Thursday, February 14, 2013

To the secret you

You will never notice me
You will never know how I feel
I always end up being the only one liking the other person
Guess you were bored today
Guess Im nothing but a friend

Alls fine

I just need to shut myself out
Why did I ever I had a chance
Have I not learnt my lesson before?
Because da past I'm afraid to ask
Scared to be ridiculed
But I'm still young
What's there to worry?
But I feel isn't now the best time to be with someone?

When your still young and active
Not nonsensically busy
Still innocent and passionate
Now's the best time
But no
I'm just me
I'm just an invisible flower people step on and look over as I lay among the other more beautiful flowers around me.

However I just wished
I had the guts
To ask
I just wish I was not scared by past events
All the I wishes
But even before I could do anything
We said our goodbyes
I will still get to see you
I know

Maybe it's time for me to not think about such things anymore
Imma live alone, strong without love.
Let the ice take over my heart and let it stop beating.
When da time comes it will happen.
I hope.

[Just some random thoughts haha~~ dosent mean anything ><
Happy Valentines guys!
Sorry for the emo post but as I said it was
Just some thoughts :)]

Sunday, February 3, 2013

About a wild night

Hi all,
yes i am still alive and well.
However i feel damn sick. So sick that i feel i could regurgitate any moment but  shall not go there.

Anyways, Yes i am back from my friend's chalet and what an epic night it has been.
It started off a bit boring cuz we reached her place early and only 3 of us were awake as the rest took nap.
At like 6pm we decided to cycle and we did!
Omg been such a long time since i last cycled so i felt so free. Not to mention the bikes i rented were really good unlike the one at ECP where the bike is either too high or too for you.

After we came back (and after we waited for 2 girls who got lost in the park to come back rofl), i went to help them with the fire. Then soon more people strolled in.
It was kinda fun hanging with lamas and my sem 1 mates haha~~
It was past 11 when they left and it was just qq's friend and lamas.
Now this is where the terrible part comes in-- drinking.

Since it was my first time staying over they made me drink...and i felt that it was alot la but i dunno.
I remember it was so bad i cant even walk straight..its amazing how i could climb down the stairs.
eventually i gave up and stayed on the first floor. lolz.
After that more embarrasing  incidents occured   (One incident is that fact that i actually spoke in japanese..this shows i was really tired..i only slip out japanese when im sleepy)
Eventually i was half-awake and knocked out by 4am. i woke up at 6am+ feeling better then slept on the hard floor again. But finally woke up at 7.30am.

After that we all just practically stoned..and though being really sorry to our friend, we kinda left first because we were all tired. No joke.
I came home at 9+ and just headed to bed and slept till 12.
No joke man i was damn tired.

I probably will never drink this much ever because yeah i dun feel like suffering how i am suffering now..
Its yeah i shall take care of myself more.

Okay then im signing off because im feeling sleepy again. Life.
haha~~ Hope i am able to go skool tmrw ><

Bye Bye~~

Friday, February 1, 2013

Visual Post

To be reporters excited for the full dress rehersal 

Me and my unnie

Big smiles from our pro photographer

Just another scene in the evening 

'Snow' with the moon as its background. Something to expect at Chingay this year.

Nearing 11pm

Helping out at Open House. Lamas [w/o ah hui ;( ]

Semi formal wear for Marketing

Music is my saviour

my new cactus <3 p="">

Rilakummas are loved. 

The tag that brought me great experience over the past 5 weeks

Guess who passed her JLPT N4? 

One of the days when the sunset was striking. 

About le classmates.

Hey lovely people out there

Standard question "How's life?"
well, equally busy yet fun.
I swear i have the best class this sem.
I can feel crap in the morning wanting to crush everything in my way but when i go into class,
BOOM my mood goes up to level 100. haha~~

Jokes on penguin, Exhibition J, Penguin bullying and bothering exhibition J with
"Where are you going after school?!?" and shaliza with " ma lurve~~ we are on time out" regarding her 'relationship' with exhibition J.

All the many epic stories i can never finish saying through the night.
Lets see...

My half-indian buddy suhail who got me into counter strike, who gets easily happy when his kill rate doubles mine (like duh! dude, i was never a gamer until alpaca gave me L4D2, now thats when i went mad) and got me back to watching soccer (CHELSEA FTW but torres please stop trolling and Benitez...*facepalm*)

My other epic classmates arianna,maurice who are very random but very lovely (and badass may i add).

The outgoing trio, shaliza, wydia and shanu who goes out to causeway point just to get pasar malam
 The quiet yet powerful duo Azreen and aina :)

 the sem 1 classmates who i can work better with now jenell and dawn, i guess i just had to know them more and talk with them know to understand more about them.

My ultimate kpop spazzers Dewi and Nadia (Hoyaaa~~ <3>
[ Who am i gonna spazz with now? I was kinda glad i found fellow kpoppers cuz i think in my course its very rare to find kpop loving people. I dont know, i just feel like that. I mean, is it such a crime to like kpop? I think not. Plus kpop is just another music genre i listen to. So dont judge me just cuz i listen and spazz arbout kpop.]

Blender who still insists on calling me cow. North-korean Josh who just likes to bring up the fact that i killed his great great great grandfather (which i of course didnt okay..i dont remember my past life.) also he goes on a rage mode whenever i kill him on CS and his awkward bestie Joon lei..that basically likes to wear really short pants, rap really fast to his guppy joke and yes. He's exhibition J.

I think i basically named our everyone who's always in our class.
Also, to my close friend outside my class,whom i met oh-so spontaneously. Ms alpaca tan a.k.a Vernice. This ramen loving girl whom im always sorry to not be able to accept her request of hanging out. Love her so much for going to One Ok Rock concert and showing me the japanese culture in Singapore.

Of course, i did not miss out my Lamas who's always been there for me.
The Lamas, QQ, Cheryl, Annabelle,Yuhui,Brindha,Ai Li and Vivian
The lamas who made me more outgoing exploring new stuffs *cough* vodka *cough* and more comfortable with my surroundings. i can never thank them enough for changing an introvert like me.

So that is my heart-felt story about my class for far and the fact that week 14 is almost ending with week 15 fast approaching.
Not to mention my first year in poly is almost over.
For my modules, im not confident in passing but i have a fairly stable daily grade...except for media writing..thats another story.
 As much as i loved my Sem 1 class, sem 2's class made me feel more comfortable and everyone is just very 'into'. [ We watched 2 bollywood movies this week and we cried as a bonded can we get]

I hope our class wont change but what are the gonna miss every little thing that has happened so far in our classes.