Sunday, February 28, 2010

party lets party :D

Choosey Lover Pictures, Images and Photos
well well
the weekend is almost over
sigh havent got enough sleep yet..
been busy this weekend,yet super exhausted.

anyways totally into the song 'choosey lover'
its super nice la!
first time i heard i was like hmph not nice
but the more i hear the more i like
got this club-groove beat..
sigh its the end of feb so fast rite?
haha,tmrw is 1st of march
super fast la,soon imma turn 16 then 'n' levels
then end of 2010 then if go sec 5 '0' lvls
then turn 18,
i am actually looking forward to when i turn 18
now 16 is like only can watch nc-16 movies
which is a nice graduation from pg-13 movies but haha
it feels unfair that at this age Americans can drive and have a big party.

haha well choosey lover is sitll playing on my com over and over
cuz i cant get enough of it haha
super nice la! 'party lets party'
cant wait to march hols,
im so going out with cheryl,davita and jas..
i miss them SOOOooooo much
then im still debating if i should cut off my hair..
and go back to short hair..haha

well its getting late
tmrw must wake up early..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

With All My Heart- utube vid+translated lyrics

With All My Heart by tvxq :]

the reflected image in the mirror of the wrongly buttoned shirt/ if you were here/then it wont be so troublesome i think

the time we couldnt meet/strengthened our love/if we were to stumble upon our words,slowly lets just kiss instead

the times (we) wait/goes past fast as we get busy

so much/so much/but

i just wanted to meet you/im always thinking of you/from my heart(of you)

just one more time/'my heart' i just wanted to tell you

if you call/i will go (to you)/i want to laugh by your side

as the time went by

the pain in your heart hurts so much that you can't stop it i want to heal it for you

if i cant meet you now/i'll just carry your burdens/

carry it (for you),carry it (for you),see

on any kind of day/i think of you/from my heart (of you)/

never will i, 'your heart' let it go

if you cry, i will go(to your side)/i want to protect u,always

if you seek for something/

i will give it to you/

if it means i'll see your smile/i will grant your every wish

'i wish' i want to meet you (always)/i always think of you/from my heart,of you

how many times '2 hearts' i will 'smile for you'/

even if your sad or if your happy/i want to laugh beside you

'my love'

'with all my heart'

'find me and i'll be there for you'

okay so tvxq latest song from the album got 2

one is called 'with all my heart' and another one is 'toki wo tomete' if i am not wrong..translated
it means'stop that time' im not good at translation kays..
anyways i ruffly translated the song 'with all my heart'
i have tried my best so pls not hate comments on it

so here is it is,

[things to note: /<--this sign shows a meaning for each sentence they sing

'....'<--this sign is da english part]

boring boring day

tvxq Pictures, Images and Photos
(love this song super nice! next to with all my heart)
wuds up!!!
well today was a really boring day
but rather relaxing as well
morning went to skool for CIP
was uber boring but during the performance something happened
and well,it was entertaining..haha
after that boring as usual
nobody open door like only 3 people open door la!
then go back skool,then i just left..
i heard the cher say i can go,so i just went off
but then like nobody dismissed
so i just fad up came straight home

watched videos
watched the SJ movie
i noe its quite old la,but so funnie la
donghae looks cute in there haha
but the plot was rather weird.
been looking for nice japanese drama to watch
but cant find any nice ones so watching old ones.
these 2 days i kept listening to bad girl by B2ST
its a awesome song
now listening to u-kiss -without you
its nice :D
today had the whole house to myself
still havent got the chance to return my library book
ahhh choice but pay fine lor.
mayb monday i go return.
then on da way home,buy some shojo manga..
i still havent found the thing i want lo
i tink need go plaza sing or IMM
but ahh well wait first la
save money
i wonder how much does learning kendo cost?
i seriously want to learn
cuz i cant dance,i cant sing,instead i am impatient
so kendo is a good choice..or mayb taekwando
duno leh i wan learn these stuff..haha
or mayb i'll take that hip hop class in CCK gym there.

sigh my left leg still hurt from the impact of the fall on friday
hurts like shit..mayb i fractured it or something
but it hurts yet dosent hurt..i cant explain la..
then my right ankle i sprain,stupid staircase.
i realize as i get older the more clumsy i super irritated
by the time im 25,i think i fall on a banana skin
then kana hit by car la!wah lau...

anyways,well imma go sleep
well i slept from 6-7.50 just now
but i still sleepy. the weeks late night exhaustion now then come.
tonight dinner was da bao so sad.
my parents bought ramen from that bishamon resturant at BP
they say its nice compared to other ramen stores in singapore
i say it tastes too salty and well horrible.
im still very thirsty ok..msg.
im so sad my blog the side pic kana delete..
stupid me.
haha well imma go
so bye bye (^~^)

Friday, February 26, 2010

tiring day but awesome

long time no blog eh!
haha just thought my dad how to blog and stuff
exams are officially over,
think im really gonna die..
hope i dun fail miserably.
if not i wont be able to go to the paramore concert..sad.

well today was super fun just that mood swings kicked in the afternoon
then finally able to play basketball super happy
go indoor there play
long time never play sia!
super tired now
then go tution,
eat,come back 9,use com till now
tmrw must go skool
stupid CIP
ahh well hope everything goes well :D

imma go sleep now..
waking up at 6.30 tmrw cuz im taking LRT to skool haha
super excited to take the train so early in the morn
eh hu free tmrw to go out?
cuz my parents are going out..then i feel lonely haha
if can go out sms leh haha

Thursday, February 18, 2010

super stressed out...stupid stupid exams...

im here posting in the end haha
really dun feel like doing my amaths.
super pissed off la!
i duno how to do one ques,tat ques looks so super simple but i dun get it
i seriously am out to fling my fucking paper.
since my parents are out for a walk,
im using the com.heck care la later then study
im so super pissed with amaths already
maybe i should go ahead and drop it too
drop it then change plans and never take engineering.
stupid stupid stupid amaths..
ahh!!im friggin fuming right now la!super pissed..duno why

anyways today was another stressful day for me cuz
being the chairperson need in charge of the stuffs then like wah lau
liek the registration...super annoying.cannot study properly
go ask the bloody form teacher in charge la..wah lau,affect my study sia
i see his face sian already.
wah lau...pissed.
i think i should take up yoga or some anger management class.
i think i can break down any moment jeez!
wahhhh super pissed! haha..

anyways im gonna stop my rambling and relax a bit
mayb play guilty gear or boxhead to release my stress.
now probably everyones cramming amaths or POA
but for me i have given up,i really dun want to do anything about amaths..
i'll rad a book before i sleep so it can spark my ideas for essay tmrw..
luckily english is essay,my fave thing in the whole world.
haha well,
imma go

"u keep playing with my heart.
i tried my best to forget you
changed everything of me
so that i could erase you
but yet u are still there
when i sit alone in the winds
its you who i think of suddenly
can you just leave me be
leave my thoughts and dreams
just tell you hate me to the core
and never talk to me
act cold to me i dont care
cuz now i find it hard to think
i have enough in life already
so just give me an answer already
you already have a GF
so just please tell me u hate me in my face

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

happy b'day to the another member of many memebers born in feb,haha

i know its early but i have no choice
cuz im not gonna be so free to update my blog tmrw
i think.
well anyways

Happy B'day changmin oppa!
have a great birthday!
may your wishes come true :D

changmin Pictures, Images and Photos
Changmin and Yunho Pictures, Images and Photos

boring day which went super fast..ZOOM ZOOM!

GREEEEN Pictures, Images and Photos
haha hello
well its late at night but i felt like blogging so here i am!
haha well,after weeks of debating whether i should cut my hair
i just chopped my fringe haha
u see no difference cuz i swept it to the side
but seriously i really want to change my hairstyle! where can i find
an awesome hairstyle which is not popular now? haha
the bob?gosh thats so last year

anyways u may ask why i have the sudden urge to use the com.
its cuz of my mom la.
say theres this news on a dbsk member's twin brother is debuting in china.
she pointed the person in my picture and it was jaejoong
then i went..but jaejoong have no twin brother wud
if i remember correctly it was junsu hu had a twin brother.
so i sneaked for the laptop after my parents went into their room
hence im here!haha
well i desperately looked for the stupid news but cannot find
finally give up go to yahoo japan,which i knew was where my mom read
found it and felt like strangling my mom
it was indeed junsu's brother.haha.
i went to utube saw comments tat he may even stop by in singapore :D
haha mayb junsu would accompany
but i have no mood to go as,i dun wan to be in the same situation
as my dear friend syah hu almost get crushed and mobbed
during shinee's fan meet at lot 1.
haha.i tink shes traumatized anyways today syah and i were talking.
only 2more weeks to parmore concert!!seriously cant wait to see hayley!!haha!

ahh well i guess thats all for today
it was a rather tiring but fast day,morning ms cher mood not good
scold,and scold.then went on to recess then lessons art
syah and i were super hyper,english corrections,mt papers.
the end.was supposed to stay back for a briefing but didnt bother
cuz i had tution at 4pm and i noe the briefing would not be over then
i wanted to go for amaths remedial but couldnt cuz i knew once again
that it would end later then 4,so came home
had a really unhealthy lunch(cup noodles,coffee,more coffee and a soft drink)
gosh super unhealthy,i dun wan my mom to noe i bought more cup noodle
so i kept it in my room.haha.

well its getting late so i think im going to go.
im dreading the 27th,have to go cip alone..super sad.
somemore that day my parents not at home leh!can go out!
shittttz.ahh well.
buh byez!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Over Mountain Across River 1/3 [English subs] 28.11.06

such a touching story,made me cry so much,

BAReeeeeeeeeeN - 足跡

a nice song :]

Listening To: BigBang-koe wo kikasete.(let me hear your voice)

Big Bang:) Pictures, Images and Photos
these few days at home
has been giving me a good break.
i have yet to do my homeworks
but well i think i can touch 'em later.

i woke up late this morning
though i did wake up at 5.30 all of a sudden,had a sudden moment where i couldnt breathe.
cannot sleep so just randomly took my photo album from my desk
then saw pics of my grandmother and grandfather..
i still feel so sad,i still cant believe their gone just like that.
i feel so sad, but the last time i went to japan
made me realised i did somehow belong there.
my cousin,the youngest one is the closest to me.
he is super crazy about pokemon and he plays the sport i love to watch soccer.
haha too bad i couldnt see him play that time he had a match
then my oldest cousin,which some say looks like me and i dun believe
twice i went there and she became like the older sister i never had.
we talked about japanese dramas,which i never got to do around here
and the last i went she took me for a walk with the house's dog
(which can i mention i love too haha) its nice to experience how its liek to have siblings.
how much more laughter you can have
though how much you may want to hate them
they are still you younger or older siblings
we only realise what really means to us only after their gone.
so cherish the moments to have with the people u may hate but love.

ahh im seriously getting too depressed.
i need coffee,either that or beer.
sigh.i wouldnt mind a cigarette,but it would just leave a stain in my lungs
and kill me 40 years later.
i wonder whats it like to go the wrong road?is it awesome?
or is it the same?wouldnt wanna try but just thinking.
as im getting too depressed on my post
i will probably post something funny later :D

well ciao people
hope u had a great 2nd of CNY and heard the SCDF siren.


p.s my cousin just got her ears pierced...wonder when i can get mine,
wondering if its pain anot..hmm...

"i wanna be free like a bird
fly in the skies
to somewhere nobody
can ever ever catch me
i dun care if i fall
cuz i noe it'll be all
i wont be lost
cuz i'll find my way
just a route to the wrong and people say me
but i dun care
cuz its just my thoughts only."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Listening To: BAReeeeeeeeeen-(足跡)ashimoto

2-1 Pictures, Images and Photos
ok im back for a proper post..haha
well hana kimi was awesome
it made me realise how much i miss that drama so much :[
i think imma go watch it again when i have the time.
i remember i was really into during sec2 haha..
that was the drama which made me want to watch more dramas
and study jap properly.
so quite good memories. :]

anyways last night had renunion dinner,quite fun
but tiring cuz my cousin made me play snap with her a hundred times.
then today wake up early
to pray at the temple with my grandma
then go to her house for a visit..
the whole way i was sitting at the back of the van listening to mp3..haha
came home at like 2 then watch tv they were playing non-stop dbsk vid:D
play DS a while then go do homework
rewrote my english essay cuz didnt feel liek doing anything else.
then bathe,use com
finally found BAReeeeeeeeen MV
its a really nice song and group :D
i want to go buy the cd..

this year i may not have much hongbaos but its ok.
i only have 5 every year so..ok la..haha
enough for me to buy that toy and CDs.>.<

well currently listening to BAReeeeeeeeen and waiting for 10.30 so can hear yess 9.33
well imma go and find more fanfics to read..

P.S should i chop off my hair again?
im thinking if i should go back to
short not sure..but i also like me long hair...hmm...
well this is gonna be a quick post
cuz im wanting to watch hana kimi special
and its already started..u noe mayb i'll update later..
too rush canot type....

laters then.

TVXQ funny dance

omg super hilarious and yunjae action was so cute...haha

Friday, February 12, 2010


this song is to my friends :D find the eng version if u want :}

TVXQ - Crazy Love MV (eng sub)

heee..since hor..gonna be valentines day soon im gonna make a valentine playlist.cuz
i noe i wont be able to use com..tmrw so i'll post 2 vids today...

happy early valentines my friends :D
love u all...

the day i really stunk.

well today never go skool haha
morning woke up at 7.30,.
wait till my parents go to work then start cleaning the house.
wash the fan.carpet,sweep the floor. etc.
then after that bathed went to lot 1 met with bryan then wait for syah.lydia and fiona
after that weiqiang came then wait for jordan hu took a super long time to come.
then went to causeway eat seoul garden
but hen like got party so we had to wait for them to clear ask us leave number then they call when their done..
walk arnd.fiona and i went to look for my new year clothes while lydia they all went to library.
so we walk walk and hour later went up..they nver col la.
then can go in.we go in.lucky we signed.
never reserve cannot go in..haha!lucky!
so until for so long.super full.
then fona,jordon,weiqaing and bryan say want go watch movie..
so lydia,syah and i say bye cuz we couldnt watch.
after a while suddenly got phone col.
it was bryan..say cannot watch cuz ticks sold out..
the three of us laughed and high fived each other haha..
they came back then still say want to eat ice-cream
so i waited for them while they eat..i didnt feel like eating anymore.
went out stunk like the barbeque smell.
then my mom ask me buy another went to search.
realised it was already 5.10...rush to mrt.
then said by to they all
i ran to the down at phonix ran to ten mile.
reached just in time.

teacher came then he asked me.."do u smell food?"
then i was like"uh..sorry cher..its i went to barbeque..sorry arh."
then he laugh then say he come teach me feel very hungry becuz the smell so strong.haha.
then finally 7.30 walk mood to eat.

haha so thats my day today.quite fun..i show my mother the shirt..
she say the grey one is ok but the yellow one got number'47' behind..then my father say
dun i was like ok lo..i go find a patter n sew superstitious..

well im gonna go..haha bye!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

when i die,i want the person to say LOOK!SHES MOVING!" :]

tvxq Pictures, Images and Photos

since go opportunity now to go on the com
im posting a well,post.haha

now watch MTV got SS501..keep sing la la la aiyo..
was watching and listening to bolero over and over again.
me like that song now..
it has a really nice meaning to it..
and congrats to tvxq for going to ellen!
so awesome 2 of my fave things coming together.
i hope they will go on to the ellen show!
would be super cool
just browsed through blogs..
wah didnt noe the person still complain sia..aiyo..
ahh well.
im pretty bored now
but later at 6 if can i want to watch the vids on channel 175
now keep doing about rain..pissed sia
do on dbsk la!
haha, i dun understand why people in my skool dun like sad.except for seah of course..hee.
anyways, still pissed at that guy for writing on my foolscap in permanent pen
SNSD right in the middle of the book, hence im not talking to him
im thinking whether i should even go out on friday lor.
got tution somemore i dun wan go out with him.hmph.
until he apologize or stop talking abt SNSD for once!
piss sia.ahh well i need to relax sia.
but too many homework..i think im gonna drown.sigh
i need a break..just 2 more days!!2 more days!!yes!i can do it!
ahhh well.hee. aiyo the song 3o minutes got part 1 and 2 wan leh?
i didnt noe..last time is the guy die,now is the girl die...whats up with that?
ahh well, i must stop watching taiwan drama shows already la..wah lau
speaking of dramas

super happy la...get to see oguri shun,ikuta toma and shirota yuu again!!

well im gonna go haha..bye!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

[ENGLISH SUBBED] 10th Choosey Lover DVD Part 1 1/2 [badstar]

so funnie :F

listening to:Thelma Aoyama - Fall In Love Feat. Tae Yang (love this sonq)

hi hi
well this will probably be my last post of the week
before i kinda go M.I.A
i would probably sneak to use the com
but wont bother to update my blog..
ok ok
so, i've already decided not to come skool on friday :D
also no use wan.
only physics...i wont bother
plus PE omg...i dont want to go.

well currently watching dbsk vids..
super hilarious,they are really a group
you can see how close they really are at those documentary things.
kinda sad to know how bleak their future may be
but whatever it is im supporting them :]
anyways..this whole week i hope wont be as bad as last week.
haha i just realized its like 1 month more to paramore concert!!
woot~!cant wait to feel the rush again~!
plus this time is with more people haha..
i really wish tvxq will be interviewed on ellen siol!

sigh,i havent done my homework nor iron my clothes hee.
dun bother..
probably iron tmrw morning and then do my homework tonight
while i listen to yes 93.3 for the japanese songs.
now smsing weiqiang...super bored..waiting for my vid to load
ahh well

imma go watch the vid now..hehe

buh bye!

TVXQ Drawing Psychology - [English Subtitles]

super hilarious ;D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

(Eng Sub) 091117 Backstage Pass with SHINee

the narrator creeped me out man,

[ENG SUB] DBSK talk about SHINee Backstage


Yunho Pictures, Images and Photos

hope you have a great birthday
and not think of anything cuz this is ur day:D

day of rest!!!yes!

ok finally i have time to type out stuffs.
this whole weeks been exhausting.
i wonder whats gonna happen after june sia.
i hope they stay together its so unfair.
i should have discovered dbsk earlier.
or liked their song earlier ahh well..haha

well my mum is currently watching yumin concert.
one of her fave singers,i like her also,her songs are nice.
anyways found this awesome channel just now on starhub :D
channel 175,free preview till 1 march
and it plays all korean music.i wanted to watch the MKMF
but my mum wanted to watch the concert so let her watch lor.haha.
just now they played dbsk-rising sun haha..
got super hyper then MTV kept playing big bang song
i didnt noe big bang last time had 6 members sia..hmm.
ahh well,
anyways my body is still tired from the run on thursday.
that i slept till 11 today haha!
ahh sweet weekends.
finally can use com,6+watch tv all jap and korean vids.
i wish got a channel with jap stuffs la..
where did music station go to?!?!
super unfair.

you know i seriously am considering to go pierce my ear...
but im scared.hmm...consider consider..haha
well tuesday i tink im gonna go buy new skool shoes :D
my current one got hole thus last friday with the heavy downpour
it felt i was walking barefoot in the water..but it was fun

anyways im gonna go off and see if theres something to eat in the kitchen
duno why im super hungry,,ahh well.