Sunday, May 30, 2010


whats up
im really bored hence im writing my blog
well guess what
summer days are here in singapore again :]
well summer means intense heat
and intense heat means is gonna be very hot
that would mean that jeans are rather inappropriate during this season
so i looked around shops for shorts..
guess what! all female shorts are,well, FRIGGIN SHORT
i mean come on! why wear such short shorts?
gosh..what about those who hate short shorts
and wants something at least at knee length.
i had to look through the guys section and i had got a few weird looks okay.
geez i guess its jeans for me this summer again..
like every other year before if not its those pasar malam shorts for boys
which i have 1 drawer of...haha.and wear it to tution and stuff..
dang i seriously need least 1 that is gonna be on my top on my list
now that i got a new player :D

its okay,but the thing is the battery runs out pretty fast
but then i can download vids inside so...super happy :D
well im off to watch more vids (^~^)
maybe get 'intoxicated' or chill 'step by step' or become a 'choosey lover'

Saturday, May 22, 2010


sup people
haha i duno why i actually bother to update my blog when nobody reads it..
haha so stupid.
well since nobody reads this im just gonna write crap.

just last week my mp3 broke down
all my songs are now gone
and im living miserably.
i cant get a new one cuz it would cost at least 200 bucks.
it aint a small amount of money and i cant bear to bother my parents with such stuff
i have my savings,but im wondering if its worth to buy a new one.
i still have a charger to buy, an escape plan
and a back-up saving in case of emergency
if theres really an emergency and when money is needed and i dun have it.
what am i supposed to do?
so stuck with my discman.
it may be rare now but its still workable. gonna start researching on all kind of mp3s then see how first.

well,MYEs are over got back all my results.
passed all except my physics and amaths.
but i managed to scrape my combined science.
damn i need to get my physics up if not i cant achieve my dream
these few days ive been working around an inspiration
and managed to get some words down on paper.
but the thing is its not in english.
so hard to find inspiring words for english. haha
sad that i cant compose cuz i may write the songs but i can place the music
cuz i never sat down and tried to remember musical notes.
thanks to my laziness haha.
well,its just a hobby and a daydream so i guess its not worth anything.

well im gonna go back to studying :D
need to pull up my chinese and some other language
gonna go watch bloody monday..but first..CDTV!!

haha nites!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

STEP BY STEP ~ hola yume made isho ni aruko~~ (^~^)

step by step Pictures, Images and Photos
well exam finally over
haha ok fine not officially,
but well yeah tmrw's art and later im gonna finish it!
im determined to..i want to start piecing my art piece
its gonna be hard for me i think
i never sewn embroidary before so...haha
not my type of art
but no choice i guess when the topic is like something on flowers =.=

well exam period boring
though yesterday was fun,slack at mac
use bryan iphone haha
instead of physics i learnt how to use the iphone..yay!
currently in a good mood
those these few days are getting depressing
cuz there were exams,sommore dbsk lawsuit again
sigh hope the members would do what they like and what they do the best.
even if its not together i will support :D
anyways watching videos again cuz nothing
hee listening to old japanese songs again so nice...

sigh i cant wait for after 'N' level
such a big exam...=.=
must pass normal then take ordinary haha
you know how our schools liek start early then end early...
while skools like in jap
an they like finish skool at 6+ aft tht got tution
then i duno reach home abt 7+
yet why does it seem education in singapore is more stressful?
i rather have classes at night then day time...
cant wait to have remedials :D
cuz confirm chinese fail.chem fail.physics fail.
so many sia..half the subjects..oh ya emaths and amaths also fail la.
not mnuch confidence

haha today during chem super happy
cuz suddenly had inspiration to write a song..
the part just suddenly came to my head..
sigh but then my chem fail le lo.
i died when i saw paper 2..
the person sitting at the table..its not me... its my ghost..
well im gonna catch up on my sleep
my eyes have been hurting these few days keep sleeping at near 1am..
wakeup at 5 am...i think i can go crazy..
all for the results so my parents wont say i slack...haha


Sunday, May 2, 2010

bum bum ba da da bum..there goes the beat yo in the heat yo

see how nice of me,i came to blog again today haha
well tmrw no skool YAY!
finally gosh, skools a real toture
means i get to spend more time on the come..
these few days i've been listening to 80s eng and jap songs haha
reminiscencing my childhood days ...
today i actually thought my parents forgot i had tution
cuz at 10.30 my mom havent woke me up
but the thing is,i woke up at 7.45am just to do my amaths
then i slept again.
then 10.35+ my mom shouted at me to get out of bed
didnt get to eat breakfast and was sent to tution
thankfully i ate a piece of mango cake for supper.

after tution, i thought of heading to IMM
but then i was too lazy and plus my dad came to fetch me
if not i could've told him i want to go lot 1... =.=
so came home super sad.
well zuno and xiah are departing today
bye bye! hope you enjoyed singapore.haha...
but wah the fans are liek super crazy arh..
stay outside the hotel and stuff.. 0.0
speaking of xiah his video was released on CDTV yesterday :D
'intoxication' i like the song but not much the video..
i guess its a bit weird without the other 4..
but go junsu :D his other song kanashimi no yukue is awesome too

urgh today was a uber hot day..
had to live in the heat mann
today's weather reminded me of 'summer dream' so i watched their live concert
with commentary
during one part, jaejoong said he cant wait for the next tour
sigh that dvd was the '08-'09 tour if im not wrong..
hmm kinda sad but anyways...

prom night is a really retarded movie i realised
i only like it cuz they used a tokio hotel song at the first part :D
until now, i like cry wolf and house of wax oh and friday the 13th
i just realised..all 3 have jared padalecki inside haha

well i wrote TOOO much so
gonna stop
gonna go back to watching my dear videos..haha

leaving a nice pic for u guys (>W<)
tvxq Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, May 1, 2010

a 'dragged' out day

listening to:悲しみのゆくえ-Xiah junsu/Show Lo - 舞法舞天
havent blogged for a very long time again haha
well,been busy with MYEs
sigh well the 1st 3 papers went by really fast..
and confirm will fail my chinese oral..
i was made to hate chinese anyways
and it seems that the language hates me as well
sigh..super need to brush up on stuff
out of the 3 languages i know, english is my best
and i find it super irritating that i know i wont be able to do well in english
and im gonna suffer and puke blood knowing that
the nerd next door has a chance of beating me in english
and also BT. ok i am very competitive when it comes to english okay
cuz thats the only language i can read and write perfectly
cant wait for eng oral next week (>W<)

soo,today i was practically dragged out of my bed for 2 reasons was already 1pm rents wanted to go out they thought i needed some 'fresh air'
which i really didnt need cuz i wanted to start studying my amaths
and watch KBS,but no they HAD to drag me out
so b4 i went out had time to check the papers
and as i predicted there was a interview on zuno :D
im super happy he and junsu-san came to singapore!
though i want to go yet cant be bothered to go for the IMM fan meet
cuz i noe i practically wont be able to see anything
due to the over-crazed fans hu are gonna sleep over and stuff
(which i learnt frm syah whn she went to that shinee thing)
well hope they wont break the imm door or sumething
so anyways away from that topic,
after i got dragged out of the house to go marina square and tat usual mall at clarke quay
my mum realised i havent had my breakfast or rather my lunch
so she got me to eat something and im glad my dad bought me coffee
cuz that finally woke me up~
then went to parco at millenia walk..seriously there has nothing

after that went to meji-ya,tat mall i frequently go near clarke quay
went to the bookstore as usual and actually bought a book with chinese words.
thinking how much i friggin hate chinese,
its a real wonder how i appericiate the fact i can read some words..haha
im reading it now and well i guess its okay
oh ya i saw a mag with yunho was in korean though..duno y
the japanese section also had alot of news on tvxq
mostly about their stoppage of activities in japan and jaejoong
cuz jaejoong's making a wave now in the drama side for his acting
in sunao ni narenakute.... hmmm i read through some of it but
really nothing much though i enjoyed the pictures :D

well then thats all i did today how exciting eh? haha
well then im gonna go watch more dramas
i need to catch up on team batista 2.
btw the ep 3 of sunao ni narenakute i think i hear alot of tvxq fangirls
faint or giggle when they saw the first part of it
ker,i hope u didnt faint when u saw it haha
anyways the eng sub is up already so u can watch dun need me explain le >.<
well then nites people...

p.s that picture quality suxs cuz my hp suxs..haha