Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nothing much..

Haha blogging from my itouch cool leh
ahh well I got bored and just wanted to
type,I cld do it on twitter,but I think I'm
flooding it haha like so boring lor
no one to talk too there sigh~~

so yesterday had a fun day out
wif K,B,M ^^
went bukit Timah to eat
we were supposed to ear Korean food
but in da end we ate yummy western
and char kway tiao ><
aft tat we went to west mall
went to comics connection...
I lk here and thr keep see buh-toost
sigh I can't get out of buh-toost's grasp haha
oh well secretly between this post and me,
I used to like them.I mean first time when they debuted
i think was wif mystery someone let me hear
I was like Aiya nt nice la
but then I heard bad girl and totally
loved it then came shock even more epic ^^
but thn dunno y I can't like them
pfft ohh well i'm nt really missing anything

so I'm really bored and depressed today
oh wait I'm hapy for now WHY?
Cuz jet lag by simple plan is on 91.3fm ^^
sigh randomm~~
gonna work tmrw
lolz another random thing
gonna do some paper wrk I guess,
no money though cuz I'm just helping
my mom's office lolz...
Mayb aft I finish wrk I'll stop by
west mall grab a gift and go home haha yeaa..

Ok I think I wrote a lot.. Or mayb TOOO MUCHHH~~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

boring essays lead to boring pictures haha

constant day bloggin yea? haha
maybe i would during da hols
but only one week left as i said before
well lets nothing rather happened..why?
cuz i stayed at home ^^
i slept da longest time on da weekday for this holiday~~
i woke up at 12pm awesome rite?
gosh skool reopen cant do tat anymore...

after i woke up, did some house chores started on my work
but got distracted and ended up watchin paul
OMG it is SUCH a hilarious moviee!!! haha
my fave line by far is
"are you gonna probe us?"
"why do people always think tat?what am i doing? am i harvesting farts?
how much can i learn from an ass?!"
haha!!! so damn epic man!!
after that i continued wif my essays and my english...sigh boring rite?

haha and when i get bored and distracted i tend to take loads of pics
haha so yea...
keke mayb i'll post some? haha
well i shall go..
diner is waiting for me WHEEEEE
(my stationaries accompanying me)

(took da time to re-cut my fringe just da way i like it ^^)

(i have a wide forehead T~T)

bloggin at 1am Like a bird

okay i miss blogging here so much haha
so guess what 3rd week of holiday has come and almost going
i have no had fun
i have rather been really unpleased and unhappy all da while
no skool but still no fun pfft..
so nothing much had been going out
i went out a couple of times wif some peeps
i got cuuuteeee stationaries ^^
i spent some days finishing my humanities
which now i realise still have 8 essays waiting for me
to be written tmrw -.-

oh yah today was an epic day
as i went to do some cash transfer today via machine
(which can be done in da deposit machine even without a card! yes i find
that totally amazing)
so i place my money in and 1 of my $10 got rejected
cuz it was umm crumpled...but tat wasnt the end of it!
my note got stuck...(or rather i think in my p.o.v the machine
got pissed at me and hence did not want to let go...) i finally
pulled it out and voliá out came out my note
totally crumpled at da side... HENG for plastic notes
if not i'd totally have bashed da machine =.=
then da coin machine another funny one... $0.02 as deposit..
aft tat i went to meet my bestie,also my pri skool fren
kinda talked a long time and got introduced to "im a banana, im a bananana"
yeah its addictive...

so now im here bloggin, surfing here and there
edit some stuff as soon okay not soon 1 more week
its a special day for someone. well i guess da person wont be
reading cuz yea my blog's considered dead.but if da person does read then
ah ha hope u like it.

sigh something i realised today in my life.
the more i hate something, i start to like it....
sigh...ahh well cant seem to hate too much things then haha
well i shall go sleep now
i havent slept properly in a while....kept forcing myself to wake up
im not putting my alarm on tmrw ^^
well nites!!! have sweeeet dreams
(im starting to like this guy ^ but if i did it'd be a problem cuz
i dun want to like buh-toost...i think they hav enuf fans...)
(HOWEVER DB5K is different ^^ i will forever be supporting
da 5 of them they introduced me to a different type of music