Monday, June 28, 2010

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so wow im bloggin haha thought i should since well i want to...
anyways today was the start of skool.
morning sat in the assembly luckily it wasnt long this time,
but my leg went totally numb when i stood up i practically cant feel my legs!!
i had to ask syah to pull me as i dragged my foot
i must have looked weird
worse still,there were so many people in the hall
it was super embarrassing.

well our form teacher welcomed us back with a nice speech
of the importance of 'N' levels and that we should panic soon...
but at least its english i pray hard my watch wont get stuck at the table like during PSLE.
then she was telling us about her trip to japan during our combined history lesson.
yes,kinda cool that next time our 2 classes are together for humanities.
i was super jealous of the teacher cuz i always wanted to go to nagasaki
they have nice food there,but of course my main goal is just to go to yokohama and visit.
i hope i can this year but i dont think is possible for me to visit japan till like 3 years later?
ahh well till then i guess im staying in singapore and not go for holiday.
after the big exam thinking of finding a job anyways.

sooo, skool was boring as usual,lessons...ARGH nothing much cuz 1st day of skool
tmrw is the start of hell i guess
we got less then 4 weeks to prelims(this makes me wonder why i am on the computer)
but yea.basically,is nerve wreaking.
to not be disappointed again as i was 3 years ago, i need to study hard for myself.
sigh~thats hard to do when you have dreams of composing.sigh.
well im gonna go.
gonna finish up my e-maths and revise my a-maths so i wont look stupid in class tmrw.

Friday, June 25, 2010

tiring ne~~

(uber hilarious haha)

well im updating again
ok so there was a big deal which happened in my house today
ok well it started on weds when i felt water drip on my head
which is weird cuz...well i live in a flat where there is someone living upstairs me
how can there be water
but guess what the bloody ceiling was dripping water!!

so today i had to shift my whole room arrangement
the area around my bed? yea its gone now..
now i have all my toys cover that wall.
aish~im super exhausted

somemore this morning i woke up at 7 am to go to my grandma's house
whoa when i was eating breakfast downstairs my house
it rained so heavily water kept coming into the food court
it looked like niagara falls!!
after breakfast made my way to my grandma's house...somehow,of course drenched.
then talked with her alot haha
she showed me pics she took on her many trips she went last year
lets see..she went to korea,japan,taiwan,batam,australia and more?
ahhh i was so super jealous when i saw her pics of korea!!
i mean all the places she went were only places i got to see on 2 days,1 night!!
(which is of course my fav show evar!!i rush home every sunday before 5.30 just to catch
1박 2일!! directly translated though is 1 night 2days...but hey the schedule writes it as 2 days,1 night which is proper english of course)

after that she cooked fried chicken wings was awesome!!
oh oh and as we were talking an accident happend outside..
it was quite a big deal 0.0
then KER smsed me say that OUR VERSION C ORDER IS CONFIRMED!!!!
heehee YAY!! super stoked~! if it can help the group in a way i wont mind helping
plus its way cheaper then getting it at a store or something.must wait so long somemore.
if only a miracle would happen and tvxq would release another album before it would take
years and years to produce one :[ but #always keep th faith!!

oh oh oh i also watched sunao ni narenakute(hard to say i love you)
sadly its the finale~~ sigh but it was a nice ending :D
but im gonna miss the thursday adrenaline to catch the show!
it was such a nice show and i could see the view of tokyo everytime i watch the drama
i wish i could go to japan :[ i dont even know if i can go in october
but i definitely want my mum to go though she say she never wants to go ever.

well im gonna go
tired,i think im gonna sleep,
duno if i can sleep well,
irresponsible people upstairs,hope the people can contact the people upstairs
they better dance sorry sorry for me for shifiting my whole room
cuz the bloody water goes inside my mouth when i sleep if it rains horribly!!
well nites :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

miracle (=^~^=)

haha hey!!
im updating my blog...again
i duno why i bother updating when i know people don't read
how do i know?the comments at the side stopped at i tink 2009?
i dun bother seeing
so what did i do today? hmmm
woke up at 9 again,
upgraded my mp3,seriously im spending my life on it~!
waited till 1+ picked jas from the bus stop and hung at home
cheryl smsed so we made our way to lot 1
dang theres like so many people!!
saw so many juniors. they dun noe me(like duh) but i've seen them before.
some just wore skool PE.
we just hanged around lot 1.from cotton on to popular to comic connection
cheryl practically died there.she HATES k-pop and was practically insulting everything
especially shinee.haha then there were those tweeny fans there
they were totally glaring at us haha
she went on to saying super junior and i finally punched her...
ok not punch but shove haha,nah im jokin~~
i joined her in talkin about shinee haha she seems to hate them alot.

oh oh oh i went to popular and guess what i saw?!?!
super junior's 4th album :D
i couldnt jump in joy cuz cheryl was there haha
but i quickly smsed someone :D plus free poster sia~
they still sold the tvxq dvd i've been wanting for a while..
aish i hope they would have the JYJ 3hree voices DVD!!
i so wanna get my hands on it

luckily even without subs i know what their talking
don't be jealous(to someone) you know i will help you translate :D

im currently still debating if i wanna go skool or not
i wanted to go sentosa's beach
but like no one's free?
and if only 2 people its boring~!!

well im gonna go back to writing again
oh i just remembered i havent donw my SS homework
aww die.well i guess if i go skool tmrw
i'll do it during lunch time....

haha well nites!
hope theres stars tonight :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

HIGH TIME~~man man 'ha-choo'

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just watched u-kiss on TV...haha
the sound system sucked.haha
oh well, at least the fans of u-kiss might have liked their performance :D
im getting old so i cant remember their names..
to me i only remember songs of group
until now the only kpop group where i know all the member's names are
super junior and tohoshinki
haha~other then that my brain has no space to remeber their names
i mean super junior's 13 members took up alot of space in my brain memory box!

well,just watched we got married haha its so hilarious..
well lets see..what did i do today
went for amaths tution after a 2 week break
i got a headache again after that..until today
im fascinated at how i can solve that simultaneous sums..really.
i have very low IQ.
then went for grocery shopping.while my parents shopped
i just stood at a corner staring at the crabs..poking the glass
taking care of the basket of food.
then went home,made lunch washed clothes and slept haha.
woke up went down bought my own grocery for dinner
made vegetarian spaghetti.seriously the closet thing to meat
was mushroom.
oh i also bought cake for my father :D its fathers day haha.
while i was there at the store,the woman selling cake was attending to an indian family
then they said they wanted 14 candles.the store woman then turned to me and asked
what is 14 in chinese haha..lucky i can answer that..but i got a shock hee.
then came home just in time for 2days 1 night
my fave show,it was super hilarous~! haha

so thats what i did today.
super exhausted.
i slept late last night
i was fascinated that there were stars in singapore :D
every night i look up theres nothing
yesterday there was a stream of stars! like a galaxy~!
oh how i wish i could see what stars really are...
i mean they are small from earth but are they as big as the sun up there? who knows :D

well i gotta go
gonna watch more videos and mayb a movie later..
im currently feeling unwell from eating durian so..haha
well buh bye :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

omoide wo tsutaitakute tstairenai

guess what im bloggin again haha
super weird huh
im just that free.

well today morning got woke up by my pri skool fren
haha so early in the morn~
so then went out to meet her at KAP
been so long since i've been there...i mean
the last i was there was in p6 where
on my way home from MGS i'd go there to study..
well went to KAP today caught up with her..
i miss my primary skool friends alot
but really alot of them changed?
though many people say we can contact on facebook and stuff
though i have my pri skool frens in my FB
none of them really talk to
i guess that is how we forget each other

even on the streets
if anyone met me
they would never realise its me..seriously
but i guess its okay to not be recognized
cuz i think im the only person hu never changed since primary skool..
in i rather not be recognized.
till today,when i meet with davita,cheryl,jaslyn
we'd talk about how life was in MG and stuff
i really miss them.the whole bunch of them
now most them are taking 'o' levels this year.
i really wish them luck and hope they can go to a JC they like
or poly but i dun think they'd be crazy to go poly..

well im gonna go
im tired from tution,as usual maths burns my brain.
nites :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

'W' :D

bloggin again
wow...2 days in a row!
i mean thinking how i actually live on twitter more then on blogger haha
well...let see
today i did nothing,nothing,oh nothing and of course nothing.
last night i stayed up till 3am using the computer~
i myself until now have no idea wud i was doing till so late.
well i remember upgrading my mp3 with more songs and of course vids

this morn woke up at 9.30,
crazy rite?drank my usual cup of coffee watched tv
this is the life man!
upgraded my mp3 again haha,
did laundry,house chores etc.
tot of watching movie bt then got cancelled.
well i guess thats it...

tmrw a boring day again.
not going to skool.again.for art.
completely ignoring it
well im going to watch tv

p.s watched JYJ concert again,super happy
helped ker translate also
we watched it together online today chatting over msn
haha,so nice to have someone supporting them
cuz all my other friends are only interested to other groups
which hav only dancing ability or singing ability.,
well chao.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"i only wanted to meet u,always wanted to meet u" -'W'-

haha~ok went a bit 'high' there
well just watched the special edition of the 'JYJ' thanksgiving concert
on the livestream channels,NICONICO and Ustream
it was awesome.
though the 3 hour concert was cut into a half hour concert,
its okay,so long i managed to hear the 1st and last song
they showed such power in their songs
especially the first song and the last
if im not wrong the 1st song is called tsudatte kimini?
then the last song is called 'W'.
such a nice performance
at least they played the song 'W' in full
i wanna get da DVD if it ever comes out man.

gosh tmrw theres another streaming haha,gonna catch it too haha
not going skool..its not compulsory anyways so...pass
i went today touched up my art,it looks way better now
i mean it has to,last fri i injured my right hand for it.
thanks to that i couldnt write my essay properly (==.==)
today it was half recovered so i managed some painting
i hope my hand recovers soon
i have alot of things to do

todays weather was crazy i gave up on using the umbrella this morning
on my way to skool cuz the wind was too bad,too strong
super strong~~ never felt such wind in singapore b4
is it monsoon season?when its supposed to be summer now (O.0)
well i wanna go out
cant believe my friend is coming to singapore!!
i wanna meet her~! i mean its been so long!! haha
well then im gonna go

thanks to the fruit i ate
which i think was spoilt
i feel like puking now...eck.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Falling Angels

(was super stressed this week so drew this one of the days haha)

just cam back well okay not just
but came back from ammelia's b'day party haha
it was awesome...quite fun la
well was like rushing like mad to meet with syah at first
then we went round and round west mall to find a present
i saw my ex-primary skool friends but they never saw me
heck i dun think they recognize me.
anyways then we bought a present
walked to the place then got a call from iffah to pick them up
so went to meet them
i crossed an overhead bridge 4 times today
haha so proud~

after the party many went home
left the guys and girls left me and syah
weiqiang ask us to write on tee
so while syah was writing i decided to eat cup noodles haha
then we talked well okay we joked haha

finally went home
super uber exhausted now gonna sleep soon

yay!!im itouch finally has over 200 songs
and counting!!im finally adding english songs but now only a few..
gonna add more next week when im at home :D
so not going back for intensive next week.
mayb only thurs will i go then wont go le. haha

well im gonna go
i need to sleep..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Never let go,is a phrase to surreal

super exhausted today
currently im watching you're beautiful
haha i used to hate this show to the core
but then its more than entertaining then those singapore dramas super boring
i also just watched moon lovers(月の恋人)
though the dramas did not get good ratings and comments
i guess its okay..i hate the storyline but its kinda entertaining..
plus its way better than local dramas
i mean come on!when is the 7pm drama finishing?!?!
now the 9pm drama also boring.

well just watched 君がいれば~beautiful love~ episode 2.
ohhh its just getting entertaining!
sad that i cant watch on high quality...
bee tv never put on utube again..sigh
i want to watch it on HQ but no choice
just being able to watch and hear is okay
same goes for sunao ni narenakute
but now my mom's colleague helps me record the show
so thanks mom's colleague!haha
tmrw im waking up early
so i can go to skool early and finish painting
im determined to finish painting by tmrw
so when i go back on the 23 and 24 i can start my embroidery.
sigh so super stressful

we got extra 'return' days
this year june holidays are like only 1 week
which is next week
i might try to go out and slack
or start on my homework...i havent touched my amaths worksheets haha.
theres like 4-5 of them?

well gonna go
moms calling me to do stuffs
nitesssss people (=@~@=)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


back to the bloggin world again
my parents are now beside me watching bloody monday season 2 haha
im listening to tvxq...of course
theres no other songs or groups to lighten my mood
and they are really talented

so theres news going around
u-kiss and 2AM is gonna go on the sheng shiong show
i wanted to go but then heard the ticks are all sold out.dang.
guess i just gotta watch the tv programme
i've been supporting singers from behind the screens
so GO 2AM!U-KISS!SUPER JUNIOR! and of course especially TVXQ
always keep the faith i will never be able to meet them
cuz of the many crazy desperate fans in here in singapore
i mean really i watched super junior's galaxy stage thingy
on razortv and xin.msn
also i watched zuno's,junsu's performance in singapore on razortv!
well so support support
i mean they are idols we can never meet them
especially when ur i duno99% unlucky?

well today woke up at 7am,watched tv
mom made breakfast for me (=^~^=)
then she also helped me prepare my lunch box! (+^U^+)
super happy
8.15 left the house,regretted not bringing my storybook
almost slept on the bench
then LRT came went in saw fiona and syah
i stood by the door and slept.
spent about 9 hours in skool doing art.painting my final work
still havent started on my embroidery so im gonna suffer alot.
i havent touched my prep boards sigh.
lunch time went to NTUC after eating lunch to buy chocolate with syah
then paint again.
boring rite? i got paint on my was only skool T which didnt have paint luh

tmrw its 2pm to reach skool so YAY!
gonna work more on my itouch
download more songs
oh and work on my current song project :D
i want to test out the recording device on the itouch haha

well im gonna go to bed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

stay positive at all times,you must never give up

these 2 days were horrible
yesterday got my report book
got yelled at alot
my mom sided with my dad again
cuz of his'mentalness'
she said that if he saw me he would go crazy again
jeez i swear one day im gonna get the guy who made my dad like this.
cuz of that guy my dad suffered so much until today
it triggers at times.

last night my mom yelled at me for being so glum during dinner
how am i supposed to happy during dinner
u are supposed to eat?!?!
and i was not feeling well after running home yesterday.
bloody traffic.
then i said something even i dun noe then went to my room
like 2 hours later
my mom came to my room and just yelled at me again
saying that if my dad ever saw me he would go 'crazy again'
and if i ever go to ITE they were never gonna pay for it.
she even asked me to go live with my grandma since i got nothing to do in june holidays right?
always at home slacking.
i got study okay! i am trying so hard to pull up my chinese
focusing on it so much to make you guys proud that u still blame me?
see my results not enough.
gosh. this is one of the few reasons i gave up on working hard.

morning woke up rents were not home (lucky)
when they came home got yelled at again.
gosh super annoying
i just went straight to my room
then i got dragged out instead.
whole journey in the car was awkward.
i never talk and they talked as if i wasnt there.
i only get some freedom and peace only now.

gosh this happens everytime every friggin time.
i really just want to punch someone or something right now.

well off to brighter news,
ok fine i have nothing
this blog of mine is seriously getting more of a vent place haha...
nothing fun ever happens in my life anyways
its just a 24/7 life wake up,do stuff,night,sleep.
this is my life.
its boring compared to others.
others have fights in their day,shoppings in their day,laughters in their day.
mine? only has a day of soloness in my room reading,writing,composing.
nothing else.heck i write and compose just for my own hobby.

lifes boring you may say
but trust me ur life is way more better then mine haha
more exciting in fact
well im gonna go
this is getting too depressing
nites :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

~君がいれば~ (if you were here)

^(cant wait for this show..hope i can watch it somehow

Beautiful Love~君がいれば~)

so can you believe it
im actually updating my blog!

well this week is filled with intensive so i have nothing to say.
last week was also intensive, for 'o' level mother tongue
and hence art students had to suffer as well.
well monday,1st day of intensive was hard.
i had to endure some pain but i guess other then that everything else is okay.
it was a very terrible monday.
tuesday had SS in the morn then went to bugis with syah in the afternoon
met the other art students hang out,check out canvas etc.
then after that went to HMV,checked out CDs..
they had zuno but they didnt have junsu's :[
i wanted it super badly....
then checked out the earphones..just stared at it until fiona brought me back to reality.
super ex,it costs like $140~!
it would take me like months heck years to save!
(i dun like to depend on my rents to get stuffs so i usually buy these stuffs for myself.)
instead bought hideaki tokunaga CD for my mum
she was super happy.i was happy that she was happy..haha okay that was a weird sentence.

away from my anger,
today was boring and tiring
well morning was fun
i was actually LATE for social studies class,
on the LRT suddenly saw lydia next to me got a shock haha
then walked together and slack to class.
by the time we went in class had started
but its okay i can catch up anytime.
after that slack around then went for emaths
slack again,started scribbling on my notes half and hour into class.
after emaths had a 1 hour break so bought lunch and wait for syah's dad to bring
an unexpected lunch.
ate slack again
it seems like we're always slacking huh, haha
went for art,did my coursework
i think i was very exhausted
(i am exhausted anyways due to some stuffs)
i kept pasting and doing everything wrongly
and practically almost broke down when i realized i paste on the same board. =.=

went home,watch TV
did my prep board half way
kinda still drawing~ haha.
well im gonna go off


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


NICKHUN Pictures, Images and Photos
blogging cuz the stupid video tkaes such a long time to download
well i was super syched to get a new mp3
ipod somemore..bought it with my own money super happy
came home downloaded songs and vids inside for 2days
*take note 2 DAYS!!!*
then just now i wanted to transfer my CD songs into my ipod
then FOOM in a click of a button everything was gone.
there was about 10 vids and 54 songs there.
i lost all 10 vids cuz i didnt store in the com cuz its not my com.
wth. super super pissed
almost threw the itouch across the room
instead i screamed like siao.

but now,since i was bored i decided to explore my itouch a bit.
i added pics, more songs and lyrics :D
now im currently downloading one vid
which is taking hours to download seriously
later i transfer cannot, i will really scream agin
well 3 mins left

haha sooo,
today was super tiring,
morn reach skool at 8.37am yea i was late
hu cares there wasnt any teachers anyways.
then wait for the door to mysteriously open on its own
went in do art
10.50 went down to wish good luck and ask how the 'o' lvl paper was
afte that back upstairs for art
'o' lvl finish went to eat with syah,amelia and iffah at LJS
hee super fun la,talked about many stuff
even though i dun understand malay i noe wud their talking...
somehow..dun ask me how but ijust do...somehow.
then art again until 4.30 went home,cher let us out early
home, 5.50 left house for tution
7.45 came home from tution
super boring and tiring

tmrw theres SS and we're going out to buy our art stuffs
sigh,cant wait to start drawing :D
haha well after finish art 'N' i can go back to focusing on my studies
so this holiday i intend to finish the whole thing :DD

well its done~!
like finally!!
tmrw i will try to take alot of pics yea?
rmbr im a candid camera taker haha...
well buh bye :D

p.s leaving with a pic of nickhun :D
syah me into 2pm, liek 5 months later i only i duno 3 names from 2pm
and i finally remembered the whole super junior member's names...and it only took me like
1 hour to rmbr tvxq's member's name. im really getting old