Friday, February 17, 2012

like a small post :D

hi ya!
haha im here again whoop~~
im writing in before i get all busy like crazy
after 1 month plus of not having to work,
i finally am working starting tmrw.
sat and sun do temp sales then come mon another new job
busy like crazy..
i really didnt think i would have a job
so i took up jap class =.="
now that i took up jap class...i got flown into pre-advanced.
i am currently dying...and i only had 1 class..
hopefully as time passes, i get to understand japanese better
and i wont suffer like how i am suffering now.
i mean i can speak....its just the reading part which i am totally dying in
its hard to like read fast and stuff
plus the students in my class are like all so pro (O.O)

okay then i wont type much today
cuz im getting sleepy..
plus i must sleep for tmrw :F

nites :D

(at the petrol station haha)

(big cherry!!)

(dinner i had with my frenz one night)

(drinks with my friends...different night from the previous pic lolz)

(trying my best to study~~ FIGHTING!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friends are forever special

(Forever missing cuz i took it rofl.)
i just took some time out to just e-mail all my friends.
i feel really many unsaid things,typed out.
i mean if you see it this way its not everyday you can make friends.
sometimes, you tend to make more enemies than friends.
but noo..when i came to secondary i received no such shit.
i had friends all around me to be with me for who i am.
i am really grateful..
honestly when i first stepped into that school 5 years ago
i was totally lost.
i didnt know anyone and it was my first time in a public school..
then i was really sad and discouraged thanks to my PSLE..
but now that i think of it, PSLE is nothing.
and i thank god for giving me a chance to step into that school
because i found these dear friends of mine who i will never exchange
for anything in the world

they were always there, they helped me and most importantly
i didnt feel alone :)
so yeah sincerely..thanks to them my sec life was awesome..
many of us are going to the same school again
however a few of us are not
and i cant bear to actually let go and loose them
hopefully we will stay in touch always. :D

Just Some Pics That Were Taken...I think the Oldest is yeah..haha
it was before some of us transformed..rofl..
i miss everyone...and its only been 2 months rofl..