Friday, January 29, 2010

crazy love

updating my blog today!
cuz its a friday!
tmrw going to national library
then probably go to bras bersah and look for my art stuffs.
'n' level coursework is killing me already.
i mean cuz its like competing with the whole nation and my art
well its not art..its like shit. but i just like to draw so sad.
tmrw going to do research and hopefully take pics :]
wishing syah can go tmrw siol!

well today skool was boring.almost slept during english as usual..
got alot of lines on my paper in green...
emaths we did graph.sadly it became homework.
i did my physics during recess
PE overtook a bunch of people..ran so slow.
though im not fit myself
i pushed myself to finish the damn run.i was out of breath sia!
after skool went to eat lunch with shun hui.
lydia they all went to eat mac cuz i noe wud they were thinking.
how long have i been frens with them?i can read their facial expressions :]
then came back first
saw vira carry jun qiang do slam dunk super hilarious
waited for CCA to start,syah and i were singing and dancing juliette oh~
haha.shinee lor.haha.then crazy love by tvxq in my head again.
went for CCA teacher reject my art 3 times.finally accepting my art.then colour
4 pm went off without saying cares.said bye to syah and fiona hu were waiting for lydia
to finish her CCA.i went off with yiling,took lrt with diyanah home.
went down raining like i was walking saw this old lady with her granddaughter
the granddaughter super cute la!
they didnt have an umbrella so i lent them mine.
then got a road must cross, i help them hold umbrella cross
said bye at their lift there then continue my journey home.
super cute la the granddaughter!big eyes,short,shoulder length hair wearing the barney bag
(not really barney la..the green fella in barney.the name i duno)
they reminded me of me and my ahma,wanted to help so badly :]
but i got super drenched.didnt care cuz anyway wind super strong
stupid road flood,bus go by,i kana wet,reached home even with an umbrella was drenched frm head to toe.idiocracy .then bathe,made coffee,watch tv 30 mins later
i was walking to ten mile.go in classroom super noisy.
p4 boys super hyper..sian..tution till 7.45 extra dinner buy grocery.

you see such a boring life.haha.
well im gonna go sleep.
tmrw need meet ajuma :}
quite early haha.

juliette oh~~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy birthday to....

on the com
sneaking a post just to say

have a nice b'day >.<

may your wishes come true
Jaejoong Pictures, Images and Photos

JaeJoong Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, January 24, 2010

flowers that never seem to bloom

yo yo yo
well this is going to be my last post.
well for the week.
next post will be like friday
but before you know it a post will be here :]
haha i havent done any single homework yet :D
all done half-way half-way
probably will touch it later.
i feel so sad.
my tagboard die le..
pretty please?
i'll give you a big hug if you will and sing the ha ha song
okays?so puh-lease! so hyper now
eating chendol again,cuz my dad forgot to eat one this afternoon =.=
i dun like coconut.i always have chendol without coconut ==.==
well today morning went amaths tution,
was doing differentiation,then i saw the numbers flying around.. brain tired la wah kao..haha
but im still using the com
after typing this post prob will start on my homeworks.
i still havent got my 10 year series for physics. money..
i spent it on magazines...
now i have to save money to buy DBSK best selection cd.hee.
well imma go finish up my chendol =.=
cya people tmrw..


Saturday, January 23, 2010


super happy!!
the other mag i got inside have big bang!~~

081126 Yunho Yoochun Sing Funny

so retarded..i fell back sitting on my chair cuz i laughed too my head hurts.


well,my parents are currently out.
so im using the laptop :D
well woke up damn late today at 12.30 haha
then made noodles,my fav ramen :]
but it got soggy as i was preparing to watch tvxq's history in japan.
yes i watched it again.
like when i have time i guess i'll keep watching it.haha.
so hilarious to watch the backstage stuffs ;D
currently listening to their song survivor.
i think its my current fav song haha.
love the dance moves too.
i wanna learn to dance like tat!haha
well imma go and keep the laptop b4 they get back.
cuz my mom took my hp so i could not tweet via phone
thus i oned the laptop haha.
well ciao!

Friday, January 22, 2010


yunho's dancing is too awesome.

Cho Shin Sung (超新星) - Only You Always (Kimidake Wo Zutto) (キミだけをずっと ) PV/MV


Korean idol group TVXQ has been selected as the first male models to grace the cover of fashion magazine JJ, according to Japanese daily newspaper Sankei Sports on Thursday.

Sankei reported that the boy band last month had shot the cover for the March issue of the famed Japanese magazine, which has been in publication for the past 35 years.

"It is the first time that this magazine has placed a male group on the cover," an official at Sankei was quoted as saying. He added that the magazine will also feature a 100-question survey which reveals personal details regarding the TVXQ members.

TVXQ, who debuted in 2004 with album "Hug", is one of the most successful K-pop acts in Asia. They reportedly have the largest fanbase in the world and have enjoyed great success in the Japanese music industry in particular. Last year, they became the first foreign artist to top the Oricon singles charts six times with their 27th single "Share the World/We are!"

There has been speculation about the group disbanding however, with three of the five members -- Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun -- being involved in a legal dispute with their agency SM Entertainment since July 2009.

For the time being, they are scheduled to release a new Japanese single titled "Breakout" on January 27 and their first best album titled "Best Selection 2010" next month.

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

p.s i already ask my mom to book this mag :D
for other fans.JJ sells a chinese version of their magazine so..... if so,you can get it in chinese :DD

love like this one love L-O-V

well its been a long time since i last posted a well post
this is due to homeworks we get everyday and of course
trying to stay up to do it.
i would love to use the com but this whole week i came back late that once i get out of the shower
its either my dad is home or im just too tired
well,guess what my dad just said something about me posting my pic on facebok..
i've been doing it for the past year then complain.
dun care la.he today not in good mood.
im so happy that tmrw is saturday.can sleep till late.
yay!im so dead tired.but i still am up to type this post
for any person or ghost following me.haha.
now today let me make a list of something which bothers me.

Songs im reminded of everyday/stuck in my head/hums to in class:
(arranged in a way 1st is the most addictive song)
1.super girl-super junior(kerencia la!wah lao.i finally forget then she come and sing in front of me haha) in ice-tohoshinki(was humming to it in emaths class and chinese and well most lesson if i wasnt thinking of supergirl)
3.mirotic-tohoshinki(i dream of the dance moves in class haha) like this-SS501(current song stuck in my head.)
5.ring ding dong+juliette mash up-shinee(syah lor..addict me,in class halfway thourgh thinking juliette,ring ding dong suddenly comes out)
6.break out-tohoshinki(its my hp ringtone,of course i wont forget :])

haha,well im dead tired so im off to sleep.
just finished eating my dessert anyways :D
i ate chendol today nice.
well buh byes!
hope u all will have a song stuck in ur head too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


well im back
when i was there i just kept thinking.
of the little..really little memories i shared with them.
in my life i only got to see them about 6 times.
its so unfair.i live for 16 years and i cant even see my own grandparents
every Saturday and sunday like everyone else.
to think i cant be there on the last sucks.
well in this world if theres no money,
then u cant do shit.
so its friggin unfair that ur grandparents live like 7 hours away from u
in the most expensive place.
it sucks.but i guess all this is planned out by god.
there may be little memories i shared with them.
but i will always remember them forever.

"think about the time
think about the laughs
think about the small stuffs
that made me smile
so peaceful you slept
in the bed you are layed
dressed so nicely
i pray you meet her again
just 49 days
you 2 will be together again
i cry when i think
but i think to not forget
cuz these memories are precious
cuz i only have memories
to remind me of you two."-(c) Moz

Thursday, January 7, 2010

GO JUNSU!!!just dun say oh my god sun hee.

TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) has set a new record in musical industry.
The performance days where Kim Junsu is casted as the main role in Musical Mozart, all seat tickets were sold out. In a short amount of time, the total 15 performances of Kim Junsu with approximately 45,000 tickets were already sold.

Even right after it was known that Kim Junsu was going to be casted, a chaos happened. When the 1st ticket sales opened, his fans bought 6000 tickets in an hour. On the 2nd sale, it sold out in 2 hours and had collapsed the site’s server. For the 3rd and 4th round ticket, despite Kim Junsu’s ticket sales that already opened in different time period (than the other Mozart actors), still the site connection slowed down and the tickets were sold old in only 3 hours.

This is something that never happen since Jo Seung-woo’s all ticket sold out which was ever happened in the past.
Other singers who had been casted in musicals as well such as Super Junior (Kangin, Heechul, Yesung, Sungmin) or Girl’s Generation (Jessica), Big Bang (Daesung, Seungri) and FT Island (Hongki, Jaejin)’s ticket sales has not been comparable to the mass result of Kim Junsu’s.

The ticket power made by Kim Junsu, an inexperienced idol singer in musical industry to set a stage which requires ability to sing, dance, and act at the same time has yet created many controversies. Economists have been predicting there will be more celebrities especially idol singers who will participate in this musical industry in the future.

To cast an idol star definitely never fail in supporting tickets sales. With Kim Junsu appearance, there are more audiences in range age of 10th – early 20th that give bigger attention to such musical genre performance as ‘Mozart’. Even it helps the entire show online ticket sales since the teenagers now have developed interest in watching the musical stage and went booking the other actors’ performances as well.

Let’s expecting the best musical stage “Mozart!” in the first half of 2010, from January 20 to February 21 which will take place at Sejong Cultural Center Grand Theater.


it kinda sucks to know that your wish on the wishlist may never come true.

first week of skool is coming to an end
and well suffocating with the amount of homework given?
haha well kinda but still can finish so...its fine.
probably will be staying up till 1 tonight to finish everything.

i want to go for flag day! :[
i wish they postpone to someother day : D
currently no news on DBSK cuz i have not been using the com
until today i think.
cant remember the last time i used the com.
these days been rather
sleepy and hungry,have no idea why

ARGH speaking of weight and height damn sad la!
wah lao...didnt i grow tall at all?
and when i was just a young girl i dreamed to be 180
ARGH! i cant even reach 170!!!

well im going to go
complete my homework
but before that im watching vids!

this is going to be my last post for 2 weeks
thank you to you all for making me smile
this whole week.
its been a ruff start since school started and the news came
im so happy to have made friends like you guys.
i'll bring something back for ya'll yeah?
haha. will miss you guys....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ok,so a short and sweet post.
Tmrw is skool.

haha bye!

THSK 3FE: Junsu and Yoochun speak English

ok i guess theres a need of some translation
so here it is
JJ:so everyone lets support them okay?
MC:are you okay?dont need to like stretch?(but gets interrupted)
i have no idea wud junsu says.
YC:fair play
then yunho lifts a flag which says "ganbare"which means jia you.
jS:are you okay?
YC:im fine,you?
JS:thank you
MC:are you ready?
JS:whos that?
YH:since just now he keeps saying whos that whos that only
JS:whos that?
JJ:do you know any words other then that(whos that)
JS:whos that?
YC:your member,one o member micky
YC what about you?
js:ok im ready
MC:ok this is a sports test..a sports test
MC:so in 20 seconds lets see how many pumps(i think she means push up?i duno)
you can do,so lets get ready.

haha so hilarious!
well this is a ruff translation i did
so enjoy >.<

Saturday, January 2, 2010


omg omg!!!
news about DBSK!





those hu can read chinese..
does hu cant im sorry i cant chinese is horrible.
all i noe is chang min and yunho are siding SM.
this is the ruff translation of the 1st paragraph..
TVXQ-owned brokerage firms SM confirmed that Kim, Kim xiah as well as the Park one day three members and the SM irreconcilable contradiction between the companies, relationships beyond repair, resulting in TVXQ had to disband, but the formal dissolution of the date of the present still under discussion.

omg this is real!
omg then whats going to next year's japanese album?
is break out going to be their last single?!?!

ok ok calming down found another news from well a non-biased site.

"Japanese media stated that popular group TVXQ, who has stopped domestic activities due to the legal dispute between some of the members and their agency, will be holding a disbandment concert this summer.

Sport Nippon released information on the 1st that the rift between the members of TVXQ was irreparable and that both Korean and Japanese representatives of the group were preparing for a disbandment.

According to the newspaper, SM Entertainment and Japanese agency AVEX came to an agreement to solve the issue but both sides agreed that disbandment was inevitable. It was also reported that both sides were fixing the group's schedule to accommodate a 'farewell concert' that would be held in both Korea and Japan in June.

Regarding this, the three members' side stated, "We've never heard about this farewell concert," and "At the moment, nothing has been set and both side are still trying to come to an agreement."

On the other hand, TVXQ is planning to release their 29th single 'BREAK OUT!' on the 27th this month and will be releasing their first Best Album on the 17th of next month.

Source: [heraldm]
Translation credits: jeeelim5 @ tohosomnia
Shared by:

well whether its true or not
have to wait and see until the news is real
and written but trust worthy people.
but hu can trust entertainment these days. =.=


well guess wud
this morning it started off with me doing history
then it got bored so i changed it to english
then it got worse so i read my past diaries which dated back to 2005
then it got soo boring i fell asleep on my bed.
then i thought i needed to study so i did amaths
i did one question and was getting tired so i read my emaths book
but then it was too boring
so i went to help my mum to cook.
while i was well so called scraping the carrot
i scraped my finger as well and well it was really bloody
made carrot muffins with my blood in it (^~^)
then while my mom was cooking
i went to watch tv since she did not need my help.
I WENT BONKUS! cuz MNET asia music awards was on!
i havent got a chance to see super junior yet
and i think i missed it cuz me parents are watching japan hour.(urgh!)
but never mind i saw DBSK!!!but sadly there was only Xiah,Hero and Michy.. :[
u-know and max was no where to be seen :[
so i thought why? and heres the reason

Mnet Invited TVXQ For Their Year-end Awards

On the 16th, it was revealed by Mnet’s office that they have invited TVXQ, whose members are in the midst of a legal dispute with their management company, to attend their year-end awards “Mnet Asian Music Award” (hereafter known as MAMA). This year’s MAMA will be held on the 21st November, Seoul, Jamsil Gymnasium.

Their office said, “MAMA’s aim is to show the rest of Asia Korea’s culture” and “the award ceremony will be aired across the 10 main countries in Asia, like Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, where TVXQ is the best artist. Thus, Korea’s top artist cannot be excluded from the invitation.”

On MAMA’s end, they have expressed interest in inviting TVXQ to attend their awards. On the 16th, they said that they would get in touch with TVXQ’s management to see whether it would be possible for them to attend or not. However, TVXQ’s company, SM Entertainment has declared that they would not be attending MAMA, so a lot of attention has been cast on TVXQ to see whether or not they will attend.

An official from the KPOP industry said, “Last month, the courts approved a partial injunction to the 3 members’ exclusive contract with the company, and the 3 members are allowed to participate in their own individual activities” and “while we hope that all 5 members can attend together, the possibility of only the 3 members attending is high”.

MAMA is holding their award ceremony on the 21st, which was originally the date of TVXQ’s concert in China. However, SM Entertainment claimed that, “The 3 members expressed that they did not wish to participate in the concert that was to be held on the 21st, and the remaining performances are uncertain.” In contrast, the 3 members’ side claimed that “From the beginning, the China concert (Shenzhen) was not in the contract.”

A representative from a company for idol groups said, “SM Entertainment and the 3 members have differing opinions, and the dispute is becoming more serious. Disbandment might be inevitable.”

Source: [WoW!Korea]
Translation credits:
Shared by:
Do not remove/add on any credits

sad right?!?! SM cuz of you guys these guys may never perform again!
and i was freaking saving money to see their concert!!
i hope they wont disband and stay together though the chances are rather low.
but hey im gonna be optimistic and say SM ya going down!
the fans wont let you do this to them.i think.haha.

well im gonna go..gonna make green tea
ate too much for dinner sigh.haha!
looks like im going horizontal!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Listening To:love in the ice

well this is my first post of 2010~!!
there wont be any resolution for me
im just going with the flow of 2010.
its going to be another stressful year
and i bet you it'll be 2011 before you know it.
well today did nothing much.
my parents wanted me to go out
but i was tired
so i was like dun wan go..then i change and everything
then went out the door my parents said if i i didnt want to go then dun need go..
so okay,then i just stayed at home change back to my house clothes
then did my art..which i have finished :]
not even an hour!haha
then after that used the com
continued reading the DBSK lawsuit.
then fad up watched videos of them instead.
hope 2010 will be a better for those guys.cuz i dun want to see them disband :[
honestly it would be real pity is SM entertainment let them go.
it is really rare to see pure koreans able to sing acapella in japanese
and in any genre do they prove themselves the best.
of course BOA also is an awesome singer.
but having this group together able to sing so well
it will be a big let down if they ever disband or something.
really.gosh thats why i cant stand music entertainment.
oh!michael jackson is on channel 5! singing my fave song hee..
sigh.such a great singer he is..
well im gonna go..watching vids again.
and i think dinners ready..i didnt eat lunch and im hungary >.<

hmm after thinking i decided i should make a new year resolution
haha but trust me its really stupid.
ok so here it is
-my New Year Resolution for 2010-
1.get 19 points and below for 'N'
2.score 2/3 for history and SS more often with oji-chan
4.DBSK lawsuit dosent make then disband
5.find something awesome more happier?
7.pierce my ear..i hope.
8.get more stuffs for myself :] more attention in class
10.go to japan one last time before he moves on to the next world.

so u see my new year resolution is very boring
well adidos then!