Thursday, April 30, 2009

avril lavigne Pictures, Images and Photos <--avril lavigne reminds me of miss chang >.<

Green Day Pictures, Images and Photos <--GREEN DAY'S BACKKK!!AND THEIR FRIGGIN AWESOME!

LOL Pictures, Images and Photos <--hilarious (>~<)

so tiring todae,
had e-maths paper 1 and SS.
e-maths completely sucked.. i was completely stuck at properties of circle.
maybe i should drop to N level maths..but i dun want too..(-.-)
SS was okay,i just hope for a pass..
but ive got to buck up ALOT..27 points wont bring me to sec 5..
aft skool supposed to have a-maths remedial but cancelled cuz less thn half the class.

thn i went to lot 1 while bryan fiona and lydia went to yew t play basketball i guess..
todays my dad b'day so i wanted to buy him a gift,
but canot find present,so instead i used the money
go buy cd..haha kelly clarkson-all i ever wanted, cuz i was emoing
the fact i didnt buy cds for such a long time.
thn got a call frm my mum hu asked me to help my dad
with work cuz todae alot of places since onli 1+ i said ok
thn went arnd to send glasses (^~^)
dinner went to KAP eat mac. saw arriel and viviene frm my pri skool..
they are so diff,arriel waved to me,but i hope she didnt recognize me haha..
i lk fatter now..both were mugging.
i have given up on my studies,as i am too tired to go on..
haha,got till fri nxt week for nxt test..history and e-maths paper 2..

haha..well i gtg..
gonna watch DVDs! cyborg she,21th centuary boys and red cliff 2(yay)
bye nya!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

back frm skool and straight to the com..
ok so mayb not STRAIGHT to the com but still
im eating my lunch here..okay!

so yesterday i didnt on the com was due to hong xing da jiang..
yay..dai yang tian won!! lk i can write his name!! 戴阳天
i tink he is the onli chinese actor hus name i can actually read and write.
i thought qi yuwu was 七雨五.but its harder..haha
yesterday morning went a-maths tution,thn went out,
since afternoon no e-maths tution (>~<)
i was SO happy..finally can go out!
went IMM..parents asked me to buy singlet..cua they cant stand me wearing long-sleeve
at home. so i bought mah haha.
thn went mei-jia.. OF COURSE went to kinnokunia.
bought hachimitsu clover..but my jap magazine wasnt thr (@~@)
so 2 weeks later thn go take.
oh and I FINALLY got 'VOICE' the dvd
i am SOO haoppy i was on cloud nine..

today nth much happened..except for art..we had to draw a mushroom,
and i purposely pretended to squash yiling's with the paper,the mushrrom was on
she thought it was real and broke my mushroom..the stem fell off and i cried.

NAH HAHA hu the hell would cey over a stupid mushroom stem?
im not tat emotional..i dun cry tinking why my fave flowers died.
heck i dun even like flowers(0.0)
anyways wrote too much
so im going off..gona c voice (^~^)

bye NYA!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

so tired..i took my e-maths mock test today
confirm faill.i was breaking my head ovr graphs.
i hate graph.3 hrs l8tr i ended with a headache..eek.
ahh well,i always fail my tution mock tests anyways..hope i dun fail the skool one haha.

yesterday i was watching full metal alchemist shintetsu
and its one of my fave anime now.
i love the songs too..its so cool!
i also finally heard the the song by greeeen called 遥か it is damn nice!
i liked greeen since the song キセキ so haha..
well i gtg.. gonna go watch more shows >.<
nxt weeks a busy busy day!!!
by by!!

 笑っていたくてアリガトウや Ah 

"we'll walk together
making our eternal love tangible
i want to always smile by your side
"thank you" and AH, "i love you"
just aren't enough,just at least let me say
im happy"

(p.s see arent the lyrics nice? i now its mushy,but its realli brilliant.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

funny animals Pictures, Images and Photos <---this kinda made my day haha
oh my gosh
this week was a total wreck!
i had no time to rest less thn 5 hrs of sleep..
veri tired.
today was mother tongue paper..eck. i tink im gona fail..
as always..i realli need to wrk on it,but i was too tired to revise.
i might also fail my SS class test yesterday. didnt understand the 1st qustion at all.
later need to revise maths,got maths mock test for tution tmrw..

sigh weds was a pretty rushing day too.
didnt expect the a-maths remedial at all.
thn had to cancel my chinese tution since my teacher couldnt make it
went skool for art club,thn 5:30 go remedial till 7. was pretty dun though >.<

ahh well. i miss my computer..whole week nvr touch the keyboard!!
haha well i gtg..need a lot of catching up to do..


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miwako Pictures, Images and Photos <--paradise kiss >~<
slam dunk Pictures, Images and Photos <--heh heh slam dunk

finally can use the com..
well at least tis is the last day i can use the com legally at least (^~^)
haha,thn aft this i'll be sneaking and using the com in the afternoon whn my rents aren't in haha.

today tution was horrible.
a-maths i seriously didnt get polynomials and i am horrified
how terrible dividing algebra gets.
for e-maths we had to calculate our teacher's taxes as part of learning
the chapter of taxing..
and i am glad i am still 14+ thank u very much.

after tution..thxs to bryan's phone calls throughout tution,
my jeans was still vibrating...he called like wud 13 times?!?!
i called him and met at yew tee point along with lydia..
thn go burger king eat..(hey i didnt eat anyting since 10 okay)
hu cares if i grow fat.i alrdy am,im not blind.
thn we talked,joked..laughed..ALOT.
oculdnt stp laughing dun noe why..bryan kept on slapping lydia.
lydia complained how many cells he has killed
and i asked him to stop in case he kills too much tat lydia would become a skeleton.
thn mum smsed me to buy some pitiful cheese.
i later asked my mum why they dun wan buy since they were at jurong point
she said later melt..
well guess wud IT ALRDY DID!!

so moving on after tat i told them abt the 11nd july ting.
i hope its not true..thn take mrt home
fight with bryan abt how we're gonna return as if we died
and how to protect singapore if a tsunami comes..
he said plant more mangroves..ok thn go find mangroves to plant bryan!
he said i'll come back as a jumping peach
i said he'll come bac as a green marshan hu can onli say "tweet tweet"
ahh well tis my ridiculous life..haha

well i gtg..i still have hey maths,a-maths wrsheet and social studies.
so terrible..and i need to practise painting..
i suck at it! i mean every colour i mix turns out fugly.
ahh well..

bye nya! (>~<)

Friday, April 17, 2009

so exhausted todae..
had oral finished at like 3 sumeting thn stayed in skool
till like 4:25 and made my way down to ten mile for tution.
during 3-4.25, during the midst of waiting for lydia,yiling and ming to finish cca
we took yiling's shirt and threw it arnd playing the game of monkey.
it was so hilarious.. we plaed at the corner of the canteen
and people who walked past us was probably thinkin "wud are they doing?!?"
haha but it was SO fun.

todae classes was rather boring except for chemistry.
chem cher showes us videos in between work so to not bore us off.
thn he showed us these real funny videos.there was this japanese prank and it was so hilarious!
haha..ahh well,if i found it i'll post it up here.
i currently am listening to laady sovereign's new song.
called so human.. i like her songs..its so nice!
love me or hate me was so fascinating..tat song was really cool (>~0)

well i gtg..i want to noe how to actually blog frm the phone..i tink can use..
i hope can thn i can blog offline too!so cool!

haha well ta-tas >.<

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hi hi
today kinda boring.
mother tongue teacher nvr come
mr dave come take over..
thn suddenly he started spot checking.,
thn people sabo each other lor..
wah heng todae nvr bring hp..heng heng..
ahh well..todae kinda short.
so im just gonna add tis song i like..
ok so its jap cares,thrs translation below it so haha..
hope u enjoy :}

Hitori - The Gospellers

"Aishiteru" tte saikin iwanaku natta nowa
Hontou ni anata wo aishi hajimeta kara
Hitomi no oku ni aru chiisana mirai no hikari
Setsunakute itoshikutu sui komareteku

You haven't said "I love you" lately
Truly, ever since I began to love you
I could see a small light for the future
Eager, Lovely, and Inviting (Lit:Inhaling)

*Tatta hitotsu no koto yakusoku shitanda
Kore kara nido to hanasanai to
Tatta hitori no tame aruite yukunda
Anata ni nido to kanashii uta
Kikoenai you ni

Only one thing did you promise me
That we will not separate twice because of this
I go for a walk, just to be alone
So that, for the second time,
I won't have to listen to this sad song

Fushigina kimochisa
Betsu no yume oi kaketa anata ga
Ima boku no soba ni irunante
Uta gattata sangetsu
Namida ga kyuu ni kobareta
Yurushi hajimeta gogetsu
Watagamari mo natsu ni toketeku

What a miraculous feeling it was,
When you drove away my horrid dreams
Just by being by my side
I didn't trust March,
It caused my eyes to overflow
But May came with forgiveness
I had no bad feelings- Summer melted them away



Mae ni(x4) koishiteta anata towa
Ima ha mou betsu no hito dane
Konna ni shizukani hageshiku
Anata no koto aishiteru

Before,(x4) I was in love with you
Now, I'm yet a different person
However, this kind of thing is silent because I'm passionately
In love with everything about you


Monday, April 13, 2009

home at they say home is the best..
sometimes at least to me.
for todae yea im happy.
nobody at home somemre..better..
tmrw got tution diao leh. thn tis fri i got eng oral.
so sway.
anyways exams are arnd the corner so ya..must study hard!

watching lady gaga now.
i like the way she dresses,its kinda skimpy yet cool.
haha she has alot of confidence in wearing those kind of clothes.
and her confidence is one which i wont gain in a million years haha.

today my mum was asking me why my hair is always frizzy.
that made me tink..shld i go cut my hair?hm..its kinda long alrdy..kinda wasted if i cut it now.
ahh well,anyways im gona go eat yesterdays soup with maggiee mee.
it smells realli ncie frm here haha..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

<--nature is the best arts

hi hi

so nth much today..of course..its the weekend

weekends are always boring and i always dread sundays

cuz it tution frm 11-4pm.(*~*)

i wanted to go yew tee point todae but thn no one to go with.

ok i had,but tat person didnt bring money..urgh.

i want to see how yew tee point is like..heard thrs burger king thr..

i wonder when is our NAFA.(^A^)

i mean exams are liek a week wud abt NAFA?(0>O)

i like NAFA except the 2.4km running part..eee i hate it the most..

im not a long distance runner..heck i dun like to run anyways.

no wonder i nvr slim down oh im so sad!

well i still havent done my homewrk(s) like social studies.

i dun feel like doing it. i mean i just burst my brain over stupid maths frm 11-4

of course one wont feel like it to sit down and study again!

mayb later..after i watch the devil wears prada..


oh and i found a nice new band. i tink their WAY better thn hey monday.

but hey mondays good too.

their called

kinda nice..though paramore is still da best (>~<)

well i gtg, need to rest..dinner's gonna be ready soon anyways!

ja ne (^~^)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

<---my messy table.nvr easy to clean it
<--my attempt to doing tat jewellery tingy
<--hehe tings i bought..tat mag comes with a free bag

just ate dinner and finished washing the dishes so here i am updating my blog (^~^)
anyways today i woke up at like 10am and my rents were out,
so i oned my com and started playing that facebook game again.
so fun! but the cooks were all like dying.

thn afternoon went out to mei-jia..
go kinnokunia. buy bks..duh.
bought hachimitsu clover the artwrk is just too cute! (0~O)
i found out koizora no6 was out so i bought it..kinda getting tired of nodame so..
u noe the onli set of comics i ever finished collecting was death note.
i got frm 1-13 and even L the last name book. now im seeing if i shld buy no14.yes there is number 14. its like the story after death note.
im lking forward to buying bakuman,da people hu drew death note produces it too.
i also bought tis jap magazine..
i asked my mom if jap skools,they are actually allowed to have their skirts short..
my mum was like"ya why not?" im terribly shocked..
so free their skool rules..somemore they just have to bring pencil box they onli bring pencil box,make-up kits and like hps and stuff(-.-) so lucky.

oh and i just started to do like the handphone jewellery ting..u noe u stick stuffs on phones and stuffs. i stuck it onto my mp3 (^~^) its kinda preeetty..haha.oh no im changing!

ahh well, gtg do my homewrk and other stuffffzzzz..

Friday, April 10, 2009

<---daigo yay!! thxs to minq im having fun with tis ting :} <---kamen rider den-o!
ok im re-writing the entire entry cuz im utterly bored..
and im happy to do so.
currently fun rate went down to ZERO!!
cuz i stopped playing the resturant game on facebook
haha sigh,today didn't go out kinda bored
but i spent the whole day in the kitchen,tats kinda fun enough for me (^~^)
the spaghetti sauce was nice..cant wait till weds to eat it!

anyways, i totally dun get weird.
vampire knight i watched 5 episodes and got bored..
the only animes i watched till the end was paradise kiss,get backers and holic
i liked paradise kiss..the clothes are just beautiful
sunday theres the devil wears watched it and i love it.
i wish i could steal my mum's sewing machine
i want to learn how to sew..
mayb during june..haha

im currently hyped up in learning how to rap in chinese..
u noe da zui ba or da mouth?
the guys rap is like WOW.
so i want to learn.
i can rap eminem,i can rap greeeen, i noe i can rap da zui ba.
but currently its sucky..haha, well i will work on it!
well i wrote like toooooo much.
so bye byeeeez!!
"days passes too fast,
life ends to early,
time runs by like water,
while we live like the road runner,
why not stop and stare,
far across the stairs,
mayb you'll find the reason,
to live,to love,to pray."
-qoute of the day by me >.<-

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mr. Big - To Be With You

love tis song,although its like early 90s,it has great lyrics..

currently at home bored off my mind..
sry to fiona, i said i would go to skool todae..
i was supposed to,so i woke up at 5:30,but when i stood up i felt dizzy,
my mum said i had i couldnt go thn sms syah thn go sleep.
wake up at 9, eat dad came home with my lunch at 10..
and guess wud he bought..pancakes..gosh hu the hell eats pancakes for lunch?!?!
i rather eat cup noodles thn tat!

after tat on tv and revise chemistry..i still dun get the whole putting numbers in front of the formula ting..
thn now on the com,waiting for the videos to load, but everytime it load canot play.
i seriously do not like my com..

sigh..i hate medicines they are so bitter as maths
ah well, still its for my health anyways..but i cant believe hw big those medicines can go.
the doc gave me tis vitamin c medicine which is like wud 5cm in lengh and 2cm in breadth?
hw do u expect me to eat it?!?!
hehe nw watching galileo sp,damn nice.. thn watching some interviews of ichihara hayato.
the way he speaks is like soooo cool and he can rap too!!
haha well i gtg..
need to eat pancakes..ugh..lunch as pancakes.i still dun get it >.<


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back frm the wet wet weather
i lurve wet weather
but not whn im walking.
i just got down frm the lrt..tinking ah heng the rain not tat bad
i tapo my card walk out c the rain so big canot even see the opposite building
so sway..
heng got bring umbrella. thn walk cars go past me
i wet suay.

now i keep sneezing..
i caught my mum's flu so i dun have any taste whn i eat anyting
later goin to c also considering if tmrw wan go skool or not haha.
sigh today classes were okay..
they were talking if class camp shld go cambodia..
i wan go!! but i can't my parents SO wont let me..i so suay..have overprotective parents haha
well i gtg..
need rest and finish eating these veri hard spagehtti..


Monday, April 6, 2009

David Archuleta Icon Pictures, Images and Photos
-so young!!-

whoo hoo
im so exhausted.
how can there be so many shades of lipstick colours fo rjust 1 lip for one person?!?!
gosh! todays my mums b'day
so i went out to lot 1 to get her a present..
luckily syah was there
if not i wouldn't noe how to survive.

since tis morning lydia kept asking for tissue.
at least tis morn was a minor thing. she just wanted tissue as she had flame..
why cant u just swallow it?!?! i kept telling her.
then on our way home,on the lrt she started having nose bleed.
her nose is really vulnerable to bleeding (-.-)

ahh well,heh heh just heard david archuleta's interview on 98.7fm.
he sounds singaporeanish. he just turned 18!how cool is tat?
anyways tmrw hes performing at tis new shopping mall called illuma or sumeting like tat which is opp. bugis junction. I WANT TO GO!
but confirm my rents wont allow..somemore next day skool leh (>.<)

ahh well ok i gtg..
need to sleep..i still have the bloody running nose.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

kamen rider den o climax form Pictures, Images and Photos
henshin < >.<>

just came bac frm tution.
morning rain so much so i ran home frm tution to grab my jacket..
it felt like winter!!it was so cold!! and i enjoyed it
i ran home but i didnt even break a sweat! (^~^)
this weather must SO continue but i bet u it sad >.<

currently im suffering with bloody running nose. -.-
and just now as i was walking down a slope..i kinda twisted my ankle..
walking home, got a car splash water on me..bloody hell
thn now i can't get into the heymaths website.
mayb i can create a reason to skip skool tmrw :}

y is my life so bloody bad?
its getting frm bad to worse!
oh gosh tmrw history i hope lucky stars are on my side tmrw >.<

just being random..i want to learn to do the windmill!! (^~^)
but people would noe
i dance like mr bean haha.
so i hope i can try..
also, I WANT TO BE 1.7M!!im like so friggin short!i cant even reach 1.6m!
what am i?!?! a friggin ant? gosh..i realli want to grow taller eck!
so now on my wishlists.
-grow taller
-learn windmill
-to be luckier and pray tmrw there wont be a pail of water falling on me

haha gosh my parents are so naggy.
since forever their asking me to wear more 'girly' clothes..
i like baggy shirts and baggy jeans, now leave me alone!
speaking of clothes. uni qlo is in singapore!!
yay!i lurve their jeans, i bought one liek 3 yrs ago in japan
and i lurved them since. now i can get them right here in singapore!!

well i gtg..doing my art homewrk& watch kamen rider den-o
.. bye!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

today was a rather tiring day.did my hoemwrk and house chores..
and now waiting for my vids to load.
dang all the videos take a long time to load.
some more its VOICE! the last episode!
haha and also its loading kamen rider den-o.
i used to watch it when i was young now the kamen rider lks more
technological haha.

i might be watching detroit metal city later..i lurve the comics so awesome.
well im bored..and dinners not ready so im here updating tis worthless ting haha

speaking of dinner..rents are calling me now..
sigh..haha..HENSHIN! heh heh i rmbr i used to watch ultraman when i was young..
i was a realli weird kid..i watched power ranger,ultraman,dragonball and even pokemon.
what kind of kid was i..i still wonder haha.whn i was 7 i watched my 1st world cup and liked germany. so till today im still supporting it..weird huh.
haha well im weird and i am SO fine with it. i still watch ultraman tiger. i liked tat show.
plus the theme song was cool haha like kamen rider den-o's. the theme song is the song playing on my blog rite now..haha climax jump by AAA quite a up-coming group in japan..haha

well i gtg..,bye

Friday, April 3, 2009

ok so todae was a rather short day..kinda boring 2..
suffered through 2 mother tongue classes. had to write 2 compos (-.-)
thn recess after tat went chemistry. sat with yiling
and our chem teacher after we finished some parts of our work.
showed us some video and thr was tis video of tis hippo and dog
(which i found out its name was pat and stanely)
so hilarious..the speed up one..
thn after he go through another part of the wrksheet he showed us another video of tis joke
damn hilarious can find i post it on here.

anyways im tinking do you tink i should get my mum a bag or someting else
she likes tis bag but i HATE it.i mean its ah sao u noe?

well im gonna go.
nth to do now watching kamen rider den-o episode 13..haha
retarded i noe but sato takeru acts in it (^~^)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

市原隼人 Hayato Ichihara- チェケラッチョ 夏日的沖繩 098 LIVE

ichihara hayato!! lurve tis song!! p.s hes the guy in white
soo cool!!

back to my old self and still alive
todae another suay day.
got kinda irritated at the end of the day but i guess im fine
i kinda regret yelling at qi fang like tat..mayb shld say sorry to her tmrw..

well u noe i dun wana talk abt skool.
lets talk movies.
i want to watch the shinjiku incident it lks veri nice and also 252 episode zero.
the shinjiku incident stars jackie chan and daniel wu.. :]
while 252 episode zero is a story abt a rescue team and it stars ichihara hayato..
or more famously aniya in rookies ;} hes a great rapper too (^~^)

ahhh i feel SO refreshed!came home and slept till like 5:30.
im such a pig..but ah well sleeps the best i can get
cuz no nice book to rookies,so left utube to cover
wah i suddenly feel pain in my heart duno why haha..

ahh well i gtg gona go watch DUN FORGET THE LYRICS!!
haha byez!