Sunday, April 3, 2011

have you ever dreamed of running away to someplace?
well i have. i dreamt of running away
or rather study really hard to get into a school there.
and somehow get a feel of living there.
but now i cant.
even if i have the money i cant go anymore.

this week, our school did a donation drive for japan.
on tuesday the teacher showed videos of the destruction
happened in japan.
all the students watched so intensely.
i wonder what they all thought. for me
i could watch it. i heard sounds of "tsk tsk tsk" frm the sidelines of the hall.
saying pitiful state japan is in.
i couldnt watch a single video that day cuz tears were threatening to fall.
though i never went there half my life, i lived here for almost all my life,
it still hurts. i wonder what my mom thinks at times. but she seems
to not have any thought abt it at no hurt.
but im so sad abt it. im also sad i cant help in any way. its just terrible.
that 11days i stayed in japan once totally opened my eyes.
how my life would've been if i lived there. made me feel so close.
so now, i see whats happening its so sad.
as days pass, things get worse there. radiation levels are soaring,
lack of food, water is getting scarce, some people i know
are saying they are scared of what to come.
i really hope things will settle soon. things will be better for them.
a better tmrw for everyone there.