Thursday, July 19, 2012

long time no post ;)

hey! wow i havent blogged in such a long time.
please pardon my long absence as i have been immersed into the world of tumblr. haha.
Do check out my tumblr its 
yeap :)

Anyways, i just read a blog post from the lead singer of My First Story. Their japanese and yeah their not bad. alternative rock, my type of music, haha, which reminds me i have to change the songs on this blog soon :) im starting to slowly teleport myself out of the kpop world. ok yes i still listen to kpop sometimes but after the one ok rock concert. my thoughts kinda changed and yeah i have been back to listening to rock songs. what is different is that these days i am listening to J-rock ^^

So back to my story of reading his blog. It is all in japanese by the way so i did struggle a bit to understand the kanji but hey! i managed to read it! my time in jap class is not wasted man, im actually learning something! haha. 
So yeah he was writing how he decided to be alone today. He ate alone, listened to songs alone,walked place around alone etc. and he said it was good for a change. he also said how by spending time alone you can find your own weakness and work on it. 

as i read his post i realised how i havent made time for myself at all. i remember during the holidays i took some money and suddenly left my house for town. With earphones plugged in my ear i trudged down orchard looking at people, going to kinno buying random mags, walked around just to see whats happening. and i realised i should do it again soon. i've been so busy lately. School from monday to friday, jap class after school on tuesday night, it is currently exam period too, i just finished my 2nd last paper not to mention i try to please everyone and go out and stuff so i didnt really have time for myself except in the morning. Maybe that is one of the reason why i go to school alone these days. It is the only time i can really be alone.
The feeling of having your earplugs plugged in playing your fave playlist, looking out the window seeing cars past just kind of calm you down and give you a break from the hectic life.

However right now i just want to drink and have a puff. I cant wait till im 18, probably will buy a pack and keep it so i can puff whenever i wanna but i bet you i cant finish it. i dont know but i always wanted to try to smoke and sounds like an awesome feeling. ah well if i cant smoke then just let me drink. i feel like drinking and just staring into the night sky.

okay i will stop this nonsense and just go practice my guitar now :) but i will fuifill my wish of drinking after exam most definately. cant take this constant stressfulness i need a break.

well nights :)