Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"IS it my wrong?
is it my fault?

im confused in many ways
we have our flaws
have you all seen the consequences
flash before your very eyes before talking
have you ever felt the pain of being smeared into pieces?
have you ever felt pain even when you're asleep
felt pain even when you're laughing
have you cried in ur sleep
hoping to nvr wake up to see tommorw?
do you worry ant everyting arnd you at the end of the day
when u rest in comfort?
everyday having to put on a fake smile
so no one would judge u right or wrong
no one will know if your pissed or not
no one can see through the you
and feel wud you feel.
DO YOU ever stop and think
before reacting?
do you ever mind others feelings when you talk bad.
when you give them stares and talk things you're not sure of.
why talk when u dun noe the truth?
why make up rumors and lk down on others.
this world we live in gives us fear and pain everyday
but yet we have to flash a smile pass them
if we can't, we drop to our knees and cry our heart out.
hu noes what one is thinking?
hu noes what many tinks?
sometimes i wonder if people ever stop and tink before they speak.
if you dun understand what we go through
dun say a word."

this is wat im feeling, all i got to say is
always noe the truth before saying the bad.
(^~^) "lk at me im smiling!"

Monday, March 30, 2009

BIG BANG Pictures, Images and Photos

haha see here i am slacking again (>~<)
i must really sit down and study (0.0)
anyways i at least finished my hist and SS
i dun tink im gona care abt maths..hehe

gosh if tis goes on i have a feeling im gona fail mid-year..
english also i need to buck up omg..
tmrw got new student transfer..actually supposed to be today la..
bryan t. coming our class omg..now going to be more noiser (O.O)
ahh well anyways with him arnd more noisy more fun la
nw boring not nice.

anyways listening to this korean song..so nice!
the guy lks like ikuta toma too!!haha..big bang is the band's name.
i love the song 빅뱅 (BIGBANG) - 하루하루 (OneDay, OneDay)<---i thought was day by day -.-
oh and i just finally found da name to my fave 80s song!
its mr big-stay with you or was it stay with me heck at least i rmbred the artist name haha

k im gona go.need to write what does champion mean to me for art..so funny duno why cher ask me write tat also.liek when i was drawing i felt someone talkin to me(i was listening to music and too immeresed in my wrk)thn i finally saw cher talking to me haha..

ah well ja ne!!(^~^)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

my rents are out so here i am using the com
and waiting till 9 thn im gona finish watching eragon again haha
i lurve the movie,ironically i nvr read the book (>~<) so as bugs are buzzing around me, i had to off the light here so i am now typing in darkness.. yesterday i was flipping arnd the channels and haha i came across this channel "australian network" they were playing rugby..so fascinating..they liek pile up for a ball haha omg...i canot post the trailer on my blog..so sad(-.-) but im going to try my best cuz its like the best trailer evar mua hahaha ok im going crazy.. i just have a feeling/randomness i want to go fishing. its been like how many years since i last went fishing haha so fun although there were many bugs(ew) hehe sigh nowi dun tink there are places to fish cuz left right up down here in singapore,all u see are buildings how tragic is tat. i noe we are doing that to keep up with the pace around the whorld and we DO have green, but u noe its just every whr we walk thr are sky high buildings(>~<) well i gtg..trying my best to put up the vid haha BYEZ!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

[trailer] Rookies: Sotsugyou (2009)

omg!!!the official trailer is out!!

i was abt to like shut down my com,cuz of earth day which is wud 15 mins away?
i saw this this THIS TRAILER!!

omg the new song by greeeen is awesome!i love their songs and wow the new song just took me away in surprise its sooo good.

the trailer is so sad! must go watch the movie!!wonder when they'll show in singapore. even if you dun understand jap,u should watch the trailer cuz actions shows more then words.

gosh i can't wait! i tink it'll come out in june...ahhh and the song by greeeen is double awesome!!

im going crazy haha,the trailer itself is tearful i tink the movie is going to be tearful too haha,better watch alone thn (^~^)

eeekkk must lk out for this movie and the song!!im going crazy as im writing tis ive alrdy watched the trailer like 10x wad can i say?this was the drama which made me like baseball and make me want to learn new stuffs,haha.

well i gtg 5 more mins to 8:30 and i need to watch the trailer 1 or mayb 2 more times haha


Friday, March 27, 2009

.< )

ok i kinda wrote one post tis afternoon but it was like weird
as i was in a rush..theres a rule in the hse and tats not using the com during the sfternoons..
soo...ya haha
tmrws Earth Day hehe,so cool, but i bet u my rents wont lemme near the switch at all..even 1 inch..
sigh todae was a rather boring day..ended fast but veri boring.
yesterday during chemistry lesson i was on my way to my seat whn pei qi and diyanah was like making a big fuss out of a lizard..i noe its cruel and i didnt mean it but i pushed the lizard into the drawer. then later got 2 other guys sit at tat seat open the drawer and the lizard said hi to them..the guy hu opened it knocked his knee on the table haha (^~^)

you noe just being random ..again, i was like i want to be and actor..tats like soo cool, but i got stage fright (0.0) so cannot sigh so sad.
wont it b like soooo cool?!? haha but i can't even do tat "i have a pearl" thing(its an english assignment supposed to like add lines to it..) so how to act?


"so many things we can be
yet we're pulled down by our fear."
my quote for todae (>~<)
well will write soon :}

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i'm friggin scared right now..
the exams are aroudn the corner yet i can't get myself to sit in front of my table and study (0.0)
im so scared..i have a feeling im gona fail my subejects again..gosh!(0.0)

ahh well currently im watching the clue collector MIT..haha damn nice..although taiwan show but not bad.
then got one more show i discovered its realli awesome mei chan no butler.
heheh very funny. (^~^)

ok i finished downloading mysongs :}
david archuleta-touch my hand and greeeen-midori
haha i gtg..do my a-maths homewrk..die le..


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

just finished lunch so thought of coming online to check on 'voice' haha
up till epi 9 onli..so sad mayb i go c tudou have anot..
anyways kinda bored..tired and sleepy.

todae also changed chemistry and a-maths teacher :}
ahh well haha.
ahh tmrw got physics..hope not tat bad..hehe..
well im lking for books to read after the current book im reading
but i can't find anyway sigh.
i seriously got nth to write 0.0
so tis post is gona be short haha

well ja ne! (^~^)

Monday, March 23, 2009

ok im sooo tired now
1st day of skool was okay.
short but fun
thxs to form teacher period managed to escape from history.."yay!"

sigh just finished re-watching voice episode 8..
no matter wud episode i see its always so sad.i literelly cry during the last part.
kinda make me realise i gotta treasure life and stuff.
if u've got time,go watch, http://www.mysoju.com/voice/
its veri nice to watch,theres sub so its understandable.

sigh well i gtg,finish up my maths..
bye1 :}

Sunday, March 22, 2009

im SO exhausted..
my parents said its the end of skool hols so they brought me out yesterday.
we do tis every skool holiday,like they bring me out for a movie or sumeting
but yesterday we went arnd for arcades..
first went to vivo city's damn fun, havent went arcade with them such a LONG time
anyways my family is a crane machine addict..so we kinda spent alot of money on tat stupid machine haha

but it was fun.
thn we went to marina sqaure,whr they had one whole stall of crane machines
heh heh kinda got stuck thr..but i managed to get 2 toys frm thr..(>~<) both cats its friggin cute and its mine mua hahah nah im kidding im leaving one in my living room.

thn walked arnd the building both suntec and marina then at last went to clarke quay thr again haha,my fave place in singapore.. went to the kinokunia and bought of course nodame cantibile,oh and i got my first Detriot Metal City manga..oh and i bought tis jap mag..eck! got shirota yuu (*~*) trying my best to read the damn ting (^~^) well i gtg,supposed to finish my book since im too tired to go tution haha.. havent finished my homewrk too..but since when did i care? (>.<)


Friday, March 20, 2009

a reason to live

have you found a reason to live?
thats what i've been asking myself after listening to a song..
and watching voice
i mean some people fall in love and say
"ooh he/shes the reason to live"
for people who has children they would say
"my kids the reason i live"
some who are loves shopping would say
" shoes are my reason to live"

but i haven't found my reason to live..
like what am i living for? im not sure..
i dun realli live for music.
i noe i live for my grandma.she and i arent much close.
but when i remember her cooking maggie mee for me when i was in p1
when we lived together till i was 9+
kinda makes me tear,so shes the reason why i still live.

haha i tink alot of weird stuff...
oh well i guess that me negative mo.

so..the big ques..have u found ur reason?

btw..tis is cheryl..we went out on thurs so fun!haha i caught ur pic nya nya nya..

serves u rite for taking me cheryl!! >~< id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5315999246994913426" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 200px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 150px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_3-h_LzXqPVs/ScY5JldgOJI/AAAAAAAAAYQ/7Tlk3I7xle0/s200/Image102.jpg" border="0">


Thursday, March 19, 2009

just finally got the guts to do 1 ss essay..i dare not touch it ..
i scared i do, miss chang say wrong and liek throw it or tear it away and start scolding again 0.0
ahh well..haha

didnt do anyting much these days just lazing arnd,but im goin over to cheryl's hse todae..awesome rite?!?
oh my grandma came back frm taiwan..she bought bac loads of my fave kind of dessert..
called mochi..haha I LOVE 'EM!!
its SOOOO heavenly!

i went to pick my grandma up at the airport yesterday gosh how i wished i was the one coming out..not outside waiting..im kinda scared of planes but knowing it'll bring me to my destination..i always lk forward to it...sigh i have to wait for liek another 3 yrs till i can go overseas..so sad..

well i gtg, change probly haha


my current fave fave veri the fave song!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

nth happened todae but i finally got a weeks sleep.
i slept at 12am due to watching team batista properly..
i nvr watch a drama frm the 1st to last,
therefore kinda shock me when watching team batista no eiko..
lols..now i learnt my lesson to watch every episode..

it rained today..YAY!! but lemme tell u
tommorow and weds? its gona be veri the hot.

anyways i hate my hair..mayb im juz gona cut it off..
i hate it whn my hair curls..especially whn it gets wet..eck!
ahh well..enough with the hair..

tmrw dead as need to go back skool at 7.45!! (0.o)
ah well

Friday, March 13, 2009

river kwai Pictures, Images and Photos
(the bridge over river kwai.my mom asked me the reason why i want to go..i said i wanted to c the bridge..she ask me to just lk at pictures wud for go until thr? u c tats my reason to hate technology even more..URGH!)
how miserable can life get?
today was the last day of the sabbatical.ok lar kinda boring
i dun mind it ending cuz serisously i cant stand those girls in that ting.
next...today i was told the this year class camp is in thailand
the river kwai there..its lks nice..yet my parents dont lemme go..
i mean come on!! thxs to the security of thailand..
its like impossible for me to go -.-

i dun mind im just scared of supernatural stuffs and thats it.
gosh i am so sad..so depressed...i always hoped my parents weren't that protective
i mean the furthest i can go is like whr..malaysia?
sue to me ebing 15 yrs old onli..how sad is tat..gosh..
15 so?!?! sigh and all my other classmates i bet u CAN go..
even pei qi can go..i tink. hw sad an it get
i tell u if they dun allow me to go to tis,
i will demand them to lemme out to go out with my frens..jeez..
sec 3 is pressuring but i give a s*** realli..
gosh i am so URGH!
oh and somemore..they dun understand the money they spend..
im always telling them to dun buy like irrelevant stuff..but they still do..
my hse is currently feeled with friggin wind chimes and i HATE WIND CHIMES!
gosh i mean i can use my money to buy like some tings..cuz is my new year money,
but theirs is like their hard -earned money i noe but..WIND CHIMES?!?!
is it worth it? actually no..JEEEEEZZZ!!

dun wan talk no more im gona go emoing..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i love the night view
haha our president..so funnie..

wah so formal seh >!<

yo yo yo

wow 6pm the fastest time evar to complette my article anyways, i just wrote nonsence anyways kinda tired..

so fast tommorow's the last day for the sabbatical..i kinda enjoyed yet

kinda tired. i enjoyed it cuz i kinda like could slack but tired due to having to write articles everyday.

today was the release of the article and it was just hilarious haha im still laughing..

mine was too serious how sad and my english standard didnt stand up to others. how humiliating.

ah well so im tired now gona go to sleep so

will leave with some pics (>~<)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

urgh..headache head ACHE!
gosh u noe seriously whn i grow up
im never EVER want to work in a publishing office..
really u noe how stressful it is just to find one nice article to write about?
the press team today was told to hand up 1 scandalous report and serious report..
seriously i cant stand it..my head is now going bonkers while trying to write 2 of the reports..

anyways i have my notebook and milk tea i should be fine..
i tink..ah well..
anyways today was kinda boring i liked walked arnd the whole building i was in to see wuds happening but it was too boring!!
after break i just started on my article but i have no idea wud to write
and its due 8pm!!

im sleepy too..sigh anyways i just got a random idea..
i want to study my languages properly..
so i can pass my chinese and speak it haha
omg omg omg omg omg im dying now!
i seriously have no idea wud to write!!and the stupid jun wei also nvr friggin online
im gona die oh no im gona die!! [-^-^-^^^--------]<--the heart machine tingy
sigh ok i better get back to my report >~<

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pooped! Pictures, Images and Photos
(so cute!!too bad lydia hates 'em)

todae went to hwa chong for tis module asean summit..
dude u noe how shocking it is?
the skool is like SO huge!
and theres stairs everywhr..kinda tiring..
i was allocated to tis 'press team'
and i was alone..how nice is tat?
well i was teamed up with nanyang girls' high.
one of them didnt come but the other one is very kind =D
thn break..u noe just to find one toilet. belinda and i covered like half the skool..
the students direction sense aint quite good..seriously..
well today was a bit boring but entertaining during a briefing for the press team..
the guy in charge of the whole ting was hilarious..very dramatic though
and all the students spoke like miss chang..like realli haha..
i kinda envy those people hu speaks brilliant english sigh
anyways gotta go.
need to read up on some stuffs and i go ttill 10..

so byez!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

HQ McFly - One For The Radio

"u have my heart,we'll nvr be world apart
baby in magazines but u still be the star"

bleh im here writing stuff and im bored
talking on msn abt stuffs..
eek cant believe tmrw monday alrdy..
very tiring ..sigh

anyways yesterday got such a lovely dream.
i was attending my own concert heh heh my greatest dream so far..
sigh but u noe sometimes i juzst give up dreaming
i mean i see fiona,shun hui,yiling,sya all so talented in art
i sometimes i wonder why im even drawing..and even tinking of doing animation
thn i see cheryl,lydia,yin zhi etc
i wonder why i even bother playing the piano or guitar..

sigh i tink the onli ting im gd at is laundry
i can do it fast and it helps me lose weight haha

sigh well i wrote loads soo..
i gtg! tlaking to liek people and i dun get much breaks.,.

haha bye!@

Saturday, March 7, 2009

ahh todae went out..
u noe i was quite excited to go out..but i feel tired now and i kinda regret..
i totally hate goin crowded places like IMM..realli it kinda tired me out..
and i hate shopping for clothes so it kinda sucked tat i was stuck for abt
wat felt like a yr at a clothes shop while my rents lked for clothes..sigh

but i spent quite a long time in the bk store at mei-jiq so i didnt mind haha
i got nodame 10&11
also i got watchmen the graphic novel and i just finished reading it.
its a realli weird comic..kinda confusing yet entertaining..
but as i was reading...i kinda went mental ah well haha
next mayb i would buy the avengers or captain america..i have no idea..
got any cool comics tell me..i wana read haha..

oh oh oh RANDOM NOTE!!
i want wolverine/superman bed sheets kinda retarded but ya..haha
i kinda considered power ranger but i was like..oh kay...mayb not haha.
i have no idea why i am deproving in age and decreasing in height..
nothing seems to be goin right for me haha..

well i gtg..byez!

Friday, March 6, 2009

ahh..i like ching teng..i have no idea why...
it just taste wonderfull haha..

but i failed my english.i got like 10 out of 25..pathetic rite?
sigh somemore i was selected for tis weird ting..
which on weds-fri need to wear formal uniform 0.0
omg..duno wud to do also haha..

ah well..im friggin bored now..listening to WENTZ EJI!!
also trying to fix my mp3 player..
it went 'sot' some songs were like 'deleted' off..sigh
anyways not first time liao..
haha..oh random moment!!
i want....damn i duno..
arh well..i'll type in when i rmbr haha


Thursday, March 5, 2009

my ice cream..bttw treat wan haha

wah lydia so cool...
DA b'day gurl....u move the numbers arnd..become 51..

hi hi
todae damn fun!!
so..i failed like 3 subs...

but thankfully i passed my chem and hist..

so not happy abt my chem ..kana beaten by pq and bttw..

hist also like shite..

anywhow,todae after skool

went out with lydia,yiling,syah,fiona,bryan and diyanah.

heheh so funnie.

eat @ long john..so funnie...

walk arnd lot1,thn buy her present.

go lot 1 smash her face with cupcake.

well im too tired to talk..even though i slept frm 6-8pm a well.

haha byez!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

yo yo yo

funny quote Pictures, Images and Photos

funny quote Pictures, Images and Photos
ya so true..haha..im slow..

yo yo yo
its m to the o!haha
im feeling a bit down due to my chinese marks (bangs wall)
and my english gona fail i guess (bangs another wall)
ah well..

u noe today my gd fren lydia went mad and started poking me..
seriously..lydia seriously haha..OMG!!> (0.0)
anyways so she poked my arm and my back..
i thn freaked out whn she poked my ear..i HATE tings touching my ear..
its so...uncomfortable..

thn recess had fun with the cool weather ...so cold!
thn we played a game of forefeit..
huever hu lost must stay in the rain for 10s..or more
i was the first one and i freezed my ass thr..haha
well tats it for today nothing muchh..
oh my random note..

ja neh! (>~<)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The String Quartet Tribute To Paramore - That's What You Get

My Chemical Romance- Helena (Strings)

a great version of mcr..they did a string cover of some songs of FOB too..haha check it out!~

a day of a boring life

you noe
i dun understand a sh**
in study competition..
aint it good enough u passed alrdy?geez..
i hate studying
and i can give ya a full 10 reasons for it -.-

anyways, weathers are friggin bad these days..stupid thunders
scaring the sh** outta me!
anyways i cant believe it!
march 24,8pm..OH YEAH OH YEAH!!
ahh gosh 2 more tests and im free to slack...

noe gona fail chinese so hu gives a fck.
mayb fail my e-maths too..
therefore gettin killed by my rents ..WuDeVaR!!!
im gona change my blogskin i tink..
i find tis one too 'girly'

P.S..another of my famous RANDOM MOMENTS!!
I wan to learn another instrument
been wanting to learn tis instrument since i came across
some symphony vids on utube a few years back...
mayb whn im older..i could get one
hehe..apart frm drums of course >.<