debut album three cheers for sweet revenge
the old them was great,well the black parade was not bad
but not much screaming like tcfsw
sigh,with up-coming bands comeing out,i still like mcr and simple plan the most
oh and the used,haha(=-=)
oh well,i gtg now
i wanna sleep some more....b4 2 months passes and i can't sleep anymore
well, bye!!
p.s (+-+)<------- tis reminds me of frank iero..why?

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Pictures, Images and Photos
my idol band!!!

Simple Plan Pictures, Images and Photos
the classic old simple plan