Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reflect for the year 2012

Wow. Its been a while since i wrote a post eh~~

My reaction 

So...2012. what a year it has been.
It was filled with loads of ups and downs.

Da ups/highlights

I entered a new phase in my life as a student. I somehow managed to get myself into a polytechnic and i found myself studying a course that is somewhat like mass comm (ironically my course name was changed into mass comm frm Dip of communications and information design...yeah that's kind of a long name)

I was very insecure in the beginning and I tried to tell myself not to make any friends and just live through poly invisibly and simply as I can. However things turned out for the better as time passed. I made friends and I had awesome people as my classmates (for both sem 1 and sem 2)

I got used to the school system as time passed as well and I felt this school's system  seemed to be the best for me.
 I learnt many different things over the year it's crazy . Classes may be stressful at times but with my crazy classmates I forget about it. However one thing I should change is the fact that I can't slack when I do presentations and stuff. I should really learn to slack wen I get back frm my holidays. But I have 2 projects waiting for me when I return so...yeah it's a bit sucky. Marketing and media Writing projects are waiting for me.sigh.

Second thing this year...
 I finally got off my ass to learn my 3rd language ,Japanese. You have no idea how excited my mum was...I also sat for my JLPT this year. Though its only N4 at least I tried taking it :) the lessons are a whole new experience for me and I enjoy it more then my Chinese of course. But since I take night classes it's kinda tiring for me as well.
But all's cool. I'll be taking advanced courses next year so...I hope I'll be fine haha...

the 3rd highlight

Oh yes, of course. This year, I had turned 18. Turning 18 brought me more adventures then I ever could ask for. I was legal and I had a little bit more freedom as compared to the past. I hung out more with my friends and my parents didn't scold me much.
I also had my first drink and smoke. When I think back now it's been kind of a wild and hectic year for me. Especially when I'm the type whose always conscious of everything around her and feel guilty for doing things I shouldn't. But I didn't so yeah! It's my turn to rebel sometimes.

the 4th highlight

One of the big highlight of the year for me was the concerts I attended.I attended not 1 but 2 concerts this year :)
One ok rock concert was the best ever. It brought me back to my Rock roots and also opened doors for me into J-rock. It was amazing. At the concert, I realized what I have been missing the past years and kind of got back the spirit of going bak to listen to rock music. I really really love them and can't wait to go for another of their concert. Also, I found my new drummer crush. Tomoya. He is cute, has long hair, loves food and an awesome wild-ass drummer. There's nothing to not like about him ><
The other concert I went to was SM Town. Well it was another miracle concert and another impromptu decision ( same for one ok rock). It was a blast. With this concert I can safely say I saw the 5 members of DBSK :) it was a wild night cuz it rained towards the end of the concert but it was amazing. Singing and just being wet in the rain. However if next time I were to go for an outdoor concert, I'm bringing a poncho haha.

the 5th highlight
Other then that, thanks to a friend of mine I was opened to the Japanese culture in Singapore. I went for the natsumatsuri which was really interesting and I had loads of fun.

Also I picked up my guitar again and am improving each day. I just gotta thank my friends who got me back into playing the guitar. I can play a lot of songs now. Something i would've not imagined one year ago haha.
But then again I did many things I thought I would've never do.


The down things in 2012 

 Firstly my mom who got badly injured at the ending of 2011. I was really sad for her and I had to stop working to look after her. However I took it as a sign from the gods to spend more time with her so I was happy with it.

Another down event for me was when my so called 'grandfather' was badly sick. From my posts urging that period you could really see how down I was but its because I didn't want to accept him. I never did and never will but during that time I was really stressed out an stuff so it was kind of hard on me. I also turned to drinking to get a good night's sleep so that was a bad thing as well.

Well, that's all I kinda remember and are the highlights for the year 2012. No it did not end as they said it will. I had a blast and found a type of new found freedom. I guess now I just gotta see what 2013 has in store for me. :)

Have a HAPPY New Year~~

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

music and life.

What's up~~
i've been listening to my chemical romance again and been re-living my old memories.
How did i get into music so much and made it the number one influence in my life?
i think it was because it was the only thing that made me know that i the world is actually moving and has noise.
The fact that i could relate to the song lyrics was also another reason why i started listening and writing my own songs.
However over the years if i were to make a timeline of songs i listen to often, there is a real transition. it is like my music grows as i grow.

I started getting into music when i was 10, after i heard where is the love by black eyed peas and soon after welcome to my life by simple plan. As i was very restricted in my movements when i was young, after school i normally went straight home. someone picked me, i didnt go running along playing in the playground but i bathed and sat in front of the television watching MTV's TRL. that was how i lived most of my primary school and first half of secondary school years. Also, i spent most nights listening to radio, 98.7fm especially. If someone were to let me listen to a song, i could tell them who was the artist and what song it was.

However i think the point of my life music saved me the most was when i was 11. When i was finding myself. i felt that everything was against me ( i still do, but then i just didnt understand why some people just wanna ruin my life) thats when i heard helena on MTV and i fell in love with them. wow, how long has it been since i first heard that song? Bascially after i got into my chemical romance, it was soon followed after by The used, Paramore, avenged sevenfold, Taking back sunday. My shelfs was replaced from pop magazines or the then 'Lime' magazine to alternative press and random guitar magazines (it was still a time when i had no guitar).

At 12 when i was at the bottom and the brink of falling because of family problems and the pressure i felt in taking an exam, i somehow just wanted to fall and never come back. However, music held me back and the year after my darkest year, i got to see my chem live. it was the best feeling ever.
It was my first concert and it was awesome. I can still remember the feeling of attending it. though i could not see them clearly and the sound system was crap i was awesome.

Sometimes i miss listening to the old songs i used to love, some thing about the current music is different. i dont know because most of them are dance hits or its because i have high expectations after my chemical romance. My chem is really a unique band, their songs from life on a murder scene was one of the best albums i have ever heard and one that is really different. I wish to find more bands like them in this current year but i am not sure if i can anymore.

I guess as i said before, as we grow up, our music tastes change. Maybe because my anger and revenge feels have died, however at times when im angry and i hear these songs it calms me down so it still works.
Music is something that will always be there for you when you are down, so if you are going through a hard time like how i did when i was young, lock yourself in the room, listen to music. Find your favorite  who knows it might save you as how my chemical romance saved me.