Sunday, January 30, 2011


wow havent been blogging for so im here :D
haha skools been annoying as usual....
giving too much homework as usual....
i've been doing homework that thats the only things i have been doing
since skool started...i havent even have time to revise~!
go skool,come home,start on homework,watch an hour of TV if not none at all
have dinner,continue homework sleep.
thats like my daily schedule!!
gosh no fun at all...
but then again im starting to like a-maths...
its complicatedness is exciting :D

anyways...this weekend been rushing to actually clear my room
i want to shift my bed but then im not strong enough
and my parents are kinda hooked to playing yea..
maybe i shall change the position on tues...
saturday went grocery shopping
and it totally wasnt a pleasant one...

today i went for tution and haha
i had fun
first i got to walk to tution in the rain :D
super happy... then the teacher and i got stuck at a question
and realised i wrote the question wrongly took a long time to realise
then another one was that i was writing and she was guiding me
in the end, i still got wrong~! then she said that she got the thing wrong wif me..
i damn pro to make the teacher wrong..lolz!
after that grocery shopping at NTUC...
tried finding the stuff then suddenly this small boy
bumped into me and like bounced reallt bounced off!
i couldnt say sorry and well..i just wanted to get out of that place.
after queuing for like forever
i went to buy bread then walked home in the rain
awesomeness la! :D
totally loved it.haha~~ 24 degrees sia!
my house now here is damn cold! brrr~~

gah tmrw is monday again...
trying to get energy from watching homin's performance on music station :D
super cool sia...haha~
somemore they sing in trying to find maximum in japanese...
i cant find it =.=
ahh well..i need to get their album soon but damn ex sia!
49.90 the last i saw! 0.0 maybe after i get hong bao :P

ok then im gonna go...
gonna go watch stuffs >~<

(totally a mess my room...)
(OWL gang..lolz..nice one)
(someone's sleepy and totally ignoring me)
(sample of my homework essay i think haha)

(from my effects used..totally original haha)

Monday, January 17, 2011


wow for the first time since sec 5 started
there is.....wait for it...wait for it....
though i had to do some amaths cuz i didnt do on the weekends..
well it completely killed my brain cells just by staring at it
maybe im gonna give up going into aerospace course
anyways..i'll think about what course to go after i get my results.
im supposed to be practicing chinese but i cant be bothered to do it.lolz.

anyways nothing much today..but only to be forced to help
my chinese cher for decoration
decorating the staff room door was epic...
the cher wanted me to hang the strip of banner...some chinese banner
on the top of the staff room door..
and as i was considered the tallest in the group...(yeah im so happy.)
i helped to put it up but teachers kept going in and out
one admin person like say she can see from a mile away...
so big...lolz..i didnt need the extra comments...

other then this..skool was really slow and boring..
do u know how much i suffered during amaths!!!like gosh!
then chinese i'm really sure i slept the first part of the class!
or maybe day-dreaming either way..awesome.

anyways i like came across some pics from my old classmates from primary skool.
now around the same age as me la..but graduate liao..
so matured seh. am i the only one who stills wear the same clothes i wore in p6!?!
yes.i still fit into them okay.i was a fat kid in pri skool.
climbing 6 floors of steps everyday in skool helps in the process of me loosing weight as well. surprised..everyone is turning so girly..only me..but on the other hand
many turned for the bad...their rich get what they want.
man i cant wait till next year...*thinks about the things i get to do*
i dont really want to drink before the accpected age..cuz that would be literally breaking the law
but hey next year im legal ;P and my parents cant stop me frm drinking wine...
gosh i really cant wait..being 17 now is really uneasy..however i feel that im still 16...
i mean thats maybe cuz i like never did anything that make me feel 16
ah ha...anyways in summary...i have lots of things to do when i turn 18 ;P
ok then i shall go off now..gonna read more stuffs
and soon go to sleep..ah-ha...
nites :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011


ok ok im here bloggin again
haha cuz i have the 'opportunity' to do so..
well kinda cool that i actually did a few of my homework
but i'll probably leave the rest out.i really cant be bothered.
i know i should be bothered
but i cant like force myself to be bothered and mug like a crazy bull.
aish~ dont know why...
ahh well~~

anyways today i went grocery shopping cuz my grandma was too cute..
lolz yesterday i called her and she asked me if im going tmrw
and i was like "no..cuz im tired.."
then she started yelling over the phone like a kid saying "if you dont do i wont go!"
*direct translation from mix of hokkien and chinese somewhr in the sentance* lolz.
i couldnt stop laughing after i had to go today.
went there, bought stuffs..bought my dried mango :D
and also i ate my beloved otah!! gosh the otah there is really delicious..
im gonna ask my parents to buy me 12 nxt wk :]
4 for $2 not bad...

then came home my grandma came into my bedroom and cleaned my cabinet..
lolz.i was like "noo!!dun clean! its okay!"
and she was like "no!no! must clean!i have nothing to do anyways. u clean!?! u 5 years time
then will clean lar!" haha then after that she helped me fold clothes as well...
then haha we couldnt stop laughing when she was teaching me something
haha i so long never see her smile nor laugh like that.
i remember the last time she laughed like that was when i was very young
and i was left behind in the big house with my grandma as my parents had to go to a wedding
and she was tickling me and if im not wrong trying to make me sleep...
which now i think,i dun see how tickling makes me fall asleep?
sigh~ good times...i really liked that house.
but when i go there now.the house i used to live in is gone.demolished and rebuilt.
people who lived there,all shifted as well, but the road never changed.
thats why maybe they say "the road home never changes"
to me the home changed. but the road hasnt.

ok then haha~~ im gonna do some other stuffs..
SS took half my night today and chinese compo took my night yesterday
so yeah..haha~~ gonna enjoy my com now..
gonna go read some stuffs...or rather stories heh heh


(i really want to watch this movie...paradise kiss..isnt that guy cute!? mukai osamu :D)

Friday, January 14, 2011

2nd week of....hell?

well school's been a total bitch.
like really bitchy and mean.
sigh its the 2nd week of school and im already regretting.
anyways i cant divert this road cuz well my parents wont ever let me.
they are so gonna regret for not listening to my feelings
when i receive my O level cert next year
i think im just wasting a year.
sigh. after seeing my N level results i was like
okay! awesome i can do it!
but then i go back to skool, start my lessons and thy emade us go see the results
for class 2010 and furthermore tell us the scores for poly and jc i went
oh shit.what have i done? like really really crap man.
sigh. somemore i have no one to talk to about this thing.

so many homework already.i also dont know how to complete.
confirm have to stay awake till 2 in the morning on mon
cuz i dun intend to do my homework on saturday.
hey.i need some rest okay! one whole week
of trying to do a-maths, trying to solve what the heck the teacher is saying
aint easy!
and dont get me started on SS...i hate SS now. it is so friggin hard!
i dont mind history..its my bias.for now. english as well.
chinese can really be my bed-time story
but im going to put my all in it.
i keep telling myself.i study chinese for my pride.i study chinese for my pride.
hence im aiming for a least it sounds nicer then a C or D right? after skool, i went totally hyper.
was in class waiting for the other class to end, played this one game on someone's phone
couldnt stop laughing..haha flying panda!! haha
imagine if the game had many flying panda i think i would be rolling over the floor laughing.
after that went to lot 1 to find my CD.
sadly to say it was already sold out.i was so depressed la!
then we spent over an hour there,finding assesment books, reading magazine.
then we went to eat kimchi ramen..yum yum long time nvr eat :D
after that we went comic connection and haha
we couldnt stop laughing when we saw eunhyuk cards..we dun noe why
we just laughed like crazy.
then got bored we went 1st floor and walked i was walking,
syah suddenly poke me and pointed to me at the many laptops
that were on display as a courts sale..
dbsk's keep your head down was on it!! i was omg
and i was spazzing over it
i couldnt stop smiling like an idiot for about 5 minutes.lolz.
then went was raining..
i walked uber slow in the was so nice to walk in the rain haha

so now..what am a doing?
im listening to the japanese version of KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN! haha
its so nice!! i like the jap version
yunho's rap are nicer...and i can understand..whee~~
i heard owl keep it low..instead of i will keep it low
for changmin's part.
oh and i started watching this new drama. my mom say its for housewives but who cares.
they have homin's keep your head down as their theme song.lolz.
so nice.and dramatic haha~~

okay gonna go now bleh >.<

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st day back as senior

haha im back from skool :D
aish what a day...
well skool started as usual and as predicted,
our NA batch got praised cuz we broke the skool record history of 98% eligible for promotion
many teachers were like u all sec 5 must set good example..etc etc.
after the long talk from the principal and many other teachers
back to class
wah i was so sad la! my nails got caught!
my nails long meh! wah lau..on the spot must cut
then another teacher come and say my hair
then must fix =.=
luckily i dyed back my hair if not more trouble

oh yeah our skool finally abolished the NO handphone rule
we're 'discouraged' to bring it of course~~
lucky...cuz i cant be far away from my phone haha
our class was on the 6th floor
awesome right? aish~
then talk talk fill up stuffs recess
whoa it took like 5 minutes to walk dwn the steps la!
never ending sia!!
then when coming up cuz of something i couldnt stop laughing
and well i was very breathless when i reached upstairs wif lyd haha
MT was boring i think i can sleep
first homewrk is chinese as well
when i have the mood i shall do it later~~
for now i think im gonna take a rest...sigh

during CD target setting etc~~
form cher made us write our goal for 'O's
write 3 courses of what we wanna fo in poly
of course i wrote aerospace..
but from my current N results i need to get the same points
as my N to get into any aerospace course...
any 2.. 1 was 15 pts other was 14 pts.sigh.
must really put my all this year..
i mean my total points for O if convert iss 22..i need at least half of it =.=
aish then now my tuition problem crop up also
sian sia~~ can i go through this year without tuition?
like seriously?
sigh...why must 10 mile junction close down!!
im so pissed =.=

aish well gonna go get some rest..
bye :D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

sad? yeah maybe happy? yea haha

im back here~~
did nothing much today...ok i did something~~
i got my hair back to black haha~~
i thought it was gonna be really soy sauce black but it aint haha heng
the person told me i can never dye my hair like the colour i had
if i dyed jet yea...
but rather then dark brown i think its red now =.=
anyways as i was waiting for the person i was like staring at myself in the mirror
and my hair was orange :] aha so...what my mum said was right
under light it was orange..luckily i dyed it black..haha
the person who did my hair then started talking to me haha
she asked if i used the bubble hair dye and i was uh yeah..haha
then she went on saying that, that hair colour always comes out bright...
haha~~ awesome..i liked it bright
my parents especially my mom was super pissed at the skool
on why must dye back haha she said colour hair also wont affect anything what!!
she told me ask the dm or anything call her and she will talk them off haha
i told her dont want..
after this year, i will go all light brown...properly this time hee..
my mum agreed too..she said she hates me in black hair..haha
i think at times i have the most hippest and awesomest mom at times
bu on some other days i think shes really a nag..
but hey dont we all think so..

just now, she made me hear this one jap song called
toile no kamesama..which english translated, the god of toilet.
in japan they believe there is a god in the bathroom
dont ask me further questions cuz the explanation is just too long.
the first word of that song made me tear...and brought me on the verge
of i just downloaded it into my phone...
so i will listen to it later..alone..
jeez she really knows what to do to make me cry =.=

moving on, after doing my hair i went to clarke quay to my usual hangout
and bought sashimi yay~~!!!
haha loved it but well whenever i eat it it upstes my stomach
i know it would but i still eat it haha
cuz i love eating things raw!! heh weird rite? i hate baked salmon
but i can eat raw salmon...lolz.
that totally ends off my fun holiday.
tmrw i have to bring my grandma to the doc for her check up
then im bringing my laptop to the service centre..busy busy~~ :D

haha well then im gonna go off
enjoy ur last day of holiday tmrw peeps!!hee
cant wait yet can wait to see u all :F~~