Saturday, July 24, 2010


yea,love this song :D

i love grey skies, just as i stand neutral against everything

this is my fav song from sj(K.R.Y) but this version is way better
back to blog this week's events
well there arent many cuz i rested skool for 2 days.
thats the longest mc i ever got this year man.
apart from the very first week of skool. haha.
on weds morn woke up damn giddy,eye wasnt focue so went to the doctor.
waited for 2 hours =.=
in the end,the doc said that this was due to the straining tension around my eyes and furthermore i seem not to have enough sleep.oh well i mean i get the least hours of sleep is 3 hours but the longest on weekdays is 5 hours at most.lolz.that should be enough wud rite?sigh.

anyways,guess what
today i went for tution at 9.30 then went lot 1 around the afternoon with rents.
bought my needs for skool and pants.i finally bought one pair of pants!!oh yea!
well the pants is of course for guys but its okay :D then i also got this long sleeve shirt,
kinda cool.update my closet :]
after that followed my rents to IMM,hung around it was kinda fun
but too many people led my headache back again.. =.="
rushed home before 5.30 to watch happy together :D super hilarious.haha.
then just nice after it finished ker smsed me say she reach bp.
so went over to plaza to find the album and poster from her
also went daiso to buy snacks back.hehe.
finally synced all the songs into my mp3,im super happy!! (^~^)

well im done for now.waiting for my parents to finish watching this jap drama
so i can watch another jap drama called hammer session. its my current fav drama~~! :D

well off i go,haha nites!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010 mix well

lee seunggi Pictures, Images and Photos

so gonna squeeze a short post
before another hellish week
and from my really dull self today,
im feeling really sick and i can just puke any second,
but i felt like using the com,hence im here.

well tmrw onwards gonna suffer alot.again,
and thanks to school my healths deteriorating
as well as my eyes thanks to art and basically all the tiredness came today.
i suffered since amaths class this morn then finally rested a while back.
so now im here on the com,
im gonna be bringing a really sick self tmrw.gonna drink that chinese medicine again

well as i said its gonna be a short post
as im tired and sick
so before i go im gonna wish all the students out there
who is suffering as well,preparing for 'o' and 'n'
jia you!!!stay strong,keep yourselves healthy!!
if your really dead tired and sick dont go to skool
your health is more important then any education
but then for me right now i need to go to skool
cuz my mother tongue oral is around the corner and there MT tmrw..haha jeez.

well nites =.=

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Purple line let me set up my world :D

(ohhh super happy :D)

well hi (^~^)
haha im bloggin rare haha.
well its been at least one week since my last post..
nothing much happened in school i guess
it was really boring...really really boring haha.
and i woke up early and slept late these few days so im really tired today.

this morning went for SS class as usual
then halfway they said go for art,so went for art.
sewed and touched up some parts.
then went home but i debated really hard whether to go to plaza singapura
in the end i went.haha.was really tempted to go and the temptation won haha.
since my parents were going toa payoh, they said they will send me to newton.
dropped off at newton then took a train to doby ghaut.

i totally got friggin lost at the mrt station!!
i felt like a friggin tourist!!
i mean i got literally completely lost underground and being brushed passed against.
in the end i followed the signs and managed to get out just right.
then called ker find out where they are..haha this is the funny part.
she called and asked where i was,by then i was at starbucks
so she said..okay okay dun move,i find you.
so i waited then she called again asking where was i,i walked further up front and was turning around
then i almost banged into someone and haha guess what IT WAS KER!!hee
super hilarious.there was this guy doing some donation thing..he was laughing at us. =.="
omg haha,it was like one of those drama scenes,we couldnt stop laughing.

then we found out that it had to be taken next week so gillam and cindy went home
ker and i took a train down to somerset 313's HMV to see her CN Blue CD.
i went to look for dbsk's B-side collection.they were only selling A-side.
i didnt buy cuz i have all their songs on it and i only want the B-side.but then they didnt sell B-side...=.= instead bought that DVD i have wanted.ITS AWESOME!!they were selling cont stop cant stop as well.singapore edition.lolz.after HMV hung around then took the bus home.

seriously was super sleepy on the bus.but it was kinda fun,rather then staying at home thought i slept like for 2 hours when i got still sleepy.
haha i was so happy about the DVD!!they have 'hug' the international version
and omg its in english and they look so young...eehee,wonder if can convert and put inside my mp4. :D

well im gonna go,gonna stop writing so much haha
might post a story again tmrw hee,
well byez (=@~@=)

(P.S hee purple line is on XFM dbsk :D)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

happy gags :S

my current mood (>~<)
TVXQ! Pictures, Images and Photos
Yoosu for extra :D
cute yoosu in paris Pictures, Images and Photos

well haha im here to write again on my blog
this month been updating.
well,today went back to skool for SS mock exam
seems like no post-morning syndrome for cher today haha.
glad she didnt have, cuz i dont think my ear can handle another scolding.

this whole week been very busy
always went home around 6-7.30pm? yea.
around there thanks to art.jeez.
really art is killing me.i practically almost broke down when the teacher said
my art was not okay... 0.0
but i kept telling myself,its okay i can do it,i can do it~!!!
if not i think im gonna result in painting mixed media seriously..

sigh well, oh hee,this week no other's mv was released!!
aww leeteuk looked so cute (^~^)
and heechul was smiling so much~!!! hee AND HE WAS WEARING A MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SHIRT~!! (*V*)
i went super hyper over that,though i only realised it today.

well weirdly i have no idea why but im listening to SS501 songs...
damn random...i dun even like them? i dun even noe their names!!
but i do like the music.sigh,
dbsk still no news,just more disappointing news...i feel so sad :[
but im really looking forward to JYJ's global album which they are recording in the US.
well i was bored again so i did my past time of reading people's blogs
haha mostly were juniors,i have no idea why but its so weird.
like they are from another planet!!haha,i think im just the lamest person ever
hence am like a alien in this school.

i totally had a good break today,didnt do anything except transfer more songs
and also slept after i came back from skool
ate my usual cup noodle which i wasnt able to eat for 2 weeks.
miss the taste of kimichi cup noodle :]
im asking my mom to cook miso soup today,its so cold.

speaking of my mom,she was really serious of sending me to language skool!!
omg.please 'n' level dont come so fast!!!
then i can relax a bit now and not dread of attending more classes after exam.
well i dont mind though cuz then i can be truly a translator and finally read
all those japanese articles of dbsk :D
really miss them saying T-V-X-Q.and also i miss bigeast station
but till they come back as a group the fans including me would be waiting :D

well i want to do more transferring and video surfing
so byez!

Monday, July 5, 2010

happiness!mirotic!dum dum dum....

well hey~!
im here to blog again
its so weird that im paying attention to my blog now haha~

well currently my fb page is being flooded by couple pics
and couple msgs
and people who are depressed cuz they got rejected mesgs.
dang just get over it man!romance really does not exsist in this world
so kid get over it!!

well my dad brought KFC back from my grandma's house.
i really love my grandma.i wish i could be with her,though we may not talk much
she was the one who saw me through pri skool
i miss her so much.cant wait till after 'N' im gonna go to her house!

gonna have tution later,chinese worse still.
just realised oral is tmrw and i aint prepared.
this morning woke much with a running nose.jeez.totally not my day.
im feeling ill.
well sad thing is today i cant watch JK hits again :[
cuz tution starts at 5.30 sigh~ super sad.

well then i better go.
"upgrading"my mp3 again.hee.
well buh bye thenz!
life of a student is hard,but i shant complain much.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

a day filled with relax.

hey! well im here to blog again.
had a long week in school and well tmrw is a holiday.
more time for me to prepare my english oral.
im super not prepared!plus when i checked it out
im actually the last in the group :[
i pray the topic aint about mrt, i mean i rather have like a 'confidence' question
rather then "what do you think about the new rule of being fined when found eating in the mrt" i might just tell the examiner to go read the forums online.haha.
which would of course award me with a fail.

sigh anyways moving on,skool was really tiring. stayed till 6 cuz of my art piece
missed every JK hits vid everyday. hurt my eyes in the process of sewing.
well im currently watching 2 days 1 night again hee.
just now i watched dream team,super hilarious.
okay im getting addicted to korean tv nowadays.why?
beacause...other channels are boring.really.
star world,nickelodeon,channel 5,channel 8 etc.
ok with an exception of some disney channel show like phineas and ferb
other then that literal boredom.

so i reading the papers today
to update myself for oral.its really i said a long ago
i stopped reading the newspaper cuz it was really depressing.
but its all for the sake of oral.
im not saying we should not read newspapers cuz it gets to one's emotions
but really try reading a page and its really sad.

anyways i was reading urban of the friday section where people get money from bloggin and so them lucky la.
earn money just like that =.=
why are some people so lucky? i belong to the 90% of people who are dang unlucky in life.really.since i went to sec i've been dang unlucky.=.=

well i've wrote enough off to go watch the show :D
buh bye!!