Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo post!

So, i will be doing a picture post today
these are just some pictures i took over the 2 weeks where i didnt post
tired and cranky today so bear with me for no words
but i bet you like a blog with less words right so yeah
let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

                                                              (a small little summary picture)

(taken one day on my way home. that day had a beautiful sunset)

(i made onigiri or in english rice-balls in my jap class ^^)

(le llama unnie bought it for us!! ><)

(a bday cake to our lama A!!)

(le lama gurls)

(aunt came back from france and bought macroons!)

(this is why i keep growing fat. love my aunt and im glad her family and her are all back healthily ^^)

(a school project whereby we had to make a float for a parade and we chose da theme 'a garden city' i think
we did well for this project, hopefully da faci will finally give us an A ><)

with that i shall go to sleep
goodnight everyone :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

uh hurr another post.

hey whats up!
yup im alive and actually kinda sleepy though i just drank my 3rd cup of coffee for the day.
amazing how i live..


sigh...all my other friends are like
"oh you know my test the other day was hard, i think im gonna screw it"
and im like dang it i havent had mine yet.
others were like
"hey! wanna hang next week? i finally got a break!"
and im like...mine just ended

so yeah that kinda summarizes my current thoughts.
im not ready for school. im not ready for UT.

yup so back on a happy mode.
i had fun on wednesday though i was in a rush again..well it was pretty unplanned.
i was just supposed to pass da present to my friend but my other bunch of friends
were late so i was like okay i shall just hang around then.
then yea, in the end i became late for the meeting with my other friends..
confused? GOTCHA haha..but yeah it was a very busy day.
anyways got to drink and that was all i needed...though i think i need another drink soon

and i feel like going back to the night this picture was taken already…
yup this was what we drank haha...i love the screwdriver. thats what im gonna continue to buy
from now on and its cheaper thn Heineken..

so yeah yesterday was our class gathering .___.
i actually was looking forward to it but then again i actually now regretted going.
everyone was enjoying themselves and i was the only one who was socially awkward there
but thanks to a  few awesome friends of mine who stayed by my side i managed to enjoy myself.
i must say some of my classmates really changed...especially the guys like i know i shouldnt say
anything cuz i'll probably be interrogated if i do so
yeahh...oh yea i was kinda shocked at the amount of smokers i had in my class

i was even more amazed at how they ta-haned in class during sec..i mean over 6hrs and u cant smoke
well done in keeping ur temptations..or did they learn to smoke after graduation?
it bewilders me but i shall say no more.
if not i will slip some thoughts in my mind.
image okay i guess thats about it?
nothing much to write cuz i didnt go through much this week.
im just broading over the fact that i have school next week



im gonna live it my way...and that means snuggling in my bed with a cup of coffee.

see da contrast?


okays then

im just kidding haha



Monday, June 4, 2012

the falling flower- M.I.B

KangNam] Scream At The Top Of Their Lungs
I See The Bright Lights This Is The High Life
We Do It For Everybody Aim For The Stars Just Like A Pilot
All Of Us Flying So Here We Go

[SIMS]I close my eyes and bite down hard
Hold back the tears, just one more, it's okay
Now I have no freedom with this poor heart huh
I lay down the burden that was heavy till now
You left and went too far away
It's A Lie Dear God, did it have to be her?
I can't believe I can only see that bright smile that appeared whenever, wherever, through a picture
My trembling breath and my tightly clenched fists
Life is so hard but why do things so easily come and go?
Do you know my heart? There are so many useless words, just ban all of it
Yes, don't say anything today, blue sky, please hold her

[HOOK] Yeah I Wanna See You Love Again
Nothing is different from yesterday
I can't believe that you are not here when I'm still here
Yeah I wanna See You Love Again
There's nothing different about today
I can't believe that you are not here now -- why you?

[KangNam] Scream At The Top Of Their Lungs
I See The Bright Lights This Is The High Life
We Do It For Everybody Aim For The Stars Just Like A Pilot
All Of Us Flying So Here We Go

[Cream]Why did you leave me here at such a young age, you left in the morning
I remember you -- my heart and head, why did it have to be you?
I don't know, this street without you is strange to me
I still remember your words, actions and face
Yeah, this isn't where I'm supposed to be, your spot is right next to me
Your smile in the picture and the habit of calling you everyday
What else is left? The last text, everything is a familiar trace that you left behind
This flow for you, this isn't it, I'm suffocating, asleep or awake
Just come back to me, I'll be better, two times more, no, however many more times possible

[HOOK] Yeah I Wanna See You Love Again
Nothing is different from yesterday
I can't believe that you are not here when I'm still here
Yeah I wanna See You Love Again
There's nothing different about today
I can't believe that you are not here now -- why you?

[KangNam] Scream At The Top Of Their Lungs
I See The Bright Lights This Is The High Life
We Do It For Everybody Aim For The Stars Just Like A Pilot
All Of Us Flying So Here We Go

[5Zic]White ash in a tomb -- a human turns into dust in a single day
I remember the first greeting I said to you "I missed you"
They are conversations only spoken in dreams
Let's hold hands and go together, there's still so much to show you
My teeth still hurt, what am I trying to hold back?
The scent that came from you numbs my nose
The world is cruel for everyone who lost you
Why did you leave without a word? I ask myself
The number stopped at 26, in two years, I'll be the oppa
It hurts a lot, the opposing wind is blowing, is it you?
I keep relating you to things that don't make sense
It's hard to believe but it's the truth that my exhausted body speaks
Goodbye my dear, put on your wings and fly wherever
Where are the gods? They shouldn't have done this
Don't take away my precious things, give it back to me

Everyday Everywhere Everytime
I'm sorry I couldn't treat you better
The damn day of April 5 that is always filled with regret
Three flowers are planted in the hearts of M.I.B.

(This song was written to their stylist who passed away.
however i just found the lyrics of the song really just reminded me of my grandparents
more closely my grandmother..
i was just thinking about her this morning. how when i started dreaming and having
a strong urge to go to japan in june that year i should have. i should have pestered my mom
more about it. if i knew what would have happened 4months later i would have just went there.
but we cant see the future.
the line "white ash in a tomb- a human turns into dust in a single day" that was something
i thought on the last day of the funeral.
its been almost 3years and i still cant accept the fact that she is gone. i feel that when i call that
number i used to call, she would answer and we would talk. i feel that if i bought a plane
ticket and went there now, she would be there greeting me with a smile. i wish i knew her more
i wish she lived to see me wear a kimono when i was 20. i cant stop myself from tearing when
i think about her and my grandfather. i dont know why i think more about her then my grandfather.
maybe because she visited me in my dreams..maybe. i miss her and my grandfather so much that
i dread when it comes to my birthday cuz they always sent me a card. a nice card with their signs on it.
sometimes a letter came and i couldnt read then. now, when i can read, they are not here.why did god
call them to him so early why? why couldnt they wait till my Os were over. i was supposed to visit
them when it was over but they left before i could. i miss them so much and i still feel sorry
for not being to see them properly before they went.)

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well another long wordy post from me cuz im typing this from my itouch. Heh.
So I've been SUPER busy this week.
Let's see, Monday went to my ah ma house,
Tuesday was the only day I woke up at like 11 and did some studying (managed to study poly stuffs cuz on Monday night I burned the midnight oil to revise my jap....this is what I like abt holidays,being able to study a night without waking up early the next day haha)
Thn rushed for jap class at night. I actually had fun that night!

I went home with my sensei and wow. I've never talked to anyone on Japanese other then my mother so it was nice for a change to talk about my life and explain it in jap. She was also kind enough to wait with me for the bus! But sadly she's leaving soon cuz she's getting married :/ congrats to he though haha. She's pretty funny too! Haha she can't speak well in English cuz she learnt Spanish instead haha. So cool can?

On weds I went out wif le llama girls.. Kinda epic day walking and shopping with them, bought 2 lovely shirts..I'm a contented girl :$
Oh yeah when I was out with da girls, i got asked to work on thurs so I agreed

So thurs I went to work and yeah didn't do much. The place was far though tat it took me a long time to go Lot 1. Yeah. After work I went to lot 1 to teach someone glad he passed for the test today (gd job jokwon) we were at Mac till like 9,40
Haha. Thn as I waited for jokwon I was asked to work again today so I did.

Took 75 and it took me 1hr15mins to reach there. It was friggin long man.
Today was more tiring. Shipment came in so I shifted them in, thn unpacked the stuffs. After tat as I went home da person tell me Monday she might call me again...I am hoping she won't cuz I really want to sleep and start studying. After work went to liang court,Bought my sushi,subway cookies and softener haha, thn waited for like 1hr for 190. In the end also cannot sit lor =.=" freaking pathetic.
Came home worn out and tired and realized I missed eating dinner with my parents. That's when I suddenly cried.. I think I'm emotionally unstable now :/

Anyways I really can't wait for this 3 years to be over haha. I'm like really planning a bit too far in my life. I planned that by 3years I wld complete my jap course and pass at least till N2 hopefully. After that I am seriously considering in taking Korean or French. Either one. If I still have the same desire as I do now in 3 yrs time, I'll probably take Korean haha. Man if I can really achieve all this, I tell you ,I'll die a happy girl. Being able to speak many languages is a big dream for me.
Sometimes I want to throw my diploma away and just study languages but haha,what to do, study language only can get u no where. U need a diploma :(

Still not used to poly life. Still not liking da modules and I need to accept the fact tat I'm not working anymore and instead studying with peers around my age. Seriously still a bit not used to everything. :( can't seem to adapt to poly like I do to work sigh.

Anyways I'm tired and I presume this is going to be a long post so yeah...I'm gonna sleep ^^

NITES ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆