Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How's school, stressful and tiring yet a great experience

Hello from your truly~~

Been neglecting my blog alot though i have been telling myself i really need to write more :/
Anyways the week has been very tiring so far(from last week might i add)
With ridiculous assignments *cough*marketing*cough* and UTs its a wonder how i am still able to wake up at 6 and head to school.

Lets see, last week i had 2 UTs, had to rush my marketing assignment (which seriously is just urgh!) and i had a few last minute interviews that were unplanned and totally impromtu.

I think out of the modules i have this semester i find media writing the most tiring/demanding yet rewarding and fun module yet.
Yes it is tiring because like for our graded assignment we are pushed out into the real world of getting our own interviews and pictures. Calling strangers and basicially what normal reporters do.
I secretly wish that my team's article will get chosen so at least when i graduate i have something in my portfolio but i dont know :/


So yesterday was a very rushed yet one of the rewarding day i had and one of those days when i went "wow maybe choosing this course was not that bad after all"

I had my marketing presentation earlier in the day  which i can sincerely say i screwed it up big time .But i really give no shit because i did what i could understand and make out of the whole problem statement.

After the presentation that ended nearly at 4pm, i headed off to grab dinner with my teammates/friends before heading to the F1 pit building at 6 to do some interviews and picture taking.

Omg it was an aswesome experience for me. The fact that i was there talking to random people that ranged from parents to students to even foreigners! It was a really exciting experience. Though i am really excited to start my article, i am really shit-ass tired. Like really no joke.

We spent 3 hours at the F1 pit building, only leaving the area around 10pm. Bian and I had to walk over to city hall just to take a bus. By the time i reached home it was near 12. In less than 8 hours upon reaching home, i was heading back to school to attend the lesson where we were supposed to have our information ready to be discussed with out faci.

At that point i wondered what did i do to get this group that rehearses on a tuesday when my lesson falls on a wednesday =_=
However after remembering last night's performances i told myself it was worth it.
To those people who are intending to watch Chingay this year, please DO watch it, i'm sure the many other performances are very interesting (they even have an interesting theme, FIRE IN SNOW) but you guys definately have to watch out for the CDC contingency like really WATCH OUT for them.
It will most definitely bring smiles on your faces.

Okay i shall stop my post here today and post a few pictures i had taken.
These are taken by me and some of the pictures here most likely wont make it into the article cuz they were just random shots. Of course i wont be posting up the pictures i took of them dancing...cuz itz a secret!!! Read the pre-publicity article on the PA website when it is published as it will be written by one of the group from the Media Writing module...till then i will continue to work hard on the article with my team as well :)


Yes its a pass badge behind my booth house badge >< 

3 of my lovely hardworking Teammates. Blur pictures cause i used the wrong option lolz. 

Taken as the performers were getting ready. Empty benches.

2 of my Team mates acting cute 

Gardens by the bay seen from the pit building site. 

Seats that are not put up yet. 


Calling it a day, everyone is packing up as the light shines on the road. 

P.S I had forgotten to add that i have recently started to play counter strike and getting a bit addicted to it. Its a really great stress relief game. Whats better is the fact that my classmates allows me to play with them although i'm such a noob..but i think im improving each day! i killed one of the good players twice today...i must say crazy jump is my most favorite map...keke...well will post soon again maybe after i finish my article in 2 weeks time :D

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Of Team and Red Pandas.

Well it was just one of those nights where i had conflicting thoughts of myself.
This kinda happens to me once a month and sometimes i wonder if i should go see a psychitarist for it
cuz i mean every female has pms, however i get really emotionally unstable when i have my pms.

One thing i thought last night was how selfish i was.
I wrote about the thoughts of 'team' yesterday however after a while i thought;
"What if i am at fault of everything. what if i am the self-centered bitch who dosent consider anyone else's opinions. What if its just me?"
No but seriously, yesterday i was talking to a few of my mates and i heard from them what others thought about me and honestly after my talk with them i concluded one thing. i am a bitch when it comes to teamwork.
I guess my parents were right. I am the only child, i tried so many years to get rid of the statement that only childs are self-centered and i really really tried to get rid of the staining image of being the only child. However i guess i just cant do that.
But im determined to change.
I'm going to stop stepping up to do work anymore.
I will stop doing the presentations and wait until someone in my team speaks up to do things.
This may irritate me and make me anxious and panicky but im going to stop it. I will join and not start.
I hope i can restart my image and not be judged as a self-centered bitch anymore.
I need to be more understanding for other and listen to others as well.

I should stop saying about others, look where i am now, i still get said behind my back.
Sometimes being hard-working does nothing but bring trouble to oneself.
I tried my best to not get said behind my back but im sure they talk about me behind my back everytime (not that i care, its not the first time in my whole life anyways)
I should have stuck with my plan the first time i stepped into poly.
To keep quiet and not be outspoken. just stay silent.
But i guess we change as we grow and i hope i can change as i grow old.

Okay away from all this serious talk here is a red panda that i am currently obssessed with.

Look at it getting scared

Look at it playing and giving some love to each other

HAHA, ok M signing off

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Team. The Efforts (of) All Members

Hey everybody
How's life?
Mine's just awesome.
 So awesome that i was unable to sleep and i had to be happy with just 3-4 hours of sleep due to the article i had to write for my exam.
However, just when i thought that maybe...just maybe i could get a rest, i had to start on my new article (team article...thats more stressful) on a fun event that occurs every year. (Yes im just gonna leave ya'll hanging cuz i dont know if i can write it here...since its a pre-release article..or so i think their called)

Speaking of which, Team work.
Yes. I have tried to not talk about this term in my posts but i don't know the time has come for me to talk and touch a little bit on this sensitive issue.
Okay I admit first that i am not the type who is good at teamwork because i might put my thoughts first before others...but i think i am improving because i am now starting to discuss my ideas and openly asking for opinion unless the team ignores me and are not responsive when i say something. Thats when my inner hulk silently creeps out.

That aside, i believe that in this school i am in, Teamwork is very important. Whether if you are used to it or not it does not matter, first things first teamwork is key.
And in Teamwork there is no 'I', there is a 'we'.
When we split work, we complete it and we ask for each other's opinion and discuss it.
Its not, we split, you go out do your things, when your done say your done and read through it.
and most definately we dont use other resources *cough*6P*cough* when the answers to the presentation is just copying the worksheet into the presentation.

I'm not going around pointing fingers at other to say that their bad and its their fault that i am stressed and fad up all the time.
It is my fault for always wanting to do things so, ok, i accept. i am at fault to.
But i just wish for once...Just once, you all would talk to me.
Discuss with me and the rest of us who do discuss about the things you want to do. The things you dont understand, your view towards the problem (WITHOUT the use of 6p) just please discuss.
I know you may have IGs, you have work at night but i know people who dont let that affect them in school.
Even i struggle with my day and night class which i have once a week before the most stressful modules of the week but i still try my best to engage in discussions and throw ideas. Even though i may not do the worksheet for the day or something.

Yes i have days when i feel like slacking and dont do work. Those days i just leave class. I mean why bother staying in class when you dont bother doing anything right? One must know you cannot do things with feelings and beliefs that your teammate is always there to do things for you.

But i am happy today cuz one of my teammate that i normally stress upon, did work today, even though its just a few question she did it, and i was really happy.

But for the other one, sigh. I really really am not biased but seriously i just wish she wakes up on fridays and understand we do not need 6p for cognitive. I just wish she reads through the worksheet intensely and follows it and understand that not always do we need 6P. and also that using 6p for presentation is considered foul play in classes.
Its not that because i follow the rules that i deny the use of 6p. its because cognitive seriously...SERIOUSLY does not need 6P. i just wish you'd see that.
i dread fridays because of that...just i feel messed up. but what to do, my UT sucks so i cant risk partialing but i think for the last 2 weeks i might just partial. I'm sick of having to work with this group. I too wanna work happily and fight amusingly like the other groups but you guys dont give me the chance to, except one teammate. Im not being biased that i favour that teammate because she is my friend but if you look at it from my angle she is the only one who engages things.

I just really want to stop leading things. I wish for things to lead me but i dont know why it does not happen. I guess it is just my nature to not like being led. (Im a leo for a reason i guess...and a dog that hates being leashed)

Sigh, but seriously i just wish for a break from school right now. Like really just take me away from all this things and thoughts jumbled in my head. I dont want to fuss at little things and maybe because i might have PMS lately but..urgh.

Last sentance for this post....Im not ready for next week.

Ciao Amigos.,