Sunday, May 27, 2012

another long rant of a typical ranter..BOO YEAH!

SO! hey all!!
guess what!

i shall wake up when i want to, eat what i want to and read all the stacked up books on my table


yeahh....thats my life.

anyways yea i have been enjoying school so far
but seriously its a bit tiring for me to always reach home at 5.30-6pm
then wake up at 6.00am again to re-start the whole day.
not to mention, i am emotionally drained as well.
i feel like the pictures below


hopefully this hols i can have both fun and rest from everything

but then again i want to spend alot of time with my boyfriend
yes i have a boyfriend. his name is BED.
he has alot of cushions and give me awesome dreams away from reality

okay i think i just lost a screw or two....or maybe three


maybe for 2 days of my holiday next next week imma need to off my phone and leave it unattended
but then again no one contacts me during i'll just leave it on.
but then again i need to study so..okay maybe turning off the phone is a good idea.
like seriously i think im going to fling my UT cuz i really dun understand what i am learning in creative concepts and seriously


as for emotionally drained,
dont mind me.
im not saying i hate everyone and stuff,
im happy and glad i met and made awesome friends and also have kickass buddies who were always there for me beside me,
but i was always the stay-at-home and read a book kinda person
so i guess im not used to having so much activity all of a sudden i guess.

ANWAYS away from my conflicts
i've had an enjoyable week. friday was an awesome day
the whole class was crazy, we ended class at like 3.05
mentor was late we were pissed and hyper
had dinner wif da three lovely ladies K,M & B
life was awesome that day
annnnnnnnndddd i love my marks for this week...for now..
i need 2 more marks and yeah hopefully i get a pass or something
i need to start studying for UT...must not forget..must really thank this break cuz yeah
if they didnt have the break i doubt i'll study.

okay words aside, i have pics again!!
so pics spam time!!
(most of the class are in this pic ^^)

(RIM...suddenly miss working thr)

(and i suddenly miss my long black hair. i look like a girl dont i?:P
and no it isnt a wig...its my real hair okay! =.=)

(omg miss this day so much)

(missing the awesomes..i wonder when we all can meet up again)

so yeap! 
tmrw, im going to my grandma's house
(so long no see my ah ma)
hope she will cook maggie mee for me..i miss her cooking sooooo much
then on tuesday gt class at night, gonna eat mcdonald's cuz my mom wants that hello kitty doll
wednesday hopefully i can rest
thursday afternoon teaching someone jap
friday i think im catching men in black 2 wif my parents 
next next fri imma have barbeque wif my old skoolmates!!!
so eggcited ^^


hopefully everything will go well over the hols :D



Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just some blabbers

I must seriously learn to use those music edit software and buck up on my guitar skills...
I also should not be lazy and quickly get back my keyboard D;
Since I had sudden spasms of inspiration the past month,
The lyrics I wrote is like stacked in a corner of my room :/
Anyways...yes I didn't tell anyone but I was really close to join a songwriting contest. Just when I thought I might have the chance to see if I had it as a songwriter, my friend tells me the deadline is too short and cant piece the songs together.sigh.
So yeah. Lesson learnt. I need to learn how to use softwares and play the guitar. Cuz if I could, I probably would stay up till late just to finish that one song.
So! Hopefully by end of this year I at least am able to make one of my song come alive.

Other thn da scribbles of my inside voice, tmrw's Monday D;
I can't wait to see the girls, but on the other hand I don't wanna see my science faci. Seriously. Sigh. But what to do I have to study and then finally can work....
Ok great a bug just friggin bit me. Urgh! Die u bug!!

Ok I shall go sleep. Sigh

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ultra Long visual post

hey! so whats up! (nothings up everything's down..yea yea i know)
been a blast of a 2 weeks in school...
been doing everything except studying haha!
okay i did study my jap but no i have not started studying my poly stuffs

futhermore UT IS IN LIKE 3 WEEKS!

LE SIGH what to do i have a feeling im gonna flung half of my lessons
so i guess i shall for now do what i've been doing


but seriously..must not fling any if not my parents will be very pissed at me

ANYWAYS im making today's post less wordy cuz i think i've had a fair share
of wordy posts so yeapz
enjoy my visual post~~
(watched avengers wif my poly friends :D it was a nice show..though not really up to standard but captain
america was friggin hot!)

(Ice skating ring @ Jcube)

(Picture session wif M&B together its MMB haha!)

(The cupcakes brindha made for us!! super yummy)

(Dark shadows with the girls!! amazing how i've already watched
2movies with them ^^)

(my sexy converse..a friend of mine for 4 years)

(where this coffee addict gets her shot on saturday)

(massive magazing splurge again)

(my stash of 'womanly'needs nest to my CD collection)

(another amazing book i read. touching and really self-reflective :/
on a side note, i really need to finish my IQ84)

(had a baking session at cheryl's house :D)

(the bunny that everyone said it wasnt :( IT IS A BUNNY!)

(Yuhui and i ^^ seriously i lk super scary here)

(with brindha boomshakalaka ^^)

(with cheeerrrryllll~~ haha)
(Da girls)

(Da girls 2)

( Da awesome mates i have. seriously never thought i would find people to hang with
so closely. i dont only have one not two but 7 amazing friends to laugh and gossip with
really thankful for having them as classmates and friends ^^)

well im done for today ^^
need to go soak in ice water cuz the redness on my skin aint going down
i really have no idea what is wrong with me!
On a side note; how can a 16 yr old lk so cute and cool at da same time?

haha.. *runs away for feeling like a pedo*

but i still love you for being da choding/pudding you are ^^
okay longest post so far,im done....dead beat.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life that's a black hole

Well long time no post eh,haha.
I just decided to come over to write cuz I was bored and I wanted write out a few things that's on my mind.

As I was clearing my stuff today,I found something very dear to me,my journal which I wrote till last year. It's amazing hw I was able to write my journal for so long. As read from my 1st writing to the last I realized I was really broken in secondary. Gosh why was I even a fool to think he might like me back. I can't even tell my closest friends I liked him cuz they'll start teasing me again. However I just realized something. I was always the one being hurt in everything. Friendships,schooling,crushes. The one who really felt left out as hurt was me.

How's school these days? It's okay but I'm still having a hard time adapting an I think I just made things worse and have myself a bad name. I don't know. Sigh. Right now I'm just confused. Isn't know what to do,everything is a blur.
I just wish someone would save me from all this delusions I an having. I swear sometimes my own thoughts drive me crazy. I really need a break from everything soon. I need something to ground me to the earth again. But I don't know. As the days pass,the more confused and hurt I become. I wish I just loose all da bad memories or something. I wish they just stop haunting me.
Maybe I should just burn that journal along with my songs eh...

Sigh ok this is getting depressin so I shall leave with some pictures I took over the past week ;)

Nites ^^